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The Ride Crosser (ライドクロッサー Raido Kurossā) is the combined form of Kamen Rider Mach's Ride Macher and Mashin/Kamen Rider Chaser's Ride Chaser, which can be driven by either one. This combination debuts in episode 14, where it was used by Mach to destroy Roidmude 069 after it had transformed into its Giant Roidmude form.


When the Ride Macher and the Ride Chaser are riding close together, it activates a combination system, which causes the one of the bikes to ride forward and combine with the other. The current rider on the dominant bike will be re-positioned in the newly-formed Crosser while the other's will be violently thrown off before the combination completes. The two can also combine from a stationary position, with one of the bikes moving on its own to get into position.

The Macher and Chaser can also be triggered to combine when both bikes are stationary through a form of remote control as Mashin Chaser demonstrates when he hijacked the Ride Crosser in episode 18.

The user of the Ride Crosser, however, is placed at a disadvantage when the bikes are not seen with each other, as shown in episode 19.

As shown in Kamen Rider Drive: Surprise Future, the Ride Crosser can also combine with the Ride Booster Set to form the Booster Ride Crosser (ブースターライドクロッサー Būsutā Raido Kurossā).


  • Sudden Eraser (サドゥンイレイザー Sadun Ireizā): A cannon on the Macher side.
  • Handler Vulcan (ハンドラーバルカン Handorā Barukan): A pair of guns on both sides.
  • Ride Gatling (ライドガトリング Raido Gatoringu): Guns located in the front.
  • Front Pile Claws (フロントパイルクロー Furonto Pairu Kurō): Spikes for a ramming attack.
  • Four unnamed grappling hooks that can adhere to building sides without damaging them.



Shift Ride Crosser

Shift Ride Crosser

"Signal Bike, Shift Car! Rider: Mach Chaser! (Groovy music and heavy metal guitar solo)"
―Mach Chaser's Transformation announcement[src]

"Hissatsu! Full Throttle: Mach Chaser!"
―Mach Chaser's Finisher announcement[src]

  • Mach Chaser's Full Throttle finisher is an unnamed Rider Kick that's simillar to Deadheat Mach's Heat Kick Macher, where Mach Chaser focuses power into his right leg, making it glow blue then rainbow as he slams into the enemy with a Flying Side Kick without spinning in the air.



  • Keeping with Kamen Rider Drive's description as 'Kamen Rider meets Knight Rider', the Ride Crosser is likely based on the High Speed Pursuit Vehicle AKA Combo Car, the combination of Kat and Plato, the two motorcycles from Team Knight Rider.
  • It is currently unknown whether the Ride Crosser combination can be canceled while the two bikes are close together.
  • The seatbelts for the Ride Crosser are presumed to be located somewhere in both of the bikes.
  • The Ride Crosser is the first Rider Machine to be a wild card-type, since it was created from a combination of good and evil, meaning that it is allowed to used for both sides.
    • Though the Ride Chaser could be representing evil, the whole Ride Crosser could fully participate in the good side had Chase/Proto-Zero not been brainwashed by the Roidmudes. But now that Chase has reformed, it has been used for the side of good again, as evidenced by the Booster Ride Crosser in Surprise Future.
  • Since Ride Crosser's fusion system was made before the customization on Ride Chaser, the current Ride Chaser was not meant for the combination for Ride Crosser. Therefore, this Ride Crosser here is not the original Ride Crosser.


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