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"I will destroy this world... and build a paradise."
―S's proclamation to create a paradise on Earth[src]

Rihito Isshiki (一色 理人 Isshiki Rihito)[1], also known as S (エス Esu) is a major antagonist of Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME who transforms into Kamen Rider Eden (仮面ライダーエデン Kamen Raidā Eden)[2].


TV Series

S holding a new Zetsumerisekey

Azu gives S a new Driver and Zetsumerisekey to transform into Kamen Rider Eden. He proclaims his wish to destroy the current world to build a "paradise" on Earth.


Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Battle Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Eden in Kamen Rider Battle Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Eden is a playable character in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.


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  • Regeneration: As a Kamen Rider, Eden is able to repair his body with nanomachines at an extremely fast rate whenever he takes damage.

Kamen Rider Eden

Kamen Rider Eden

Kamen Rider Eden

"Progrise! Ark! Imagine! Ideal! Illusion! Eden the Kamen Rider! The creator who charges forward believing in paradise."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[3]

  • Rider Height: 191.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 84.0 kg

Ability Parameters[3]

  • Punching Power: 41.4 t
  • Kicking Power: 91.8 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 51.5 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 1.4 seconds

S transforms into Kamen Rider Eden by using the Eden Zetsumerisekey in the Eden Driver.

Stat-wise, Eden is actually weaker than Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper. However, S has the ability to reconstruct himself with his nanomachines, making him able to fight on par with Zero-Two despite the latter's higher stats. Despite this advantage, he is severely outclassed by Zero-One Hellrising Hopper, which is due to the fact that Hellrising Hopper's massive speed can inflict damage much faster than the rapid time that Eden could use to repair himself.

Eden's finisher is the Eden Impact (エデンインパクト Eden Inpakuto): Eden floods the area with the suit's blood-like substance before ensnaring and crushing the target in numerous spikes that rise up from the ground and close into them. After this, Eden follows up with a punch coated in the same substance, making the victim look like they are bleeding profusely from the attack.

Appearances: Zero-One Episode 45, Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME




Behind the Scenes


S is portrayed by Hideaki Ito (伊藤 英明 Itō Hideaki). As Kamen Rider Eden, his suit actor is Yuji Nakata (中田 裕士 Nakata Yūji), who previously served as the suit actor for Kamen Rider Thouser.


This character's various names appear to have ties to the concept of the Bible:

  • Kamen Rider Eden's name comes from the Garden of Eden.
  • The katakana of S (エス Esu) might have derived from the Japanese pronunciation for Jesus Christ (エス・キリスト Iesu Kirisuto).
  • Also the alternative reading of his given name, S, is the first letter of Satan and Serpent, the antagonistic figures on the Garden of Eden.

Concept Art

Kamen Rider Eden concept art


Eden's suit as it glows in the dark.

  • Eden's suit, with same base design as Kamen Rider Zero-One and Kamen Rider Thouser, except with thigh armor recycled from Flying Falcon, as well as new arm and torso armor and a new helmet.
  • Eden's suit is primarily a dark metallic blue with a black under suit, in addition to having white and dark red accent lines across his armor. However, the lines on his suit illuminate in a uniform magenta color instead, giving the illusion of the suit appearing more purple than black and blue.
  • The ending part of Kamen Rider Eden's transformation announcement is similar to Kamen Rider Heart & Brain from Kamen Rider Drive.
  • Eden is the only Rider of the series to be based on a plant (dead tree) in addition to an animal (human).
  • S's trait of having a messiah complex is similar to the following:
  • According to producer Takahito Omori, Kamen Rider Eden's actual design motif is a human to make it a contrast with most of the series' Riders so far. He also added that the red lines on its body were meant to emulate blood vessels. Despite being the initial antagonist, Eden was purposely designed to appear heroic instead of monstrous.[4]
    • In addition, Eden was originally meant to resemble an extinct animal, but this concept was dropped in favor of the aforementioned human design, so as to emulate Eden's desire to eradicate mankind.
  • Rihito's speech in the movie emulates the Old Testament, according to producer Takahito Omori.[5]



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