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Rider Models  (ライダーモデル Raidāmoderu) are manifestations of the animal data contained within Progrisekeys. They are primarily used for transformation into a Kamen Rider, but can be summoned in certain other cases. Similarly, Lost Models (ロストモデル Rosuto Moderu) are manifestations of the extinct animal data contained within Zetsumerisekeys.

Unlike other transformation devices, the A.I.M.S. Shotriser does not incorporate Rider Models in its transformation process. The exceptions to this are the Assault Wolf and Rampage Gatling Progriskeys, both of which were created using the data of several standard Progriskeys. The MetsubouJinrai Forceriser and ZAIA Thousandriver summon completely silver versions of the Rider Models.

The Shining Assault Hopper Rider Model manifests as a robot grasshopper that mechanically converts into a set of armor for Zero-One while remaining as one piece, rather than separating into several parts that are converted into DNA strands before being reconstructed on his undersuit like a standard Rider Model. The MetalCluster Hopper Rider Model is constructed from hundreds of small mechanical grasshoppers named Cluster Cells (クラスターセル Kurasutā Seru), which separate and form armor around Zero-One's undersuit. Cluster Cells are also used by the Progrise Hopper Blade to form constructs for enhancing its attacks.

When Satellite Zea was destroyed by Ikazuchi and Subaru, Aruto lost the ability to use any forms that required rider models that are summoned by Zea. This was corrected with the Hiden Zero-Two Driver and updated Zero-One Driver which had Rise Loaders, allowing the Drivers to materialize Rider Models without linking to Zea.


Rider Models

Lost Models


  • Unlike all other Rider Models, the Hopping Kangaroo Rider Model appears as a drawing of a kangaroo when manifested for transformation.
  • Despite being used by Kamen Rider Ikazuchi and Kamen Rider Naki respectively to transform, the Dodo and Japanese Wolf Zetsumerisekeys are the only Zetsumerisekeys that do not summon a Lost Model.
    • Interestingly, Japanese Wolf Zetsumerisekey summons a Lost Model when used in Shotriser.
  • The Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet, Punching Kong, and Breaking Mammoth Rider Models, as well as the normal version of the Sting Scorpion Rider Model, exclusively appear through Rampage Gatling Progrisekey.
    • Although Breaking Mammoth is owned and used by Zero-One, Breaking Mammoth Rider Model didn't appear when the Key itself was used by Zero-One.
  • All Rider Models that were from Ark Driver-Zero appears in the form of black liquid Rider Models, despite Ark-Zero is mainly based on a grasshopper.
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