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KRZiO-Ride HeiSaber

Ride HeiSaber w/ Decade Ridewatch

"Ride HeiSaber!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

"Hey! (Legend Rider's name)!"
―Legend Rider selection announcement[src]

"(Names of selected Legend Rider)! Dual Time Break!"
―Special attack activation announcement[src]

"Finish Time! D-D-D-Decade! (Names of selected Legend Riders)! Scramble Time Break!"
―Finisher announcement with the Decade Ridewatch and less than 19 Legend Riders selected[src]

"Hey! Kamen Riders! "
―Selection announcement for all 19 Legend Riders[src]

"Hei! Sei! Hei! Sei! Hei! Sei! Hei! Sei! He-He-Hei!"
―Looping standby announcement for finisher with all 19 Legend Riders selected[src]

"D-D-D-Decade! Heisei Riders! Ultimate Time Break!"
―Finisher announcement with the Decade Ridewatch and all 19 Legend Riders selected[src]

The Super Needle Rotating Sword Ride HeiSaber (超針回転剣ライドヘイセイバー Chō Hari Kaiten Ken Raido Heiseibā) is the personal weapon of Kamen Rider Zi-O's DecadeArmor forms.


Assuming DecadeArmor for the first time, Zi-O summoned the Ride HeiSaber, which he wielded alongside the Drill Crusher Crusher when in Build Form. After successively unleashing the Ex-Aid and Drive Dual Time Breaks against Another Ghost, Zi-O appropriately switched to Ghost Form. Ultimately, Zi-O performed the Ultimate Time Break which destroyed the Another Ghost Ridewatch and set Makimura free. GO! GO! Ghost 2015

Coming face-to-face with Oma Zi-O, his incarnation in the year 2068, Sougo refused to accept his future and transformed to attack him. Assuming DecadeArmor, Zi-O unleashed, in quick succession, the Kuuga, Kiva, and Ryuki Dual Time Breaks only for Oma Zi-O to counter his past self with the matching Rider powers he possessed, overwhelming the younger Zi-O. Back to 2068

After fighting hand-to-hand in Ghost Form against Kasshin and Decade Wizard, Zi-O switched to the two-man DecadeArmor Ex-Aid Form L and R wielding the Zikan Girade and Ride HeiSaber respectively while Geiz assumed GhostArmor. The two Zi-Os proceeded to engage Decade, who soon retreated through the dimensional wall as he was outmanned. When Time Jackers Uhr and Ora boarded their Time Mazines to attack the Kamen Riders, Zi-O L and Geiz boarded their own Time Mazines while Zi-O R continued the fight against Kasshin. Taking their fight to the vortex, Zi-O L and Geiz soon defeated Uhr and Ora while Zi-O R performed the Ultimate Time Break to ultimately destroy Kasshin. Forever King 2018

Facing Another Shinobi, Zi-O assumed DecadeArmor and struck Another Shinobi with the Blade Dual Time Break. This was followed by the Ryuki Dual Time Break, only for Another Shinobi to counter and reflect Zi-O's attack back at him with a cyclone, forcing Zi-O back to his default form. Happy New Woz 2019


The Ride HeiSaber is composed of the following parts:

  • Saber Rear Riser (セイバーリアライザー Seibā Ria Raizā) - The blade. It is extremely sharp, and is capable of cleanly slicing a few tanks with one swing. When charging energy for a deathblow, archived data on past Kamen Riders is sent from the Ziku-Driver via the DecadeArmor.
  • Crest Indicator (クレストインディケーター Kuresuto Indikētā) - The portion of the blade that displays the emblems of the previous 19 Heisei Riders (Kuuga to Build). The emblems will glow when a special attack utilising a Rider's powers is initiated. The Crest Indicator is covered with a clear translucent protective piece with the word HeiSaber (ヘイセイバー Heiseibā) molded on it.
  • Hand Selector (ハンドセレクター Hando Serekutā) - The clock hands on the hilt. By rotating the Hand Selector, a technique based on past Kamen Riders can be selected. When a Ridewatch is slotted onto the Ridewatch Base, the Hand Selector allows the user to select multiple techniques at once, blending it into a lethal combined attack.
  • Quartet Ryuzers (カルテットリューザー Karutetto Ryūzā) - The four 'clock buttons' surrounding the Hand Selector. From the top right, clockwise, each Quartet Ryuzer is a (in order) neuro-fuzzy control device (a neuro-fuzzy system is a system that uses a learning algorithm to determine it's technical limits), a learning device, an information collecting device and an action prediction device. Data from all four are used to adjust the Ride HeiSaber's internal setup when necessary.
  • Ridewatch Base (ライドウォッチベース Raido~uotchi Bēsu) - A Ridewatch port. When a Ridewatch is inserted, the Ride HeiSaber's limiter is released, entering it into an overload state.
  • Scramble Trigger (スクランブルトリガー Sukuranburu Torigā) - The trigger.
  • Pass Band Connector (パスバンドコネクター Pasu Bando Konekutā) - The handle. Information from the Ziku-Driver is sent through the DecadeArmor into the Pass Band Connector, allowing the Ride HeiSaber to utilise attacks based on previous Kamen Riders.

Special Attacks

The Ride HeiSaber contains a portion of all main Heisei Riders' powers, and thus, could invoke their attacks even without obtaining or using their Ridewatches:

  • Dual Time Break (デュアルタイムブレイク Dyuaru Taimu Bureiku)
    • Kuuga: Zi-O creates an energy crest of Kuuga, which is thrusted at the opponent.
    • Ryuki: Zi-O coats the blade in orange flames before shooting an orange fireball at the enemy.
    • Blade: Zi-O coats the blade in blue lightning bolts and delivers a slash that spawns blue fire.
    • Kiva: Zi-O summons a flock of energy bats charging at the opponent.
    • Drive: Zi-O delivers three slashes that summon Shift Tire-like projections of Max Flare, Funky Spike & Midnight Shadow with each slash to attack the enemy.
    • Ex-Aid: Zi-O delivers three consecutive, magenta-energy coated slashes, with an Ex-Aid 'Hit!' effect appearing with the first two strikes, and a 'Great!' effect on the third one.


To activate a finisher, Zi-O must plug a Ridewatch in the Ridewatch Base of Ride HeiSaber. The finisher's effect depends on both of the plugged Ridewatch and the current DecadeArmor form.

  • Scramble Time Break (スクランブルタイムブレイク Sukuranburu Taimu Bureiku)
  • Ultimate Time Break (アルティメットタイムブレイク Arutimetto Taimu Bureiku):
    • Ghost Form: Zi-O conjures several card-like projections towards his enemy, before delivering several Rainbow-energy coated slashes to the target.
    • Ex-Aid Form: Zi-O conjures two card-like projections towards his enemy, before delivering a powerful slash at the opponent, which will then take effect in a few seconds akin to Muteki Gamer's Hyper Critical Sparkling.

  • Scramble Time Break (スクランブルタイムブレイク Sukuranburu Taimu Bureiku)
  • Ultimate Time Break (アルティメットタイムブレイク Arutimetto Taimu Bureiku):
    • Ryuki Form: Zi-O coats the blade in orange flaming vortex before launching it at the enemy. A manifestation of Kamen Rider Ryuki Survive Form briefly appears behind Zi-O afterward.



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