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Room 401 (401号室 Yonhyakuichigōshitsu) is the forty-second episode of Kamen Rider Ryuki.


  • Mitsuru accepts both sides' offer to ally with them but ultimately chooses Hideyuki & Tojo.
  • Shiro tells Asakura where Tojo & Hideyuki are and tells him to kill them. Asakura later finds out that they aren't there, until he confronts Shinji, Ren and Shuichi at the same time.
  • Reiko questions Shuichi about the thing that attacked her last time.
  • Ren is enraged by Shinji's decision to include Mitsuru as his comrade.
  • Kagawa brings Tojo to lunch with his family to teach him the moral lesson about being a hero.
  • Tojo kills Hideyuki and shatters the Alternative Deck.


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Guest Cast

Advent Cards


Tiger's Strike Vent Card

  • Cards used:
    • Ryuki:
      • Sword Vent
    • Tiger:
      • Final Vent
    • Imperer:
      • Spin Vent, Gigazelle
    • Alternative Zero:
      • Psyco-Rogue
  • Weapons/Powers summoned:
    • Ryuki:
      • Dragsaber
    • Tiger:
      • Crystal Break
    • Imperer:
      • Gigazelle Stab, Gigazelle
    • Alternative Zero:
      • Psyco-Rogue
  • Advent Card appeared before episode's preview:
    • Strike Vent (Tiger)


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  • This episode aired alongside Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger episode 40, Scroll 40: Decoy and Ninja Law.
  • Viewership: 8.7%
  • When Shuichi confronts Asakura in the vacant Room 401, he told Asakura that he'll be his "main dish".
    • This catchphrase would be used 11 years later in Kamen Rider Wizard, with Kousuke Nitoh using Shuichi's words as his main catchphrase every time he performs his finisher.
  • First and only time the Psychorogue Advent card is used in this episode.
  • Final appearance of Hideyuki Kagawa.
    • With Kagawa's death, this marks the end of the Alternative Riders, leaving Tojo as the last surviving member of Kagawa's Research Lab.
  • Up until this episode, the number of victims that died inside the Mirror World are 4 people so far. Miyuki Tezuka doesn't count, since he was outside of the Mirror World thanks to Shinji, but dies later after being struck by Ouja's Veno Crash.

Digital Releases

  • Kamen Rider Ryuki DVD Volume 11 features episodes 41-45.
  • Kamen Rider Ryuki Blu-ray Volume 3 features episodes 35-50.[1]


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