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"I swear on Suiseiken Nagare that I shall protect this world!"
―Blades' catchphrase[src]

"I swear on Suiseiken Nagare that I shall protect.... the people that I love!"
―Blades' new catchphrase[src]

Rintaro Shindo (新堂 倫太郎, Shindō Rintarō) is a 23-year-old[1] former member of the Sword of Logos who transforms into Kamen Rider Blades (仮面ライダーブレイズ, Kamen Raidā Bureizu). Practically born into the organization, Rintaro was manipulated into staying with the Southern Base until his defeat by the hands of Ryoga Shindai. Though it required fighting the Neko Megid, Rintaro regained his resolve to fight against the traitor and join Touma's team for good.


Early Life

Rintaro training with his master, Kenshin

Rintaro was born orphaned and raised by the Sword of Logos guild. In his youth, he was trained extensively by Kenshin Nagamine, who would eventually perish during the War of Wonder World by Zooous. Rintaro would then inherit his master's Seiken and Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book, becoming the second Water Swordsman.

When Rintaro was 17, he was briefly trained by Ryo Ogami.

Meeting Touma Kamiyama

When the Golem Megid was spawned, Rintaro arrived on the scene, only to witnessed Touma Kamiyama, a “Homo Sapien”, transforming into Kamen Rider Saber. He tracks him down at his bookstore riding a blue lion and asks him to hand over the Seiken Swordriver and Kaenken Rekka. Rintaro explained to Touma that he is a member of the Sword of Logos, a sanction of swordsmen using the power of the Wonder Ride Books to protect the world. He requested the novelist to hand over Brave Dragon, but Touma refused as he claimed that it was important to him.

Rintaro brought him to the Northern Base branch of the Sword of Logos, where he introduced him to Sophia and explained him about the Kamen Riders. Chasing after the Ari Megid, Rintaro demonstrated to Touma by transforming into the Water Swordsman, Kamen Rider Blades. However, the Kirigirisu Megid appeared to the aid of the Ari Megid, leading for Touma and Rintaro to work together to prevent the town from turning into a book. In Wonder World, Blades fought against the Ari Megid and her army of ants while Saber defeated the Kirigirisu Megid using the Jackun to Domamenoki Wonder Ride Book, although Rintaro was surprised he was able to use two volumes. After their victory, Rintaro and Touma congratulated each other for their talents. Mei later arrived with a box of éclairs, revealing Rintaro's love for sweets.

Rintaro would later introduce to Touma the other members of the guild. He first introduced Touma to Kento Fukamiya, both happened to be forgotten childhood friends and the current Kamen Rider Espada. Rintaro also helped introduced Touma to Ryo Ogami, Tetsuo Daishinji, and Ren Akamichi, each operating as Kamen Riders Buster, Kenzan, and Slash respectively.

During an encounter against the Hanzaki Megid, Rintaro would use the Peter Fantasia Wonder Ride Book that was achieved after the Kirigirisu Megid's defeat. He would see Touma simultaneously using Needle Hedgehog and Peter Fantasista together with Brave Dragon to defeat the enemy. After Touma's body was weakened after detransforming, Rintaro warned Touma to be careful when using three Wonder Ride Books together as it could cause a strain to the body even for an experienced swordsman. However, the two were intercepted by the Dark Swordsman, Kamen Rider Calibur. Thankfully, Espada intervened and stopped Calibur's attack long enough for the three to escape.

While Rintaro and Mei explore the city, they both encounter Zooous. Rintaro transformed into Blades and tried to subdue to Megid. Zooous revealed that he previously fought and killed the previous Blades, who was Rintaro's master. This revelation angered Rintaro, leading him to enter the Liberation room in order to train himself using three Wonder Ride Books in order to get strong enough to avenge his master. Rintaro would return in time and reveal his Wonder Combo, Blades Fantastic Lion. However, the training gave Rintaro to time to realize that he doesn't need to focus on vengeance.

Rintaro later formed a pact with Touma and Kento to stick to each other through the end. The three worked together to fight Calibur in their Wonder Combo forms, but was shocked when he discovered that the Dark Swordsman was none other than Daichi Kamijo, the previous Saber and Touma's savior 15 years ago.

As he realizes Kento turning more emotionally unstable given the revelation, Rintaro went to confront him. He did sympathize with the fact he too had lost a father figure in his life but warned him that revenge was not the answer, just as his encounter with Zooous. Unfortunately, Kento wouldn't listen to Rintaro's warnings and would end up growing more and more unstable. Rintaro was wounded after protecting Kento from Calibur Jaoh Dragon.

While Rintaro was resting from his injuries, Kento lamented that he failed both Touma and Luna. Upon hearing the name of their third childhood friend, Rintaro relayed this information to Touma, which caused him to regain his memories, and told him to save Kento. Unfortunately, Touma was too late and discovered Kento in bad condition after fighting Calibur.

Rintaro as Blades joined alongside the Northern Base swordsmen to battle Kamen Rider Calibur Jaoh Dragon, despite not having completely recovered from his injuries. When he was down, Kento arrived to protect Rintaro and took the full hit of Calibur's finisher, which further worsened Kento's condition. Rintaro would then witness Touma's transformation into Kamen Rider Saber Dragonic Knight and cheered him on. However, by dusk, he would see Kento succumbing into the darkness and his disappearing by his very eyes. Rintaro would mourn the loss of his comrade.

Rintaro after transforming into Blades King Lion Daisenki.

Once Kamijo made his returns and enacted his plans to seize the Almighty Book, Rintaro stayed behind in the Northern Base as he awaited for his new Wonder Ride Book to be completed. Using the powers of the Lion Senki, Peter Fanatasista, and Tenkuu no Pegasus, along with King of Arthur, Rintaro transformed into Kamen Rider Blades King Lion Daisenki. He, along with the other Riders, would continue to fight the Megid, while Saber chased after Calibur. Rintaro and the rest of the Northern Base swordsmen would warmly welcome Touma back once he returned from the in the realm of the Almighty Book.

The Sword of Logos Conspiracy

After the death of Kamijo and Sophia's disappearance, Reika Shindai appeared to the Northern Base swordsmen and claimed that Touma has turned against the organization. Although Rintaro wasn't sure to believe Touma, he and his comrades went to confront Touma. When Touma explained to them that Kamijo had a plan to find the traitor within the Sword of Logos, nobody believed him, including Rintaro who had faith in the organization, since it was like a family to him. Rintaro was forced to fight Touma, but did not expect the appearance of the sword of light, Kamen Rider Saikou. In the end, the Northern Base swordsmen were forced to draw back, turning their backs on Touma.

Rintaro and the Northern Base swordsmen were then transferred into the Southern Base branch of the Sword of Logos. Rintaro remained conflicted with Touma's apparent "betrayal", much to disapproval from Reika. When he and Daishinji went to confront the Ousama Megid, he refused to hear Touma's words that the Megid had trapped a human host. However, Daishinji was able to confirm Touma's claims. Although Rintaro was able to believe that the Megid were using human victims, he still denied the fact that there is a true enemy hiding within the guild.

Eventually, both Daishinji and Ogami left the guild to side with Touma, which left Rintaro in depression. His friendship with Touma was left strained and despite moments where he considered repairing their bond, Rintaro ended up returning back to the Sword of Logos, still persistent that they were his "family". Rintaro would also witness Touma acting berserk as Saber Primitive Dragon and Kento's return as the current Calibur in order to seal every Seiken.

