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Rie Tanaka (田中 理恵 Tanaka Rie) is a Japanese singer and voice actress. She was married to fellow voice actor Kōichi Yamadera on June 17, 2012, although in August 2018, they announced they have filed for divorce. They both never appear in any Kamen Rider series together.

She is well known for her role as Lacus Clyne in Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny, Neptune (Purple Heart) in Hyperdimension Neptunia, Suigintou in Rozen Maiden, Rikako Ota in Wangan Midnight, and Maria in Hayate the Combat Butler.

In Kamen Rider series, she voiced the Virgo Zodiarts in Kamen Rider Fourze. 2 years later, she voiced Reina in Kamen Rider: Battride War II.

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