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Rolling Stone: Door of Dreams (ローリングストーン・夢の扉 Rōringu Sutōn: Yume no Tobira) is the eleventh episode of Kamen Rider Kiva. It is the debut of Kamen Rider Ixa Prototype.


Wataru discovers rock music when he's asked to help a musician with his band; while Yuri tries to position herself to become the first Ixa in order to take revenge on the Fangire.


In 1986, Yuri is visiting the grave site of her mother Akane when Shima arrives to tell her that Ixa System, which Akane created, is completed. Yuri pleads to use it so she can finally avenge her mother, who was murdered by a Fangire with a rook tattoo on his hand two years prior. Yuri's intent is intensified while she saves a young woman from the Earwig Fangire, only to be manhandled by him. Later, Yuri is accompanied by Otoya as they are ambushed by the Earwig Fangire in a garage, with Otoya knocked unconscious. But at the last second, Ixa arrives and destroys the Earwig Fangire as Yuri is confused to see Ixa to be Jiro.

In 2008, Megumi visits Yuri's grave as Shima comforts her before she walks off. Meanwhile, pondering on what kind of violin he can make, Wataru meets a young guitarist named Kengo Eritate, whose music catches Wataru's attention. Kengo allows Wataru to borrow his bass guitar to learn how to play, as Kengo intends to draft Wataru into his new band "Ikemens" with Shizuka joining as the drummer. Later, at the cafe, Wataru apologizes to Keisuke, who asks Wataru to help him find Kiva to earn his forgiveness. Later, while jogging with Megumi, Keisuke encounters Ryo who is stalking Megumi, fighting the Spider Fangire as Ixa. When Wataru arrives as Kiva to fight the Spider Fangire, he gets a nasty surprise when Ixa finally makes his move, wounding Kiva as he falls into the river.


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Form Changes

Kiva: Kiva Form

Ixa: Save Mode, Burst Mode


  • As part of Super Hero Time, this episode aired alongside Engine Sentai Go-OngerIcon-crosswiki episode 8, GP 08: The Greatest MiracleIcon-crosswiki.
  • Viewership: 7.0%
  • Rolling Stone is a US-based magazine devoted to music, liberal politics, and popular culture that is published every two weeks. Rolling Stone was founded in San Francisco in 1967 by Jann Wenner, who is still editor and publisher, and music critic Ralph J. Gleason

DVD releases

Kamen Rider Kiva Vol 3

Kamen Rider Kiva Volume 3, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Kiva Volume 3 features episodes 9-12: Symphony: Ixa, Fist On, Saber Dance: Glassy Melody, Rolling Stone: Door of Dreams and First Live: Golden Speed.

81+7Zfb6S4L. SL1477

Kamen Rider Kiva Box 1, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 1 comes with 16 episodes.

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