When Legeiel attacked the city in his new Forbidden form, Rintaro made the decision to fight alongside Saikou and Buster in order for Touma to tame the Primitive Dragon form. He would witness Touma transforming into Elemental Dragon Wonder Ride Book and proceeds to transform into Kamen Rider Saber Elemental Primitive Dragon. After Saber defeated Legeiel, Rintaro chose not to be with everyone to congratulate Touma as he has some unfinished affairs to settle.

Back in the Southern Base, he speaks with Ren, who was the other remaining Northern Base swordsman that joined the Southern Base. He finds out Ren is leaving the guild, which Rintaro does approves his choice to do so. However, Rintaro opts to stay for a bit longer to settle a certain unfinished affair, which is to investigate whether there really is a mole within the organization itself.

Rediscovering Faith in Himself

One day, Rintaro would speak to Mei alone and told her that he will side with Touma, but he needs to stay in the Southern Base to sleuth out the identity of the guild's traitor. Rintaro returned back to the Southern Base and discovered Reika had Sophia held prisoner, assuming that she is the true traitor of the guild. As he reported this information to Master Logos, Rintaro was left mortified that Master Logos revealed himself as the actual traitor of the guild. Rintaro transformed into Blades in order to stop Master Logos, only to be intercepted by Ryoga Shindai, also known as Kamen Rider Durendal. Durendal would prove to be a match against Blades and Rintaro would've been killed if it wasn't for Touma and Yuri's aid, who learned about Rintaro's plans and arrived to help. The three would escape the Southern Base, barely surviving.

Rintaro was welcomed back in the Northern Base with open arms, even with Mei gifting him an éclair. He has grown admired with Touma after witnessing his ability to separate Megid with Kaenken Rekka. However, the two were left in total despair after finding out Zooous had turned Mei into the Neko Megid. This revelation turned Rintaro emotionally unstable and despite his rekindling friendship with Touma, it was further strained as Rintaro lashed out at him for failing to save Mei.

However, these negative emotions are actually feelings of guilt. Despite being welcomed in open arms, Rintaro still didn't see himself worthy of true swordsman and had lacked faith in himself. However, Touma would disagree and still believed in him. Rintaro, wondering if his words are actually true, requested Touma to duel him with their Seiken. As they continued training, Rintaro's feelings reached Suiseiken Nagare and he was granted the ability to separate a Megid from a human host, although briefly. Even though he still was not strong enough yet, Rintaro was able to regain faith in himself.

When Master Logos broke through the Northern Base's force field, Rintaro joined with Ogami to hold off the Megid that had infiltrated inside the base. He would encounter Zooous in his Predator form, who was desiring to fight the current Water Swordsman. Although Sophia begged for him and everyone else to escape while she held off Zooous, Rintaro's determination to protect his friends allowed the fragment of the Almighty Book to respond to him, and he transformed into Kamen Rider Blades Tategami Hyoujuusenki. With this new form, Rintaro would discover the spirits of the previous swordsmen fighting alongside with him and was able to finally vanquish Zooous. Rintaro would meet the spirit of his fallen master, Kenshin Nagamine, who congratulated him for his efforts. With Zooous' defeat and him gaining a new form, Rintaro would not only find closure in honoring his master's memory, but had strengthened the bond with his friends.

Blades Tategami Hyoujuusenki after defeating Zooous

After the Northern Base's security systems were repaired, everyone congratulated Rintaro for his victory. Rintaro sought to bring back Ren back into their inner circle, so he along with Mei and Yuri went to the city to look for him. Although side tracked, he was able to find Ren, who was being attacked by Sabela. Rintaro took this moment to try out his new form once more and expressed anger with Reika for manipulating them the entire time. Blades Tategami Hyoujuusenki was able to defeat Sabela, although both her and Ren would retreat.

Rintaro would then have another encounter with Ryoga Shindai. The two both transformed and fought against each other, only to be interrupted by Kamen Rider Falchion, whom Rintaro recognizes. Falchion was able to cause Durendel to withdraw, causing Bahato to turn his attention to Rintaro. Blades was able to defeat Falchion, but due to his resurrection ability, Rintaro was no match to the Immortal Swordsman and was knocked out of transformation. Although, Falchion decided to make the killing blow, Rintaro was spared once Touma, Yuri, and Mei arrived.

When Rintaro, Ogami, and Daishinji went off to find Luna, they were suddenly greeted by Master Logos and the Shindai siblings. While Rintaro attempted to fight them off, he was caught in a bind after the Shindai siblings held Ogami and Daishinji hostage and therefore losing Suiseiken Nagare and his Wonder Ride Books. When Master Logos' ritual to summon the Almighty Book was drawing near, Rintaro witnessed Touma succeeding to disrupt the ritual and free every Seiken and Book, returning Suiseiken Nagare back to Rintaro's hands.

Unfortunately, Master Logos was able to gain the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book and transform into Kamen Rider Solomon, proving to be a threat against the Riders. This left the Shindai siblings and even Kento to finally join forces with Touma's team. Rintaro would later bear witness to the creation of Haouken Xross Saber and Touma becoming Kamen Rider Xross Saber.

From then on, Rintaro would continue to stand alongside Touma against Solomon, eventually vanquishing the former Master for good. Touma, Rintaro, and Kento rendezvous as they joined their Seikens together, fulfilling their promise to each other once again as Mei joined in.

Final Battle Against Storious

Despite the victory against Master Logos, Storious remained to enact his plan to destroy the world. Following the death of Tassel, the destruction of Wonder World began to affect Earth. Rintaro participated in minimizing the disaster, but Storious became stronger after achieving the Grimiore Wonder Ride Book and became Kamen Rider Storious. Furthermore, the Megid had resurrected the Four Sages to become his loyal followers. The final battle began to approach, with Rintaro joining Touma, along with the rest of the swordsmen in the final march against Storious.

As they stormed into the Tower of Destruction, Rintaro and the rest of the swordsmen covered for Touma as he reached Storious as he fought of a Lord of Wise. Although he succeeded in defeating it, the battle was too exhausting for Rintaro, causing him to pass out and it was only Yuri's healing ability that allowed him to stand up. Rintaro arrived in Storious' chamber to protect Touma with Kento. He would bear witness to the creation of the Wonder Almighty Wonder Ride Book and the joined his allies the last battle with Kamen Rider Storious. The three Riders defeated Storious, but failed to prevent the destruction of the world. Rintaro and Kento were forced to witness Touma's death as the world disappeared around them.

One Year Later

One year later, Rintaro and most of the swordsmen were restored back to normal. He joined Mei in an award ceremony as she was accepting Touma's award from his published novel, Eternal Story. Upon hearing word that the missing victims that were unaccounted for had suddenly returned, Rintaro joined up with most of Touma's friends as they reunited with their missing friend once more.

Other Events

Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin

When the Immortal Swordman, Bahato, declared his intent to destroy the world using the Book of Ruin, Rintaro joined with the rest of the Northern Base swordsmen to challenge him. Kamen Rider Blades engaged the horde of Shimi as Saber fought Falchion personally. Rintaro, intent on fighting for the future of all "Homo Sapiens", wiped out the rest of the Shimi army with his fellow Swordsmen before Falchion was sealed by Saber.

