This article is about a/an toyline in Kamen Rider Ryuki.

The Rider & Monster series is a toyline for Kamen Rider Ryuki that consists of the Ryuki Riders and their companion Mirror Monsters. Each of the sets also comes with multiple Advent Cards, which are compatible with the DX Ryuki toys.

List of figures

Code Rider Mirror Monster Weapon/accessories Advent Cards
R&M-1 Kamen Rider Ryuki Dragreder Dragvisor, Dragsaber, Dragclaw, Dragshields, grips for Dragshields
R&M-2 Kamen Rider Knight Darkwing Darkvisor, Winglancer, Wingwall, holster for Darkvisor
R&M-3 Kamen Rider Zolda Magnugiga (dismantles into Giga Horn, Gigaarmor, Giga Tector, Gigacannon and Gigalauncher) Magnuvisor
R&M-4 Kamen Rider Ouja Venosnaker, Evildiver, Metalgelas and Genocider Venovisor, Veno Saber, Evil Whip, Metal Horn, stand
R&M-5 Kamen Rider Knight Survive Darkraider Darkvisorzwei, Dark Blade
R&M-6 Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive Dragranzer Dragvisorzwei
R&M-7 Kamen Rider Odin Goldphoenix Goldvisor, Gold Sabers (2), Gold Shield
R&M-8 Kamen Rider Tiger Destwilder (w/ detachable Destclaws) Destvisor
R&M-EX Kamen Rider Ryuki Blank N/A Ridevisor, Ride Saber (full version), Ride Saber (broken version)
R&M-EX Kamen Rider Ryuga Dragblacker Blackdragvisor, Dragsaber (Ryuga version), Dragclaw (Ryuga version), Dragshields (Ryuga version), grips for Dragshields

Associated releases

The line is also compatible with one DX set:



  • Not all of the 13 Riders and their Contract Monsters were released under this toyline. Raia and Gai were not released as their Contract Monsters were released together with Ouja, while Scissors, Imperer, Verde, Femme, Alternative (Zero), along with their Contract Monsters were never released in this line.
    • However, all of the 13 Riders' Contract Monsters (including Alternative (Zero)'s Psyco-Rogue) were later included in the Souchaku Henshin Series EX Mirror Monsters sets.


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