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―Transformation announcement for TheBee's Masked Form[src]

"Cast Off: Change Wasp!"
―Transformation announcement for TheBee's Rider Form[src]

"Henshin: Change Beetle!"
―Transformation announcement for Caucasus, Hercus, & Ketaros[src]

"Rider Sting!"
―Finisher announcement for TheBee[src]

"Rider Beat!"
―Finisher announcement for Hercus & Ketaros[src]

The Rider Brace (ライダーブレス Raidā Buresu) is a transformation device for Kamen Rider TheBeeKamen Rider Caucasus, Kamen Rider Hercus, and Kamen Rider Ketaros. It has the same functions as a Rider Belt, but a major difference is the colors and placement of the device. TheBee's brace is silver and mounted on the left hand while the Kabutech Rider Braces are black and mounted on the right hand.


In the same manner as a Rider Belt, it suddenly appears when a user wants to transform. When the TheBee Zecter or one of the Kabutech Zecters is installed into the brace, the user will transform into TheBee Masked Form or one of the Kabutech Riders Rider Form depending on which Zecter is used.

Due to Kabutech Riders lacking of Masked Forms in the movie, their Rider Braces won't announce Cast Off when they turn the attached Kabutick Zecters 180 degrees but instead Rider Beat as finisher command (so far, only Kamen Rider Hercus was the only Kabutech Rider to perform finisher via this technique in the movie).


DX version of Rider Brace for Kabutech Riders comes with a single headless body of Kabutick Zecter with 3 heads for 3 Kabutech Riders. This is very similar to DX Gourai Changer of Gouraigers from Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger.


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