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"Zero the Great. I am the ruler. My power is infinite."
―The Ruler[src]

Ruler (Real Zero the Great) (支配者 (真のゼロ大帝) Shihaisha (Shin no Zero Taitei), 24): The true leader of the Garanda Empire and Geddon, wearing silvery white robes that hide his true nature.


"Zero the Great!"
"Zero the Great is immortal! Are you surprised? I, as the ruler, controlled both Garanda and Geddon. To rule every evil group, I am also the Garanda Empire's king!
―The True Zero the Great reveals himself to Amazon.[src]
The secret ruler of both Geddon and the Garanda Empire, the Ruler spoke to a "Zero the Great" who served as the decoy leader of the Garanda Empire. While Geddon and Garanda were seemingly seperate organizations, they had the same goal of using Incan science to take over the world by combining the GaGa and GiGi Armlets, they each had their own army of Beastmen and lesser Followers.

Geddon, ruled by the seemingly independent Jyumenki Gorgos who possessed the GaGa Armlet, struck first, with him directly attacking the Incan village in the Amazon rainforest who possessed the GiGi Armlet. However, Elder Bago escaped and bestowed the GiGi Armlet to the Japanese-born Amazon, Daisuke Yamamoto, performing remodelling surgery on the young man before dying. Told to go to Japan, Amazon was followed by Gorgos and Geddon, who made repeated attempts to defeat Amazon and take his GiGi Armlet as well as taking over Japan. Man or Beast? The Cool Guy Who Came From the Jungle!

After repeated failures by the Jyumenki's Geddon, it was the Garanda Empire's turn to strike, appearing as a rival organization who wished to take the secret of Incan science themselves. With Garanda managing to get a Geddon Beastman to defect to their side, the Jyumenki Gorgos was betrayed and soon met his end when he faced-off against Amazon, with his GaGa Armlet being claimed by "Zero the Great". Approaching! Jyumenki! Danger, Amazon!!


After the defeat of the Diving Beetle Beastman and the thwarting of the Tokyo Sea of Flames Operation by Amazon Rider, Zero the Great begged forgiveness and prayed for more power from the omnipotent Ruler. The Ruler ordered Emperor Zero to take over Earth for the Garanda Empire very soon. Garander's Tokyo Sea of Flames Operation!!

After the defeat of the Toad Beastman and the failure of the Tokyo Fry Pan Operation, Zero the Great prayed forgiveness to the Ruler, promising he would succeed next time. The Ruler warned him that he had better hurry up in making the world serve the Garanda Empire if he doesn't want to fall like Geddon. Mt. Fuji Big Explosion? The Tokyo Fry Pan Operation

The Ruler scolded Zero the Great following the defeat of the Tiger Beetle Beastman and the failure of the Massive Earthquake Operation, who begged forgiveness. The Ruler revealed there is no worry as he shall bring him a better Beastman for him to start a new mission to spread the glory of the Garanda Empire. Zero's Terror! The Massive Earthquake Operation!!

Zero the Great reported to the Ruler on the success in the operation to bury all subways, who prematurely congratulated him before the operation completely succeeded. Going into Action, The Garander Youth Squad

After Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel Beastman was defeated and the poison Inca Doll operation failed, the Ruler told Zero the Great that with his great glory, the time had come for him to come face to face with Amazon or else. Zero the Great understood this, assuring the Ruler that Amazon would be no match for him. Inca Doll's Day to Annihilate Greater Tokyo

In preparation for final attempt to defeat Amazon and take over, the Garanda Empire experimented with a Helium Bomb. With Zero the Great reporting its success to the Ruler, the Ruler decided that a helium bomb would be set in Tokyo where it would be able to destroy the three main islands of Japan, and that they would build the Garanda Empire over it after the radioactive fallout. Warning him that failure would be unforgivable, Emperor Zero understood and promised he would see to it. Imitation Riders vs. Amazon Rider!

Entering the Garanda Empire lair, Amazon was captured by Zero the Great who drained his power so as to acquire the GiGi Armlet. However, the plan backfired when the GaGa Armlet held by Zero the Great reacted to the GiGi Armlet on the restrained Amazon's arm. With the GaGa Armlet attached to the GiGi Armlet, Amazon was free and able to transform into Amazon Rider, now more powerful than ever. After Zero the Great died by falling into his own trap while fighting Amazon, the Ruler made himself known to Amazon when he destroyed the Helium Bomb's detonation system, unmasked as the True Zero the Great as he fights Amazon in his throne room before being impaled on his spear and having both his arms cut off. He still refuses to go down quietly, forcing Amazon to use the Super Wild Slash (Super Great Slice) to behead him, causing him to explode with Garanda's base destroyed in the process. You Did It, Amazon!! The End of Zero the Great!!

Behind the scenes


The Ruler of the Garanda Empire was voiced by Osamu Saka (阪 脩 Saka Osamu). Revealed as Zero the Great, he was portrayed by Hirohisa Nakata (中田 博久 Nakata Hirohisa).



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