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The Rotation Interchange Base RevolGarry (回転換装ベース リボルギャリー Kaiten Kansō Bēsu Riborugyarī) is a mobile garage-like truck, and is an updated version of the SkullGarry, once used by Kamen Rider Skull until his death. It is summoned via the Stag Phone. This is arguably Double's strongest vehicle as it can easily knock away even the larger Gaia Memory opponents including the Terror Dragon itself.

Besides holding the HardBoilder, the RevolGarry has a revolving wheel that has the components to change the HardBoilder to the HardTurbuler and HardSplasher.[1]

Machine Spec

This profile comes from Shocker's data on participating Rider Machines in the Rider Grand Prix.
  • Weight - 47500.0 kg
  • Total Displacement - 17,000 cc
  • Top Speed - 230 km/h
  • Max Power/Horsepower - 3,730 kw / 500 PS

Rider Grand Prix

Shocker Rider Double

Shocker Rider Double's race data.

Double, as a Shocker Rider, participates in the Rider Grand Prix race, riding his RevolGarry. His truck, along with Gaim's Sakura Hurricane, is destroyed in the race by Rider 3's TriCyclone. Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3



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