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Rider Tickets

Rider Tickets

Rider Tickets (ライダーチケット Raidā Chiketto) are train tickets used by passengers of the time trains to get to their desired timelines. Blank Rider Tickets serve their Riders as a method of chasing down an Imagin that leapt into the host's past, accomplished by scanning the blank card on the host's forehead, with the Imagin and the date he/she went to being displayed.

Others, like Ryutaros and the Piano Man, use their tickets to allow passage on the DenLiner; the Leo Imagin's first ticket with multicolored 8's instead of a date, provided by Kai directly, took over the ZeroLiner and sent it driving out of control; Gaoh's ticket of himself was only used to promote the release date of his movie; the Piggies Imagin's ticket had XX for the day, causing the DenLiner to endlessly loop out of control across the corresponding month; and the ticket from Daiki Kaito's Spider Imagin remained without the Imagin's image after its defeat, signifying his desire to travel to its date.

Rider Tickets are usually colored black with several accents that match the Rider they serve (red for Den-O, green for Zeronos, etc.).

List of Rider Tickets

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