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The Ride Vendor (ライドベンダー Raidobendā) is a modified Honda VT 750 C2B Shadow Black Spirit, mass-produced by the Kougami Foundation as part of their Medal System and provided to Kamen Rider OOO, Kamen Rider Birth, Kougami Foundation's squad motorcycle brigade and Ankh for use whenever needed.[1]


It can transform from its Machine Vendor Mode (マシンベンダーモード Mashin Bendā Mōdo) to Machine Bike Mode (マシンバイクモード Mashin Baiku Mōdo). The Ride Vendor's transformation can also be controlled remotely, but this fact is hidden from Ankh and Eiji, as Kousei Kougami wants them to be dependent on his technology so he can collect Cell Medals from Kamen Rider OOO's fights.

By combining with the Tora Candroid, the Ride Vendor in Machine Bike Mode, can become the Toride Vendor (トライドベンダー Toraidobendā), which only used by Kamen Rider OOO Latorartar Combo.

Machine Vendor Mode

This mode is Ride Vendor's initial mode, where it acts as a vending machine which holds the Candroids. This mode allows the Ride Vendor to remain hidden in plain sight as a vending machine until needed.

Machine Bike Mode

This mode is accessed when a Cell Medal is inserted and touching the Multi TaS Sensor (マルチTaSセンサー Maruchi Tasu Sensā, "Touch and Scan") while Ride Vendor in Machine Vendor Mode.

Toride Vendor

By combining with the Tora Candroid, the Ride Vendor in Machine Bike Mode, can become the Toride Vendor. As the Toride Vendor, its speed and power is increased and it can use claw-like attachments to release Medal shaped blasts of energy. But due to its feral nature, the Toride Vendor is only compatible with Kamen Rider OOO while he is in his Latorartar Combo, with the machine's ability to siphon the excess energy allowing OOO to use the Combo without overexerting himself, while taming the machine at the same time.

Later history

All Rider Break

OOO and Birth got on their Ride Vendors, among many other Kamen Riders and their Rider Machines, to perform the All Rider Break attack which ended the final battle with Rock Great Leader. OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

Super Hero Taisen

Birth and Proto-Birth rode in on their Ride Vendors to assist Eiji and Hina Izumi against the forces of Dai-Zangyack. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen

World within the Magic Stone

When OOO was first summoned by the young boy in the world within the Magic Stone, he appeared on his Ride Vendor to pick up a young girl and take her to Antique Shop Omokagedo as the boy was picked up by Decade on his Machine Decader. The Kamen Rider Rings

Rider Grand Prix

Shocker Rider OOO's race data.

OOO, as a Shocker Rider, participates in the Rider Grand Prix race, riding his Ride Vendor. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3

Legend Rider Signal Bike

Legend OOO Signal Bike

  • Signal Legend OOO (シグナルレジェンドOOO(オーズ) Shigunaru Rejendo Ōzu): Allows Mach to activate a Kourin Signal Legend. When used in the DX Drive Driver, it gives the sound for a Tire Exchange into Drive: OOO (ドライブ・OOO(オーズ) Doraibu - Ōzu).




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