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Rider Action (ライダーアクション Raidā Akushon) is an ending theme (ED) from Kamen Rider. It was performed by Masato Shimon.

It is the second ending and opening theme song of the original Kamen Rider series. It is later used during the Ten Riders' battle against Badan's forces in Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!.


Original Japanese lyrics Translation into English

Daichi wo kette Raidā Janpu
Kūchū kaiten dai fūsha
Inazuma wo yobu Raidā Kikku
Teki wo taoshita Raidā Choppu
Ō (x2) Raidā
Kamen Raidā

Kūki wo kette Raidā Purēn
Jimen suihei dai hikō
Tatsumaki wo yobu Raidā Jetto
Teki nagetobasu Raidā Katto
Ō (x2) Raidā
Kamen Raidā

Kaimen kette Raidā Suimu
Suichū hanten dai senkō
Uzumaki wo yobu Raidā Sukuryū
Teki wo shizumeta Raidā Rangu
Ō (x2) Raidā
Kamen Raidā

Kicking through the grounds, Rider Jump
Revolving in the mid-air, great turbine
Calling out the lightning, Rider Kick
Taking down the enemy, Rider Chop
Oh (x2) Rider
Masked Rider

Kicking through the air, Rider Plane
Horizon to the terrains, great flight
Calling out the tornado, Rider Jet
Hurling the enemy, Rider Cut
Oh (x2) Rider
Masked Rider

Kicking through the seas, Rider Swim
Turning around in the underwater, great insolence
Calling out the whirlpool, Rider Screw
Sinking down the enemy, Rider Lung
Oh (x2) Rider
Masked Rider

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