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"You cannot challenge space alone.
You must trust each other and hold hands.
In the end, it is the bond between people that will overcome the impossible.
―Rokuro Utahoshi[src]

Rokuro Utahoshi (歌星 緑郎 Utahoshi Rokurō) is Kengo's father who worked for the OSTO on the lunar base that would later become the Rabbit Hatch. Studying Cosmic Energy together with Gamou and Emoto, he managed to develop both the Fourze Driver and the Astroswitches from the Core Switch yet expected the finalized versions would be made by future generations after his death. Seventeen years prior to the beginning of the series, Emoto's actions in taking the Zodiarts Switches to Earth for Gamou led to the destruction of most of the base with Rokuro stranded on the moon to die. However, he left an inscription on the outer wall of the Rabbit Hatch, explaining the legacy he meant to leave behind with the Astroswitches and Fourze Driver, which is also the belief that he upholds steadfastly.

Behind the scenes


Rokuro Utahoshi is portrayed by Toru Kazama (風間 トオル Kazama Tōru).

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