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Riki (リキ) was one of the psychics who were held in captivity by Doctor Prospect, who used his power as the Eyes Dopant to keep control over them all, as part of the project organized by Foundation X to create an army of super soldiers called Quarks. Along with Cho-san and Nonko, he tried to kill the NEVER Katsumi Daido to prove his worth to the Doctor before being stopped by Mina. He was later freed with the other Quark recruits by Katsumi and Reika Hanehara. Initally unwelcoming of freedom due to their fear of the Doctor's power, the Quark recruits were inspired by Katsumi and Mina to rise up, fighting against the elite Quarks of Foundation X to escape the complex. Unfortunately, despite the elite Quarks being defeated and the Heaven's Horn barrier being destroyed, all of the Quarks were terminated by Doctor Prospect, bar Mina who survived.

Behind the scenes


Riki was portrayed by Hiroyuki Hakamada (袴田 裕幸 Hakamada Hiroyuki).

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