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"You're too good for him. If I use you as a model, I know I can create an amazing piece! Please, sacrifice yourself for my inspiration!"
―Roidmude 084 announcing his intent[src]
Roidmude 084 (ロイミュード084 Roimyūdo Zero Hachi Shi) is a Spider Type (スパイダー型 Supaidā-gata) Roidmude combatman who disguises as Hajime Fujimiya (富士宮 肇 Fujimiya Hajime). He is defeated by Drive Type Speed Monster's MonsCrunch Full Throttle.


  • Episodes: 2-3
  • Motif basis: Spider
  • Human form/synchronize: Hajime Fujimiya (富士宮 肇 Fujimiya Hajime)
  • Destroyed by: Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed Monster's MonsCrush (body and Core)


Both 084 and his teacher Roidmude 010 are Roidmudes in disguise of a pair of art teacher and student, capturing female victims in art drawings. His job was to absorb escaping women that his teacher caught and imprisoned in art paintings. What is a Kamen Rider? After witnessing Kiriko as his ideal model, he tried to catch her first into his drawing before his teacher until Drive interfere and destroyed him. Who Stole the Woman's Smile?


The 108 Roidmudes' fragmented data would lead to the emergence of the amalgamation Roidmude 5886. Kamen Rider Drive Saga: Kamen Rider Heart


Roidmude 084 appeared himself as a humble servant to his companion/"teacher", 010. Despite having a similar ability with him, 084 can only create black and white drawings akin to pencil sketches, which angers 010.

Powers and Abilities

Roidmude 084
KRDr-Roidmude 084

Plain Roidmude (Spider Type)

  • Height: 200cm
  • Weight: 97kg
Heavy Acceleration
The signature ability of the Roidmude is to somehow slow down the movement of surrounding objects', including that of humans, with their unaffected consciousness aware of their impass during this time. One can be protected by the Heavy Acceleration effect by carrying Shift Cars or Signal Bikes on their person.
Energy Attack
Plain Roidmudes all have machine-gun-like fingers from which they can fire energy bullets. This feature is forsaken for greater power upon evolution into an Advanced Roidmude.
Advanced Camouflage
Roidmudes can generate disguises through film-layers around their body that function similar to the cerebral cortex.
Data Mimicry
Roidmudes can transform their bodies into data to travel within the electricity/cyberspace while in their Core modes. They can as well temporarily morph their bodies into data to easily phase through solid objects.
Wall Crawling
Spider Type Roidmudes possess the ability to climb walls. This feature is forsaken for greater power upon evolution into an Advanced Roidmude.
Spider Type Roidmudes can generate spider webs from their mouth to their liking. They can even spit an energized version which as strong as their finger blasts. This feature is forsaken for greater power upon evolution into an Advanced Roidmude.
Data Conversion
He can turn any objects into grey string-like data. Living objects seem to be disintegrated much slower.
He can move at an increasing speed.

Behind the scenes


Hajime Fujimiya is portrayed by Yūta Murakami (村上 雄太 Murakami Yūta).

As Roidmude 084, his suit actor is currently unknown.


  • According to Shinnosuke, his name never existed but 010's human disguise's name does. It can be presumed that his human disguise is a composite like Roidmude 029.
  • Roidmude 084's motif power was shown to be similar to his teacher, Paint Roidmude. Given that no Advanced Roidmudes are alike, it's likely that he would evolve into something different instead of a replica of Paint Roidmude.



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