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Rider V3's Deadly Weakness!! (ライダーV3 死の弱点!! Raidā Buisurī Shi no Jakuten!!) is the fifteenth episode of Kamen Rider V3.


The daughter of Dr. Okajima, an atomic physicist who escaped the clutches of Destron with the help of the Double Riders, saves the badly injured Kazami Shiro from the basin of a waterfall. She is then stalked by Burner-Bat, who is looking for V3. With the help of Dr. Okajima, Shiro is able to find the memento from the Double Riders, which holds the secret to V3's four weaknesses. What are they?


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Digital Releases

  • The DVD Release of Kamen Rider V3 Volume 3 features episodes 13-18.[1]
  • The complete Kamen Rider V3 series was released in a boxset by Hawaii's Generation Kikaida, with English subtitles provided by JN Productions.[2]
  • The Blu-ray Release of Kamen Rider V3 Volume 1 features episodes 1-18.


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