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Ride HeiSaber

"Ride HeiSaber!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

"Hey! (Legend Rider's name)!"
―Legend Rider selection announcement[src]

"(Names of selected Legend Rider)! Dual Time Break!"
―Special attack activation announcement[src]

"Finish Time! D-D-D-Decade! (Names of selected Legend Riders)! Scramble Time Break!"
―Finisher announcement with the Decade Ridewatch and less than 19 Legend Riders selected[src]

"Hey! Kamen Riders! "
―Selection announcement for all 19 Legend Riders[src]

"Heisei! Heisei! Heisei! Heisei! He-He-Hei!"
―Looping standby announcement for finisher with all 19 Legend Riders selected[src]

"D-D-D-Decade! Heisei Riders! Ultimate Time Break!"
―Finisher announcement with the Decade Ridewatch and all 19 Legend Riders selected[src]

The Super Needle Rotating Sword Ride HeiSaber (超針回転剣ライドヘイセイバー Chō Hari Kaiten Ken Raido Heiseibā) is the personal weapon of Kamen Rider Zi-O's DecadeArmor forms.


The Ride HeiSaber is composed of the following parts:

  • Saber Rear Riser (セイバーリアライザー Seibā Ria Raizā) - The blade. It is extremely sharp, and is capable of cleanly slicing a few tanks with one swing. When charging energy for a deathblow, archived data on past Kamen Riders is sent from the Ziku-Driver via the DecadeArmor.
  • Crest Indicator (クレストインディケーター Kuresuto Indikētā) - The portion of the blade that displays the emblems of the previous 19 Heisei Riders (Kuuga to Build). The emblems will glow when a special attack utilising a Rider's powers is initiated. The Crest Indicator is covered with a clear translucent protective piece with the word HeiSaber (ヘイセイバー Heiseibā) molded on it.
  • Hand Selector (ハンドセレクター Hando Serekutā) - The clock hands on the hilt. By rotating the Hand Selector, a technique based on past Kamen Riders can be selected. When a Ridewatch is slotted onto the Ridewatch Base, the Hand Selector allows the user to select multiple techniques at once, blending it into a lethal combined attack.
  • Quartet Ryuzers (カルテットリューザー Karutetto Ryūzā) - The four 'clock buttons' surrounding the Hand Selector. From the top right, clockwise, each Quartet Ryuzer is a (in order) neuro-fuzzy control device (a neuro-fuzzy system is a system that uses a learning algorithm to determine it's technical limits), a learning device, an information collecting device and an action prediction device. Data from all four are used to adjust the Ride HeiSaber's internal setup when necessary.
  • Ridewatch Base (ライドウォッチベース Raido~uotchi Bēsu) - A Ridewatch port. When a Ridewatch is inserted, the Ride HeiSaber's limiter is released, entering it into an overload state.
  • Scramble Trigger (スクランブルトリガー Sukuranburu Torigā) - The trigger.
  • Pass Band Connector (パスバンドコネクター Pasu Bando Konekutā) - The handle. Information from the Ziku-Driver is sent through the DecadeArmor into the Pass Band Connector, allowing the Ride HeiSaber to utilise attacks based on previous Kamen Riders.

Special Attacks

The Ride HeiSaber contains a portion of all main Heisei Riders' powers, and thus, could invoke their attacks even without obtaining or using their Ridewatches:

  • Dual Time Break (デュアルタイムブレイク Dyuaru Taimu Bureiku)
    • Kuuga: Zi-O creates an energy crest of Kuuga, which is thrusted at the opponent.
    • Ryuki: Zi-O coats the blade in orange flames before shooting an orange fireball at the enemy.
    • Blade: Zi-O coats the blade in blue lightning bolts and delivers a slash that spawns blue fire.
    • Kiva: Zi-O summons a flock of energy bats charging at the opponent.
    • Drive: Zi-O delivers three slashes that summon Shift Tire-like projections of Max Flare, Funky Spike & Midnight Shadow with each slash to attack the enemy.
    • Ex-Aid: Zi-O delivers three consecutive, magenta-energy coated slashes, with an Ex-Aid 'Hit!' effect appearing with the first two strikes, and a 'Great!' effect on the third one.


  • Scramble Time Break (スクランブルタイムブレイク Sukuranburu Taimu Bureiku)
  • Ultimate Time Break (アルティメットタイムブレイク Arutimetto Taimu Bureiku): Has two variations.
    • Ghost Form: Zi-O conjures several card-like projections towards his enemy, before delivering several Rainbow-energy coated slashes to the target.
    • Ex-Aid Form: Zi-O conjures several card-like projections towards his enemy, before delivering a powerful slash at the opponent, which will then take effect in a few seconds akin to Muteki Gamer's Hyper Critical Sparkling.



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