Video Game Appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Blades in Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Blades is a playable character in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Kamen Rider City Wars

Kamen Rider Blades as seen in City Wars

Kamen Rider Blades is a playable character alongside the other Kamen Riders in Kamen Rider City Wars.

Puzzle and Dragons

Kamen Rider Blades Lion Senki in Puzzle and Dragons

As part of the Ishimori Productions collaboration limited game event, Kamen Rider Blades was an unlockable character in Puzzle and Dragons.


  • as Lion Senki, his ability is increase skyfall chance of Water & Heart orbs by 15% for 10 turn
    • Transform the card into Kamen Rider Blades King Lion Daisenki.
  • as King Lion Daisenki, his ability is change Fire orbs to Water orbs, Wood orbs to Heart orbs.
  • as Seiken Swordriver + Suiseiken Nagare, the ability is ATK x3 for Water attribute, change Fire orbs to Water and Wood orbs to Heart.
    • Stats inheritable

Leader Skill

  • as Lion Senki Water attribute cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5, RCV x1.5.
    • ATK x8 when simultaneously clearing 4 connected Water orbs.
  • as King Lion Daisenki Water attribute cards HP x1.5, ATK x1.5, RCV x1.5.
    • All attribute cards ATK x1, 50% all damage reduction when HP is greater than 50%.
    • ATK x10 when simultaneously clearing 4 connected Water orbs.
    • 5000000 damage to all enemies, ignore enemy element and defense when simultaneously clearing 4+ Water orbs at the same time.

Battle Spirits

Kamen Rider Blades Lion Senki in Battle Spirits

It is the seventeenth collaboration pack and the eighth collaboration with the Kamen Rider franchise. CB17 was released in Japan on March 27th 2021. This set included Spirit, Nexus, and Magic cards in all six colors,Kamen Rider Blades Lion Senki is a playable character in Battle spirits with other Kamen Riders

Blades Battle Spirits Cards Included

  • Kamen Rider Blades Lion Senki (Common)
  • Kamen Rider Blades King Lion Daisenki (Lion Mode) (Rare)


Rintaro appears to be serious and difficult to approach from first glance, but on the contrary, he is actually quite down-to-earth and was willing to teach Touma the ins-and-outs of becoming an effective Kamen Rider, though Touma's rather unorthodox methods of fighting often leaves him flabbergasted. However due to his upbringing, Rintaro has little to no practical experience in everyday culture in general, despite being extremely knowledgeable about it through books. This is made apparent when he arrives at Touma's bookstore for the first time while riding a blue lion because he had read that it is rude to enter with his shoes on. He also demonstrates this through his first time winning and holding an instant camera. Rintaro also has a keen eye for good food, especially after his love for sweets was discovered.

As a child, Rintaro was orphaned at a young age and was raised solely by the Sword of Logos. Through his life-long devotion to the organization, he holds them to a high regard and feels indoctrinated into disbelieving or refusing to hear out any claims of corruption within the organization itself. As a result, Rintaro became unable to leave the organization for the longest time, despite knowing the organization's wrongdoings. When Touma did not hesitate to risk giving up his powers to save Rintaro's life from Ryoga Shindai, proclaiming their close and strong familial friendship. Touma act of kindness, coupled by the revelation of Master Logos' treachery convinced Rintaro to ultimately leave the Sword of Logos for good and join his team.

Rintaro holds great emotional attachment to those he considers friends and family, which extends to not only Touma's team but also to the members of the Sword of Logos itself. He sought revenge against Zooous for the death of Kenshin Nagamine, who he saw not only as a mentor, but also a teacher and a father. Since learning that revenge wasn't the answer, Rintaro fell into guilt for not being strong enough to save Kento Fukamiya from his own acts of revenge. Since learning of Master Logo's treachery and being saved from Ryoga Shindai, Rintaro suffered an emotional breakdown, recognizing his own fears of losing more people he loved. Rintaro also began to evaluate his own self worth after becoming desperate and unable to save Mei from the Neko Megid, believing that saving her was more important than his own life when Touma chose to rescue him instead. When given a full-display of Touma's emotions during their 1-vs-1 duel, Rintaro understood Touma's belief in him and renewed his faith in himself, thus allowing him to finally master Suiseiken Nagare. Rintaro bravery and valor had ultimately rewarded him with the Tategami Hyoujuusenki Wonder Ride Book, which he used to defeat Zoous.

Powers and Abilities


  • Megid Separation: During the training duel with Touma, Rintaro began to showcase further mastery over Suiseiken Nagare after some rough guidance. While his technique is imperfect, he can combine his efforts with Touma to successfully separate Human and Megid, evidenced when the two rescued Mei from the Neko Megid.Chapter 31: Believing in Strength, Strength Believed In.
  • Spirit Medium: After obtaining the Tategami Hyoujuusenki Wonder Ride Book, Rintaro can communicate with spirits of his predecessors, as demonstrated by doing so with his mentor Kenshin when defeating Zooous. He can also communicate with predecessors of other swordsmen in battle, such as Buster and Espada's predecessors. Chapter 32: My Thoughts, Crystallized.


  • Expert Swordsman: As a member of the Sword of Logos, Rintaro is a trained swordsman, demonstrating mastery at using Suiseiken Nagare when fighting his enemies or opponentsChapter 2: The Water Swordsman, Along With a Blue Lion.. After being out of action under Southern Base's command there was a power gap between him and his friends and foes, though through rejoining Touma he had grown stronger, being able to go almost toe-to-toe with Zooous and even outmatch Durendal later on.
  • Indomitable Will: Rintaro has shown on several occasions to have an unshakable will to fight, even against enemies he could not win against. He has had his fair share of moments of self-conflict and questioning himself and his beliefs, but when he makes up his mind he vigorously fights to protect until he is bloody and cannot stand up anymore.

Former Weaknesses

  • Power Strain: During his training at Liberation, Rintaro had to train himself to harness Tenkuu no Pegasus, Lion Senki, and Peter Fantasista, which were three Ride Books of the same element. Although attempting to transform placed a heavy strain on body during his early attempts, he was successfully able to return to the battle overcoming the strain. Chapter 7: The Sword of the King, Lies in Avalon.

Kamen Rider Blades

Lion Senki

"Nagare Battou! Lion Senki! Nagare Issatsu! Hyakujuu no oh to Suiseiken Nagare ga majiwaru toki konpeki no tsurugi ga kiba wo muku!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Mashimashi battou! Elemental! Mashimashi! Nosemental! Mashimashi! Mashimental! Mashimashi! Elemashi!"
―Elemental Mashimashi announcement[src]

Lion Senki

Rider Statistics[2]

  • Rider Height: 217.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 99.7 kg

Ability Parameters[2]

  • Punching Power: 10.4 t
  • Kicking Power: 17.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 17.8 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 4.3 seconds

Lion Senki (ライオン戦記, Raion Senki) is Blades' lion-based primary form accessed by using the Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book in the Seiken Swordriver.

In this form, Blades has slightly higher punching power and running speed when compared to Saber Brave Dragon, but has lower kicking power and maximum jump height.

Blades Elemental Mashimashi

Using the Elemental Dragon Wonder Ride Book in the Seiken Swordriver temporarily activates the Elemental Mashimashi (エレメンタルマシマシ, Erementaru Mashimashi) state which further enhances a Rider's elemental abilities, allowing Blades to transform his entire body into water that he can freely control.

