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Icon-revice.pngThis article is about a transformation device in Kamen Rider Revice.

"Revice Driver! (リバイスドライバー!, Ribaisu Doraibā!)"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Come on! (Stuttering Vistamp name)
―Looping transformation announcement after Vistamp is stamped[src]

"Buddy Up! (Transformation jingle)
―Transformation announcement[src]

"(Vistamp name) Stamping Finish!
―Finisher announcement[src]

(リミックス!, Rimikkusu!)
―Remix activation announcement[src]

"Buddy Up! (Remix jingle)
―Remix transformation announcement[src]

The Transformation Belt Revice Driver[1] (変身ベルト リバイスドライバー, Henshin Beruto Ribaisu Doraibā) is the transformation device used by Kamen Rider Revi.

The Revice Driver was created by Fenix scientist George Karizaki as the core of the Revice System to combat the Deadmans. However, only a person able to tame their inner demon can use it. If the user is unable to do so, attempting to use a Vistamp will release and materialize the inner demon as a Deadman.


The Revice Driver is composed of the following parts:

  • Vistamp Go Slot (バイスタンプゴースロット, Baisutanpu Gō Surotto): The Vistamp loading slot. By setting the Vistamp stamped on the stamp-type information input device Ohinjector (オーインジェクター, Ōinjekutā) and inputting commands by the roll function, the Buddy-Up that materializes the demon is started through the Genome approval sequence. After transformation, it is used to activate a special move with two consecutive rolls or activate a Remix transformation by pressing the Activate Knock of the Vistamp between two rolls.
  • Ohinjector (オーインジェクター, Ōinjekutā): The stamp-type information input device. It receives the power of various species of organisms by stamping the special information transmission code of the Vistamp, known as the Vistamp Code (バイスタンプコード, Baisutanpu Kōdo). It has been reported that the reaction speed is improved by 12% by applying exhaled air to the stamp surface of the Vistamp immediately before the stamping.
  • Tail Grip (テールグリップ, Tēru Gurippu): The grip. It is gripped with the left hand when operating the Vistamp Go Slot. Fifty years ago, the special alloy Nigium (ニギウム, Nigimu) was developed in the process of researching the mysterious stamp found in the ruins of Central and South America and is used as the exterior material. This is a special alloy with excellent rigidity and high permeability due to its hexagonal molecular structure, and has the property of minimizing energy loss during interoperability with the Vistamp.
  • Genomic Converter (ゲノミックコンバーター, Genomikku Konbātā): The built-in power source. It has the role of extracting high-purity energy, which is the source of life, from the genetic information stored in the Vistamp, converting it into the powerful energy Genome Power (ゲノムパワー, Genomu Pawā) by accelerating and amplifying it, and supplying it to the entire Revice System.
  • Buddy Bind (バディバインド, Badi Baindo): The belt. It is deployed at the time as setting the Driver and fixes to the waist of the user. The wireless connection device Buddy Link (バディリンク, Badi Rinuk) is installed in the center of the rear, and it has the function of transmitting and transforming the ability of the Vistamp through the Buddy Buckle (バディバックル, Badi Bakkuru) equipped on the demon who is the partner of the user.
  • Vistamp Holder (バイスタンプホルダー, Baisutanpu Horudā): Holders for carrying Vistamps. They are placed on the left and right sides of the Revice Driver and a Vistamp can be set in each.



When the user dons the Revice Driver, their inner demon is forcefully dragged back into their body if it is materialized at the time. By activating a Vistamp, a screen is materialized behind the user's back, displaying the user and the demon's inner dialogue like a messaging app. When the Vistamp is stamped onto the Ohinjector, the demon appears and flies around the user while carrying a giant empty projection of the Vistamp. The user then inserts the Vistamp into the Vistamp Go Slot and pulls it to the side, filling the giant Vistamp projection with liquid energy. The demon then stamps the projection onto the user while the Vistamp's seal appears in the chat as a sticker. The energy within the Vistamp surrounds the user and forms armor around them, transforming them into Kamen Rider Revi. At the same time, the seal from the chat transforms into a set of armor that attached to the demon, transforming it into Kamen Rider Vice.


To transform into a Remix form, Kamen Rider Revi pulls the Vistamp to the side once before pressing the Activation Knock Button on the Vistamp. Pulling the Vistamp to the side again will initiate the Remix, during which Revi and Vice will grab onto each other in a position that mimics the shape of the animal that the Vistamp is based on. Two projections of the Vistamp's seal, one pink and one purple, appear befor the armor of both Riders reconfigure to complete the Remix form. While in a Remix form, Revi and Vice have to be coordinated with each other or else they may separate, though they can immediately initiate the Remix again. The Remix may also be separated forcibly by an enemy.


Main article: Finisher (Revice)

After transformation, the user activates a finisher by pulling the Vistamp to the side twice.

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description
Hiromi Kadota
Kamen Rider Revi (failed attempt)
Family! Contract! The Demon Whispers! During the Deadmans attack on the Fenix ceremony, Hiromi attempted to use the Revice Driver to transform, but failed to do so because of his inability to control his inner demon, resulting in the creation of the Rex Deadman.
Ikki Igarashi Kamen Rider Revi Family! Contract! The Demon Whispers! After Hiromi Kadota had failed to transform and Daiji Igarashi lost his composure to use the Driver, Ikki was told by George Karizaki to pick up the Revice Driver and control the inner demon that he formed a contact with.

Behind the Scenes


The Revice Driver is voiced by Shingo Fujimori (藤森 慎吾, Fujimori Shingo).[2][3]


  • According to producer Taku Mochizuki, the Ohinjector is based on the Magna Doodle.
    • Aptly enough, the DX Revice Driver and Vistamps function similarly to the magnetic stamps on the Magna Doodle.
    • As extension, hexagon patterns are featured through out the series, from the backgrounds to the equipment.
  • The text conversation that appears in the background of Revi's transformation is influenced by LINE, a popular chatting application used in Japan.[4]
  • In its inactive state, the front of the Driver contains the numbers 5 and 0, which represents the 50th Anniversary of the Kamen Rider franchise.
  • The Revice Driver activation announcement only can be heard in early teaser trailers. The DX toy version doesn't have any sound gimmicks.




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