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The Dimension Shift Machine Rideshooter (次元移送機 ライドシューター Jigen Isō-ki Raido Shūtā) (called the Advent Cycle in Kamen Rider Dragon Knight) is a Rider Machine in Kamen Rider Ryuki and its American counterpart, Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.


Rider10 r

Ryuki in the Rideshooter.

In Kamen Rider Ryuki, the Rideshooter is a Kamen Rider's primary method of getting to the Mirror World and to the precise location of the Mirror Monsters. Once a Rider would pass through a mirror or reflective surface, they would then be riding in a Rideshooter as they were traveling through a portal to the Mirror World. The Rideshooter would then shoot out of the reflective surface in the Mirror World. It can only be accessed by Riders that have completed their contract with their Contract Monsters. A Rider with a blank Advent Deck can still go through the mirrors and automatically assume Blank Form, but they are limited to where the Mirror Monster drags them in, and can only escape the Mirror World from the same point which they entered.

Rideshooters are used by the Kamen Riders in the A.R. World of Ryuki as well, as seen when Ren Haguro, Kamen Rider Knight, uses one to enter the Kamen Rider Trial. Battle Trial: Ryuki World

Advent Cycle

In Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, the Advent Cycle plays the same role as the original series, though Riders seem fully capable of entering and navigating Ventara without using one. Other times they can be substituted with the motorcycles the Riders use on Earth, which are themselves transformed into new Rider-inspired decorated forms.

Legend Rider Signal Bike

Signal Legend Ryuki

Legend Ryuki Signal Bike

  • Signal Legend Ryuki (シグナルレジェンド龍騎 Shigunaru Rejendo Ryūki): Allows Mach to activate a Kourin Signal Legend. When used in the DX Drive Driver, it gives the sound for a Tire Exchange into Drive: Ryuki (ドライブ・龍騎 Doraibu - Ryūki).


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