Lion Senki consists of the following parts:

  • Blades Helm Lion Senki (ブレイズヘルム ライオン戦記, Bureizu Herumu Raion Senki): The helmet.
    • Sword Crown (ソードクラウン, Sōdo Kuraun): It is installed on the top of the head as a proof of being selected by a Seiken. It has the role of adjusting the state of Kamen Rider Blades and the Seiken, and adjusts the power balance between them and cancels transformation in an emergency. It is also a blade with a sharp edge, and can also be used in battle.
    • Right Mask (ライトマスク, Raito Masuku): The right mask on the helmet. It has the property of strongly acting on the sword technique of the user and exerts various abilities by applying the power of the Wonder Ride Book stored in the right shelf of the Seiken Swordriver. In particular, it is said to be compatible with the God Beast-based Wonder Ride Books.
    • Lion Senki Mask (ライオンセンキマスク, Raion Senki Masuku): The helmet's center mask. With the power of the Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book, your eyesight and hearing will be sharpened, and you will be able to catch your prey sensitively.
    • Horizon Visor (ホライゾンバイザー, Horaizon Baizā): The visor. Accurately grasp the object like a water mirror and calmly assess the situation.
    • Left Mask (レフトマスク, Refuto Masuku): The left mask on the helmet. It has a characteristic that strongly affects the activation of special abilities by the user and exerts various abilities by putting the power of the Wonder Ride Book contained in the left shelf of the Seiken Swordriver. It is said to be particularly compatible with the Story-based Wonder Ride Book.
  • Sword Robe (ソードローブ, Sōdo Rōbu): The suit granted by the user of the Seiken "Suiseiken Nagare". It is attached at the same time as the awakening of the Seiken and gives the user the power to fight such as improving sword skills, strengthening physical abilities, and activating special abilities. This characteristic is assigned to the right half of the body, the center of the body, which is based on the Animal "Lion Senki", and the left half of the body.
  • Breas Lion (ブレスライオン, Buresu Raion): The chest armor. It possesses the power of the animal "Lion Senki", and brings supple and high athletic ability to the user as a rule of thumb possessed by the King of Beasts. In addition, it is possible to release a violent torrent from the mouth of Lion Senki, which can be diverted to protect or capture the subject by adjusting the torrent.
  • Maned Il (メインドイル, Meindo Iru, short for "Maned Mail"): The armor that extends from the front to the back, reminiscent of a flowing coat, sheds all shocks and resistance. As a result, it is possible to obtain the effect of speeding up running power and even combat motion.
  • Noble Sault (ノーブルソルト, Nōburu Soruto): The legs and feet of the suit. Brings agile leg strength like a lion, runs through the ground, and accurately kills prey with sharp claws. Also, when the Special Move is activated, the destructive power of the kick is greatly increased by putting together a tremendous stream of water.
  • Ride Right (ライドライト, Raido Raito): The right side of the body. It has the property of strongly acting on the sword technique of the user and exerts various abilities by applying the power of the Wonder Ride Book stored in the light shelf of the Seiken Swordriver. In particular, it is said to be compatible with the God Beast-based Wonder Ride Books.
  • Ride Left (ライドレフト, Raido Refuto): The left side of the body. It has the property of strongly acting on the activation of special abilities by the user and exerts various abilities by applying the power of the Wonder Ride Book stored in the left shelf of the Seiken Swordriver. Especially, it is said that it goes well with the story-based Wonder Ride Books.
  • Ride Arm (ライドアーム, Raido Āmu): The arms. The exterior of the armor "Sword Robe" is laminated armor called "Page Armor" (ページアーマー, Pēji Āmā), which is formed by stacking trained plate armor in multiple layers. As a result, it has acquired strong defense and the flexibility to follow various actions.

This form has four finishers:

  • Seiken Swordriver finishers:
    • Leo Cascade (レオ・カスケイド, Reo Kasukeido): Blades traps the target in a water bubble fired from the Brace Lion on his chest before jumping after it, and delivering a kick.
    • Lion Wonder (ライオン・ワンダー, Raion Wandā): Blades taps on the Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book, surrounding himself with water. Then delivers a water-enhanced slash that summons a blue mechanical lion that rams into the target.
  • Suiseiken Nagare finishers:
    • Hydro Stream (ハイドロ・ストリーム, Haidoro Sutorīmu): Blades delivers a water-enhanced slash.
    • Shutoku Issen (習得一閃, Shūtoku Issen, Lit. "Learning Flash"): Blades scans a Wonder Ride Book against the tip of the blade and performs an attack using its power.
      • Jackun to Domamenoki: Blades delivers a slash that sends green bean-like projectiles flying at the enemy.
      • Lion Senki: Has two variations.
        • Blades delivers a series of water-enhanced slashes that leave a bursts of mist upon impact.
        • Blades launches a horizontal water slash.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 2-4, 6-8, 10, Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin, 11-12, 15-16, 29, SP, Kamen Rider Saber + Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png, 45, 47, Kamen Rider Saber: Final Stage

Lion Fantasista

Lion Fantasista

"Nagare Battou! Kagayaku Lion Fantasista~! Nagare Nisatsu! Gao! Kirakira! Genso no tsume ga ima soki kenshi no sonomi ni yadoru!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[3]

  • Rider Height: 217.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 104.8 kg

Ability Parameters[3]

  • Punching Power: 13.1 t
  • Kicking Power: 20.3 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 21.8 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 4.0 seconds

Lion Fantasista (ライオンファンタジスタ, Raion Fantajisuta) is Blades' lion and Peter Pan-based form accessed by using the Lion Senki and Peter Fantasista Wonder Ride Book in the Seiken Swordriver.

In this form, Blades has higher punching and kicking power, and a slight increase in speed. He can combine the powers of Lion Senki and Peter Fantasista to form water portals to attack the enemy. Unlike Saber, Blades is able to fully control this form due to using Wonder Ride Books of matching elements.

Lion Fantasista adds on the following parts:

  • Blades Helm Lion Fantasista (ブレイズヘルム ライオンファンタジスタ, Bureizu Herumu Raion Fantajisuta): The helmet.
    • Peter Fan Mask (ピーターファンマスク, Pītā Fan Masuku): The left mask on the helmet. With the power of the Peter Fantasista Wonder Ride Book, you can dispel illusions and discover the truth.
  • Peter Fan Bauld (ピーターファンボールド, Pītā Fan Bōrudo, play on words "Peter Fan Pauldron"): The left shoulder. It possesses the power of the story "Peter Fantasista" and brings the wings to reveal the fairy and the wisdom to enjoy the adventure.
  • Illusio Mail (イリュージョメイル, Iryūjo Meiru): The left side of the suit. Wielding the "Peter Acrobat" (ピーターアクロバット, Pītā Akurobatto), it allows the user to achieve flight.
  • Duel Gaunt (デュエルガント, Deyueru Ganto): The left arm. Equipped with the "Capture Hook" (キャプチャーフック, Kyapuchā Fukku) claw that catches the target with an extendable chain, it can be pulled into its own area.

