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The Roidmude's Core (ロイミュードのコア Roimyūdo no Koa), also known simply as Cores (コア Koa), are the essence of the Roidmudes, acting as their 'soul'. They represent the Roidmudes' given numbers which distinguish them from each other (The numbers are pronounced individually; i.e., 029 is Zero-Two-Nine). The destruction of a Roidmude's Core results in their permanent death, but if their Core can survive the destruction of their body, they can be restored later.

Reviving Roidmudes via Cores

Should a Roidmude's Core survive and escape the destruction of its body, it can make its way back to the Roidmude's ruling organization, which has several methods of preserving and reviving Roidmudes.

Destroying Cores

The only known way to permanently defeat a Roidmude via the destruction of their Cores is the power of Kamen Riders Drive, Mach, and Chaser normally via their Full Throttle finishing attacks performed using the Shift Cars and Signal Bikes respectively, but also includes vehicles such as Drive's car, Tridoron. It is still possible for Cores to occasionally survive the destruction of their bodies, though this can be averted by following it up with a direct attack on their Cores before they escape.

The first Kamen Rider created by Krim Steinbelt, Protodrive, had the power to destroy Roidmude bodies but was unable to destroy their Cores. After being defeated by the Roidmudes, Protodrive was converted into Mashin Chaser who is tasked with destroying rogue Roidmudes while leaving their Cores intact, however, because Mashin Chaser's technology is based off of Protodrive, it also possesses the same inability to destroy Cores.

Kamen Rider Lupin normally can't destroy Roidmude Cores since his powers originated from copying Mashin Chaser's. However, the former easily worked around this inability by simply crushing them with his bare hands after obliterating the bodies.

It is revealed that Roidmudes are able to destroy another Roidmude's core, raising Chaser's importance in resetting rogue Roidmudes as the other numbered Roidmudes are unable to do so themselves.

Medic would later create the Reaper Legion that consists of modified Roidmudes that are tasked to destroy Roidmudes and their Cores, though this was kept secret from Brain and Heart.

Kamen Rider Zi-O can destroy cores using any variation of Drive's powers in his arsenal, either by summoning Drive as GrandZi-O, or using the Drive Ridewatch in any capacity.

Roidmudes by Core history



  • Apparently, as is shown in the case of Cyberoid ZZZ and Zoruku Tojo, a human conscious will take the form of a Roidmude Core-like state after it is uploaded into a Core-less Roidmude-like body.


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