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Rider Time: Kamen Rider Shinobi (RIDER TIME 仮面ライダーシノビ Raida Taimu Kamen Raidā Shinobi) is the first installment of Kamen Rider Zi-O Spin-off that focuses on the character of Rentaro Kagura/Kamen Rider Shinobi.

Continuity and Placement

  • Rider Time Shinobi takes place in the year 2022.


  1. First NinPow! Volume: Hattari's Love is Unrequited (FIRST 忍POW! ハッタリの恋はイッポウ通行 の巻 First Ninpō! Hattari no Koi wa Ippou Tsūkō no Maki) [1]
  2. Next NinPow!! Volume: Yaminin's Assassin Plan (NEXT 忍POW!! 闇忍の暗殺殺ポウ の巻 Next Ninpō!! Yaminin no Ansatsu Sapō no Maki)
  3. Last NinPow!!! Volume: Dead-end and Close Call (LAST忍POW!!! 八ポウ塞がり危機一髪の巻 Last Ninpō!!! Hachipō Fusagari Kikiippatsu no Maki)


Kamen Riders

Kamen Rider Shinobi
Rentaro Kagura
Kamen Rider Hattari
Isamichi Konjo




Suit Actors

Theme song


  • In early promotional material, this miniseries was titled Part 1: Rider Time Shinobi (RIDER TIME SHINOBI Raida Taimu Shinobi).[3]
  • The iterated episode title prefixes (First/Next/Last etc. NinPow) could be in reference to the similar pattern used in Super Sentai episodes, a season of whichIcon-crosswiki this special's main actor previously starred it.
    • All Kanji characters that pronounced "pō" are all written in katakana "ポウ" in the titles .
    • The number of exclamation points in the titles also connects to the number of episodes.
  • This is the first rider series which having "comedic love" story as the main reason for following reasons:
    • Shinobi's little sister is madly in love with Shinobi.
    • Hattari fought Shinobi because Iroha in love with Shinobi.
    • Yaminin is unexpectedly revealed to kidnap Iroha because he is in love with her.

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