This form has five finishers:

  • Seiken Swordriver finishers:
    • Lion Fantasista Wonder (ライオンファンタジスタ・ワンダー, Raion Wandā): By pressing on the Lion Senki and Peter Fantasista Wonder Ride Books, Blades summons several water portals, and goes through them, attacking the enemy with slaves and a mechanical blue lion.
    • Leo Cascade (レオ・カスケイド, Reo Kasukeido): Blades traps the target in a water bubble fired from his hand before jumping after it, and delivering a kick.
  • Suiseiken Nagare finishers:
    • Hydro Stream (ハイドロ・ストリーム, Haidoro Sutorīmu)[3]: Only seen in Ganbarizing. While in the air Blades descends with a water-enhanced slash.
    • Hydro Pendulum (ハイドロペンデュラム, Haidoro Pendyuramu): Only seen in Ganbarizing. Blades uses the Capture Hook to go into the air, then slashes at the enemy with a water charged Suiseiken Nagare.
    • Hydro Divide (ハイドロディバイド, Haidoro Dibaido):Only seen in Ganbarizing. Blades floods the area with water before performing a powerful slash that cuts the enemy along with dividing the water.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 3-4, 9-10

Fantastic Lion

Fantastic Lion

"Nagare Battou! Aoki yajuu no (Aoki Yajuu no!) tategami ga (Tategami ga!) sora ni nabiku! (Sora ni nabiku!) Fantastic Lion! Nagare Sansatsu! Konpeki no tsurugi ga kiba wo muki ginga wo seisu!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[4]

  • Rider Height: 217.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 120.8 kg

Ability Parameters[4]

  • Punching Power: 19.5 t
  • Kicking Power: 32.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 30.5 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.4 seconds

Fantastic Lion (ファンタスティックライオン, Fantasutikku Raion) is Blades' lion, Peter Pan and Pegasus-based form accessed by using the Tenkuu no Pegasus, Lion Senki and Peter Fantasista Wonder Ride Book in the Seiken Swordriver.

In this form, Blades surpasses his previous forms, due to the three compatible books, Blades had to train to be able to control the form completely. Not only can Blades stand even with a Megid general like Zooous in this form, but he can also fly, transform into a water-like state, and manipulate water to a high enough degree to create mirrors. He has also shown to be able to stand up to Daichi Kamijo as Calibur.

Fantastic Lion adds on the following parts:

  • Blades Helm Fantastic Lion (ブレイズヘルム ファンタスティックライオン, Bureizu Herumu Fantasutikku Raion): The helmet.
    • Tenkuu no Pegasus Mask (テンクウノペガサスマスク, Tenkuu no Pegasasu Masuku): The right mask on the helmet. With the power of the Tenkuu no Pegasus Wonder Ride Book, the spatial recognition ability to dance in the sky has been expanded.
  • Pegasus Bauld (ピーターファンボールド, Pegasasu Bōrudo, play on the words "Pegasus Pauldron"): The right shoulder. It possesses the power of the God Beast "Tenkuu no Pegasus", and brings the power and speed of heaven.
  • Firmamen Mail (ファーマメンメイル, Fāmamen Meiru, play on the words "Firmament Mail"): The right side of the suit. The armor wrapped in majestic wings dispels all disasters with its flapping wings. In addition, the wings can combine with the "Peter Acrobat" from the "Illusio Mail" to allow the user achieve full flight.
  • Starry Bracer (スターリーブレーサー, Sutārī Burēsā): The right arm. The wonder combo further strengthens the user's strength, and brings straightness and speed like a comet to the right arm when wielding the Seiken Suiseiken Nagare, increasing Blades' sword technique beyond.

This form has two finishers:

  • Seiken Swordriver finishers:
    • Fantastic Blazer (ファンタスティック・ブレイザー, Fantasutikku Burezā)[4]: Blades takes to the air and creates multiple streams of water that attack opponents before merging into a massive water bubble with the enemies trapped inside. Blades then performs a flying kick that cuts through the ball of water, which explodes afterward.
    • Lion Wonder (ライオン・ワンダー, Raion Wandā): Blades taps on the Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book, charging himself with water energy. Blades then temporarily changes into mass of water than penetrates the enemy defenses, inflicting the enemy in question damage before materializing once more.
  • Suiseiken Nagare finishers:
    • Hydro Vortex (ハイドロ・ボルテックス, Haidoro Borutekkusu): Has two variations.
      • Blades summons a whirlpool of water that lift the enemy up. Blades then levitates before sending a slash to the enemy, thus destroying the enemy in question into water explosion.
      • Blades delivers a water-enhanced slash to the enemy.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 7-10, Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin, 13, 23

King Lion Daisenki

"Nagare Battou! Rhyming! Riding! Rider! Juoh Raiou! Rising! Lifull! King Lion Daisenki! Sore sunawachi hougeki no senshi!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Nagare Houkou! King Lion Daichange! Sore sunawachi hougeki no senshi! Sarani wa Lion Henkei!"
―Lion Mode transformation announcement[src]

King Lion Daisenki

King Lion Daisenki Lion Mode

Rider Statistics[5]

  • Rider Height: 217.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 135.1 kg

Ability Parameters[5]

  • Punching Power: 26.9 t
  • Kicking Power: 46.0 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 47.0 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 2.3 seconds

King Lion Daisenki (キングライオン大戦記, Kingu Raion Daisenki) is Blades' lion-based upgrade form accessed by using the King Lion Daisenki Wonder Ride Book in the Seiken Swordriver.

In this form, Blades is armed with the King Lion Cannon (キングライオンカノン, Kingu Raion Kyanon) on each shoulder to fire pressurized streams of water, also proves to be on par with Saber in his Dragonic Knight form, even being able to take on the three general Megids.

King Lion Daisenki consists of the following parts:

  • Blades Helm King Lion Daisenki (ブレイズヘルム キングライオン大戦記, Bureizu Herumu Kingu Raion Daisenki): The helmet.
    • Sword Crown (ソードクラウン, Sōdo Kuraun)
    • King Lion Visor (キングライオンバイザー, Kingu Raion Baizā): The visor. It enhances the eyesight to allow the user to see beyond the distant horizon and a viewing angle that captures a wide range.
    • King Lion Top (キングライオントップ, Kingu Raion Toppu): The sensory organs. It alters the user's hearing to be utilized as a radar to map out hidden enemies.
    • King Lion Mask (キングライオンマスク, Kingu Raion Masuku): The facial armor. With the power of the King Lion Daisenki Wonder Ride Book, the user's eyesight and hearing are sharpened to the point of capturing multiple enemies' movements at the same time.
    • Biadintake (ビアドインテーク, Biadointēku): The respiratory organs. The large intake port allows the user to take in a lot of oxygen at once, and boasts a sufficient amount of oxygen supply that can handle fierce battle motions.
  • Sword Robe (ソードローブ, Sōdo Rōbu): The suit granted by the user of the Seiken Suiseiken Nagare. Following the evolution through the King Lion Daisenki Wonder Ride Book, all of the user's sword skills have been improved, physical abilities have been strengthened, and special abilities have been activated.
  • Breas King Lion (ブレスキングライオン, Buresu Kingu Raion): The chest armor. It possesses the power of the animal "King Lion Daisenki", and brings supple and high athletic ability to the user as a rule of thumb possessed by the King of Beasts. It also functions as a head when it changes to Lion Mode in response to the operation of King Lion Daisenki Wonder Ride Book.
  • Breaking Tasset (ブレイキングタセット, Bureikingu Tasetto): The armor extending from the front end of the suit. With a smooth finish that is not cloudy, like a water mirror added to high hardness, the user can avoid all kinds of assaults. In addition, it has the role of bringing lightness like a feather to the whole body and reinforcing the fierce battle motion.
  • Breaking Doyle (ブレイキングドイル, Bureikingu Doiru): The shoulder armor. The armor, reminiscent of flowing fur, has the power to dispel all impacts and resistances due to the sacred water on the surface.
  • Breaking Arm (ブレイキングアーム, Bureikingu Āmu): The arms. It uses the violent water flow inside to bring about physical abilities like a beast, and exerts a ferocious strength to defeat any strong enemy.
  • Breaking Fore (ブレイキングフォア, Bureikingu Foa): The forearms and hands. Roughly clenching the Seiken like a lion, the user shoots a powerful and dynamic sword technique.
  • Breaking Leg (ブレイキングレッグ, Bureikingu Reggu): The legs. Utilizing the violent water flow that flows inside, it brings physical strength like a beast, and enables wild physique that has both power and suppleness.
  • Breaking Hind (ブレイキングハインド, Bureikingu Haindo): The shin guards and feet. The ultra-hard claw "Lio Solid" (ライオソリッド, Raio Soriddo) provided at the tip enhances the running performance on rough roads and improves the destructive power of footwork with its sharp sharpness.

This form has five finishers:

  • Seiken Swordriver finishers:
    • Lionel Grand Cascade (ライオネル・グランド・カスケード, Raioneru Gurando Kasukēdo): Blades leap into the air as four pillars of water flow around Blades' foot. He then perform a flying kick with water covering his' foot. The attack sends the opponent flying before setting them on fire.
  • Suiseiken Nagare finishers:
    • Lionel Hydro Stream (ライオネル・ハイドロ・ストリーム, Raioneru Haidoro Sutorīmu): Blades charges the Suiseiken Nagarde with blue energy before him clash with an opponent's attack. Upon breaking through, the enemy is struck with an blue energy slash.
  • Lion Mode finishers:
    • King Lion Grenature (キングライオングレネイチャー, Kingu Raion Gureneichā): Blades in his Lion Mode bites the Suiseiken Nagare and slashes the enemy with it.[6]
  • King Lion Booster finishers:
    • Burst (バースト, Bāsuto)
    • Tansan Burst (タンサンバースト, Tansan Bāsuto, lit. "Carbonated Burst"):
      • Lion Senki: Blades blasts a concentrated stream of water from the King Lion Booster.
    • Mix Burst (ミックスバースト, Mikkusu Bāsuto)
    • Lionic Burst (ライオニックバースト, Raionikku Bāsuto): When Blades scans one book three times or three books at once: Blades can do an attack based on the book or books.
      • Tri Cerberus + Needle Hedgehog + Lamp do Alangina: Blades launches several yellow energy quills in the enemy's direction followed by projections of Tri Cerberus and Lamp do Alangina rams at enemy. [7]
      • Jackun to Domamenoki + Bremen no Rock Band + Kobuta 3Kyoudai: Blades launches comets of violet-green energy from his King Lion Cannon.
      • Tenkuu no Pegasus + Lion Senki + Peter Fantasista: Blades launches a concentrated stream of water from the King Lion Booster.
    • Lionic Full Burst (ライオニックフルバースト, Raionikku Furu Bāsuto): Blades coats the Suiseiken Nagare in water before thrusting forward, launching an supercharged watery energy construct of a lion's head.
  • King Lion Booster + Suiseiken Nagare finishers:
    • Lionel Sol Splash (ライオネル・ソウル・スプラッシュ, Raioneru Sōru Supurasshu)[5]: Has three variations.
      • Blades summons a whirlpool of water that lift himself up, before sending a horizontal slash to the enemy covered in stream of water, destroying the enemy and leaves a trail of water upon impact.
      • Blades delivers a powerful slash covered in water current.
      • Blades thrusts the Suiseiken Nagare forward, blasting the enemy with a spiralling stream of water.
  • Suiseiken Nagare + Kaenken Rekka Finishers:
    • King Lion Hissatsu Giri + Dokugo Issen: Blades charges the Suiseiken Nagare with water and Kaenken Rekka with fire before launching two energy slashes colored blue and red, respectively. However, instead of striking the opponent, the clashing elements creates a bright flash of light that allows Blades to escape with an ally in a cloud of water vapor.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 14-15, 18, 23, 27, 30-32, Kamen Rider Saber + Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png

Tategami Hyoujuusenki

Tategami Hyoujuusenki

"Nagare Battou! Tategami Tenkai! Subete o Hikiishi Tategami! Hyōjū Senki! Gao! Long Get!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[8]

  • Rider Height: 217.0 cm
  • Rider Weight: 127.5 kg

Ability Parameters[8]

  • Punching Power: 61.8 t
  • Kicking Power: 105.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 108.1 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 0.9 seconds

Tategami Hyoujuusenki (タテガミ氷獣戦記, Tategami Hyōjū Senki)[9] is Blades' lion-based final form accessed by using the Tategami Hyoujuusenki Wonder Ride Book[10] in the Seiken Swordriver.

In this form, Blade's water powers are expanded, allowing him to control ice. In addition to being the combination of the power of past Swordsmen of Northern Base, he proved himself capable of easily dominating Zooous in his Predator Form.

Blades stats have also been increased to the point he surpasses even Durendal's parameters in all categories. He has even been able to work around Durendal's time erasure, by surrounding himself in ice and freezing Durendal as he attacks from behind.

His finishers involving Tategami Hyoujuusenki allow him to manipulate the Tategami Blazer into different applications, such as eagle wings for flight, and a shark tail for underwater movement/combat.

Every time Tategami Hyoujuusenki is used it makes the surrounding environment chilly, causing others to shiver, althought this effect has become negligible in later uses.

Tategami Hyoujuusenki consists of the following parts:

  • Blades Helm Tategami Hyoujuusenki (ブレイズヘルム タテガミ氷獣戦記, Bureizu Herumu Tategami Hyōjū Senki): The helmet.
    • Crysta Sword Crown (クリスタソードクラウン, Kurisuta Sōdo Kuraun): It is installed on the top of the head as a proof of being selected by the Seiken. It has the role of adjusting the state of Kamen Rider Blades and the Seiken, adjusting the power balance of both and canceling the transformation in an emergency. In addition, it is a blade with a sharp edge, and can be used in battle
    • Tategami Hyoujuu Mask (タテガミ氷獣マスク, Tategami Hyōjū Masuku): The crown. By gaining the power of the Tategami Hyoujuusenki Wonder Ride Book, it draws out the wildness that surpasses the extreme environment from the user and polishes his extrasensory sense. It is also a testament to the king who leads the beast.
    • Hyoujuu Visor (氷獣バイザー, Hyōjū Baizā): The visor. It has eyesight that allows you to see beyond the distant horizon and a viewing angle that captures a wide range. Moreover, in a cold region or a snowstorm, the target can be captured by a heat source.
    • Tategami Top (タテガミトップ, Tategami Toppu): The sensory organs. It senses the surroundings and acts like a radar. Especially in the territory, it has become more sensitive and has increased its spatial dominance.
    • Hyoujuu Bite (氷獣バイト, Hyōjū Baito): The facial armor. It enables violent breathing that exerts its maximum strength not only in the frigid ice field but also in the snowstorm sky and under the sea ice. In addition, the roar emitted from here warns all creatures and urges them to evacuate.
    • Tategami Blazer (タテガミブレイザー, Tategami Bureizā): The white mane behind the helmet. The fighting spirit of the overflowing water forms a field of cold air, transforming the surroundings into pure ice. In addition, by incorporating the power of the Hyoujuu drawn from the Tatemagi Hoyujuu Senki Wonder Ride Book, it can be changed to a shape that conquers any environment.
  • Avalanche Sword Robe (アヴァランチソードローブ, Avuaranchi Sōdo Rōbu): The suit granted by the user of the Seiken Suiseiken Nagare. The sword skills, physical abilities, and special abilities of the user have been enhanced to the utmost limit in order to utilize the fighting methods that the previous Suiseiken wielders have refined, inherited from the Tategami Hyoujuusenki Wonder Ride Book.
  • Hyoujuu Breaster (氷獣ブレスター, Hyōjū Buresutā): The chest armor. With the power of the newly created epic "Tategami Hyoujuusenki", the user uses the knowledge and power of the previous Suiseiken wielders carved in the frozen earth to make the user the king of the Hyoujuu who lead the beasts.
  • White Doyle (ホワイトドイル, Howaito Doiru): The armor extending from the front end of the suit. The pure white armor, which symbolizes the determination to marry the mission, is full of the dignity of the Hyoujuu King, who is as strong as permafrost and will not give in to anything.
  • Hyoujuu Shoulder (氷獣ショルダー, Hyōjū Shorudā): The shoulder armor. Utilizing its robustness, it is also used as a powerful weapon that makes use of the physical abilities of ice beasts, such as crushing everything with a tackle with explosive rushing power.
  • Glacial Arm (グレイシャルアーム, Gureisharu Āmu): The arms. Due to the violent water flow inside, it exerts its strength like a wild beast. Furthermore, when the sacred water becomes overcooled, its power becomes clearer and the power of ice is used.
  • Hyoujuu Frost (氷獣フロスト, Hyōjū Furosuto): The forearms and hands. By feeling the souls of successive swordfighters, the transformant can release all kinds of sword skills. In addition, the Suiseiken Nagare is wrapped with ice fangs at absolute zero and sublimated into an ice holy sword.
  • Glacial Leg (グレイシャルレッグ, Gureisharu Reggu): The legs. Due to the violent water flow inside, it exerts leg strength like a wild beast. Furthermore, by incorporating the running power and jumping power of various ice beasts, the athletic ability of the 100 Great Hoyujuu is granted upon the user.
  • Hyoujuu Legate (氷獣レガート, Hyōjū Regāto): The shin guards and feet. It has the power to increase the hardness as the temperature gets lower and greatly increase the kicking power. As a result, when the Special Move is activated, the destructive power that turns everything into diamond dust is obtained by putting ice at absolute zero.
  • Suiseiken Nagare finishers:
    • Blizzard Blades (ブリザード・ブレイズ, Burizādo Bureizu): This finisher has six variations:
      • Blades charges Suiseiken Nagare with light blue energy and launches himself horizontally, avoiding an object thrown by the enemy. He then delivers a light blue energy slash to the opponent while flying by, creating a large flash of blue light. The enemy is then frozen in a block of ice while spikes of ice emerge from the ground around them. Shortly after, the frozen enemy shatters along with the ice spikes.
      • Blades delivers two light blue energy slashes to an enemy, partially freezing them in place. He then thrusts Suiseiken Nagare forward, producing a barrage of small icicles that strikes the enemy.
      • Blades thrusts Suiseiken Nagare forward, creating a blizzard that completely completely freezes the opponent before they shatter in an explosion.
      • Blades covers Suiseiken Nagare with light blue energy and swings it, launching a large icicle.
      • Blades produces freezing wind from the hilt of Suiseiken Nagare.
      • Blades covers SUiseiken Nagare with ice and thrusts it forward, producing cold wind that freezes the opponent's weapon.
      • Tategami Hyoujuusenki Wonder Ride Book finishers:
    • Leo Blizzard Sky (レオ・ブリザード・スカイ, Reo Burizādo Sukai): Blades' Tategami Blazer transforms into ice that then forms wings and flies into the sky. He then sprouts six large icicles from his wings and launches them at an opponent, who is impaled by them. A giant snowflake-like design appears behind Blades before he performs a flying kick covered in light blue energy that produces a snowflake and light blue shockwaves upon impact. The kick pushes one of the icicles all the way through the opponent's body and sends them crashing back to the ground.
    • Leo Blizzard Sea (レオ・ブリザード・シー, Reo Burizādo Shī): Blades' Tategami Blazer transforms into ice that then forms a shark's tail and dorsal fin on his back. The water behind Blades freezes while he charges the Suiseiken Nagare with light blue energy. He then sends forward a giant blast of water that transforms into shark jaws and bites down on the opponent, launching them out of the water.
    • Leo Blizzard Ground (レオ・ブリザード・グランド, Reo Burizādo Gurando): This finisher has two variations:
      • Blades' Tategami Blazer transforms into ice before sprouting icicles similar to a hedgehog's spines. Blades then stabs the ground with Suiseiken Nagare, freezing it along with the enemy's feet and preventing the opponent from moving. Finally, he runs toward the enemy and delivers a running blue energy slash that completely freezes the enemy in a block of ice, which then shatters.
      • Blades' Tategami Blazer transforms into ice before sprouting icicles similar to a hedgehog's spines. Blades then charges Suiseiken with snow and stabs the ground, freezing it. When the enemy strikes the ice with their weapon to stop it from advancing, several flying orb of ice are released. The orbs then bind to the enemy's weapon, freezing it.
    • Leo Blizzard Cascade (レオ・ブリザード・カスケード, Reo Burizādo Kasukēdo):Has two variations.
      • Blades forms a giant icicle in the air and launches it down toward the enemy, who catches it. He then jumps into the air and performs a flying kick covered in snow into the icicle, causing it to crush the enemy before Blades breaks through the icicle himself.
      • Blades forms wings from the Tategami Blazer, and does a flying side kick covered in ice energy.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 32-39, SP, Kamen Rider Saber + Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png, 40, 44-46, Kamen Rider Saber: Final Stage

Specter Gekikou Senki

Specter Gekikou Senki

"Nagare Battou! Wonder Rider! Kono dōbutsu! Kono dōbutsu no chikara ga ken ni yadoru!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height:
  • Rider Weight:

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power:
  • Kicking Power:
  • Maximum Jump Height:
  • Maximum Running Speed:

Specter Gekikou Senki (スペクター激昂戦記, Supekutā Gekikō Senki) is Blades' Kamen Rider Specter-based form, accessed by using the Specter Gekikou Senki Wonder Ride Book in the Seiken Swordriver. [11]

In this form, Blades borrows the Deep Slasher from Specter.

Blades' finisher in this form is the Hydro Giga Omega Drive (ハイドロギガオメガドライブ, Haidoro Giga Omega Doraibu), which is performed by activating Suiseiken Nagare's finisher with the Swordriver, then tapping the Specter Gekikou Senki Wonder Ride Book. Specter charges Suiseiken Nagare with blue energy and the Deep Slasher with purple energy. He then performs a a circular purple energy slash with the Deep Slasher that sets the enemy on fire, followed by a circular blue energy slash with Suiseiken Nagare that creates a splash of water upon impact. Next, Specter performs an X-shaped purple and blue energy slash using the weapons together before running past the enemy while delivering a simultaneous slash with both swords.

This Form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Specter × Blades

Lion Pegasus

Lion Pegasus

"Nagare Battou! Seinaru Lion Pegasus~! Nagare Nisatsu! Yozora wo irodoru shishiza ga, ryuusei no gotoku furisosogu!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height:
  • Rider Weight:

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power:
  • Kicking Power:
  • Maximum Jump Height:
  • Maximum Running Speed:
Lion Pegasus (ライオンペガサス, Raion Pegasasu) is a theoretical form for Blades, accessed by using the Tenkuu no Pegasus and the Lion Senki Wonder Ride Book in the Seiken Swordriver.









  • Kenshin Nagamine/Kamen Rider Blades (I): His predecessor and mentor who was killed by Zooous. Rintaro had great respect for him, and took him as a father. However since losing his master, Rintaro felt weak of being unable to avenge him. However after coming to terms with his faith and self-worth, his valor connected him to the spirits of the previous swordsmen of the Northern Base. After unlocking Tategami Hyoujuusenki and defeating Zoous, Rintaro was praised by the spirit of Kenshin, who told Rintaro that he was proud to have been his teacher.
  • Touma Kamiyama's team:
    • Sophia: Rintaro's mentor and mystic of the Sword of Logos. Rintaro held her with high regards.
    • Touma Kamiyama/Kamen Rider Saber (II): Rintaro's new friend and former member of the Sword of Logos. Rintaro introduces Touma to his world and their duties in protecting the Wonder Ride Books from the Megid. He eventually teams up with Touma and become his close ally ever since, albeit he's usually flabbergasted with Touma unorthodox method of fighting. Their relationship would end up greatly strained after Reika Shindai denounces Touma as a traitor. Unfortunately for Touma, Rintaro refuses to hear out his claims that a traitor exists within the Sword of Logos, believing that they, the very organization who raised him since childhood, are incapable of such evil. While Rintaro would still refuse to hear out Touma's claims, the former still very much cares for him as a friend regardless of their allegiances. It was not until Rintaro saw the full extent of the corruption within the Sword of Logos for himself did he finally decide to defect and join Touma, mending their relationship for good. Touma also the one that helps him with his insecurities, thus ultimately allowing Rintaro to fully mastering Suiseiken Nagare, just like how Touma does.
    • Mei Sudo: Rintaro keeps Mei out of the riders' activities, but he is tempted by sweets when she's eating. However, Rintaro does admit that Mei is a good information searcher as she was more familiar with modern technology. After Rintaro saved Mei from being eaten by Zooous, Mei developed a crush on Rintaro. Their relationship is greatly strained after Mei decided to follow Touma, who was denounced by the Sword of Logos as a traitor. Regardless, Mei still cares about Rintaro. Eventually, he returns to Mei's side along with Touma for good as their relationship was rekindled. It's later revealed that Rintaro also greatly cares about Mei, and he even refers Mei as 'The Sun' for both him and Touma, something which the latter fully agrees.
    • Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada (II)/Kamen Rider Calibur (III): After seeing that Kento was desperate to find out what happened to his father, wanting Daichi to answer him, Rintaro tries to stop Kento from making a mistake, saying that Sword of Logos are family. Seeing Kento in trouble, Rintaro saves him and is seriously injured. He was stunned to discover that Kento was alive and is the new Calibur. when Kento joins team, Rintaro gladly accepts it.
    • Yuri/Kamen Rider Saikou: Because Yuri is faithful to Touma he has no choice but to consider him an enemy. However, because he returned to Touma's side, they are allies.
    • Tetsuo Daishinji/Kamen Rider Slash: After Tetsuo leaves the group, Rintaro goes into despair over what is happening to the Sword of Logos. Returning to Touma's side, their friendship was restored.
    • Ryo Ogami/Kamen Rider Buster (II): Even though they both belong to the Sword of Logos, Ryo at first looked down on Rintaro by not taking his advice seriously to keep his son out of battle. When Ryo leaves the group he gets more depressed because Tetsuo left and now Ryo. Returning to Touma's side, their friendship was restored.
    • Reika Shindai/Kamen Rider Sabela: Companion of the Southern Base who takes advantage of Rintaro against Touma. Reika is very much aware of Rintaro's indoctrinated loyalty to the organization and uses that to manipulate him in staying. He would later discover that she lied to him about Sophia's capture. Then both Reika and Ryoga decide to join the team, considering them allies.
    • Ryoga Shindai/Kamen Rider Durendal: Fellow member of Sword of Logos who cut him off by the orders of the current Master Logos. He even used Rintaro as a hostage. Then both Ryoga and Reika decide to join the team, considering them allies.
    • Ren Akamichi/Kamen Rider Kenzan (II): Fellow member of the Sword of Logos.


  • Zooous: Zooous was responsible for the death of Rintaro's teacher, the previous Water Swordsman, thus earning Rintaro's hatred, causing him to swear to defeat the Megid general at all cost. Rintaro's hatred further intensified after Zooous defeated and belittled him, thanks to the Megid's sheer power. But Rintaro persisted and was able to defeat him after transforming into Blades Fantastic Lion, after he realized that revenge is never the answer. Zooous was further humiliated after Rintaro transformed into Blades King Lion Daisenki and easily outmatched him, thus he resorts to underhanded tactics by forcibly transforming Mei Sudo into Neko Megid. Thanks to Touma help, Rintaro is able to master Suiseiken Nagare and save Mei, something Rintaro ironically thanked Zooous upon. Desperate and furious, Zooous ended up becoming Zooous Predator and wreaked havoc on the Northern Base. However, Rintaro's bravery and valour reached the power of Northern Base and ultimately allowed him to transform into Blades Tategami Hyojuu Senki, which he used to slay his nemesis once and for all. Zooous's human spirit, now free from the Almighty Book's power, commended how strong Rintaro had become, and lightheartedly wished to have a rematch in the future.
  • Daichi Kamijo/Kamen Rider Saber (I)/Kamen Rider Calibur (II): At first, Rintaro thought the current Calibur was Hayato until Daichi reveals himself to have been the current Calibur all along.
  • Desast: An enemy of the riders.
  • Bahato/Kamen Rider Falchion: The Immortal Swordsman who he once fought alongside Saber and the others. Bahato would later return when intervening in his battle with Durendal and defeated him.
  • Master Logos/Isaac/Kamen Rider Solomon: As a swordsman, Rintaro answers to him and held him in high regards. However, upon discovering that he is in fact the traitor within Sword of Logos, Rintaro turned on him and seeks to defeat him to set things right.
  • Kamiyu: One of his enemies.
  • Muller: One of his enemies.

Legend Riders

Super Sentai

Behind the Scenes


Rintaro is portrayed by Takaya Yamaguchi (山口貴也, Yamaguchi Takaya). As Kamen Rider Blades, his suit actor is Eitoku (永徳, Eitoku)[12], who was the suit-actor for the secondary Heisei riders from Diend to Cross-Z (excluding Beast, Mach, Specter, and Brave), with Takuma Komori (小森 拓真, Komori Takuma) acting as Eitoku's substitute in episode 18.


  • As with the naming scheme of all the Saber Riders, Blades' name is the plural form of the word "blade", the razor portion of a sword.
  • As with the surname scheme of other members of Sword of Logos, Rintaro's surname, Shindo, contains a homophone of the kanji Shin () meaning "god" or "deity".

Concept Art


  • According to Yamaguchi, he had some input into the design of Rintaro's Sword of Logo's uniform, and took inspiration from the garbs worn by the Jedi Knights in Star Wars.[13]




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