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Renge Takatori (高鳥 蓮華 Takatori Renge)


Formerly a Brightrooper, a trainee of ZECT and Tendo's second in command who was sent by Mishima in order to spy on and assassinate Tendo. However, she yearns for Tendo as a master after she tasted his delicious cooking. Prior to meeting Tendo, she had eaten nothing but dry boiled rice for the last seven years of her life, considering the concept of taste and deliciousness a sin. Tendo went out of the way to make sure she would be well fed. She was also the person that booted Kageyama out from the ZECT HQ. Afterwards, Mishima orders her to kill Tendo, but she is persuaded by Tendo to forget Mishima and help him steal the Hyper Zecter. She is eventually knocked over the building by the Uca Worm only to be saved by Tendo. Despite her sweet and innocent demeanor, she is a fearsome fighter armed with a wire which can cut through almost anything; however, she is still relatively weak against Worms, but tries to fight anyway. After accepting Tendo as her superior, she began to work at the Bistro la Salle, although she often misinterpreted recipes and created horrible dishes as a result while still enjoyable to be eaten, much to Tendo's shock. Due to her harsh bring up as a Brightrooper, her perception of training is rough. This was seen in Episode 38 when she began to time Juka and her classmates in setting up tents before their camping field trip. She was hit by a bullet that ricocheted off Kabuto's Kunaigun, but thankfully hitting her in the shoulder. As an apology, Tendo made a meal for her while she was recovering in the hospital, also giving her a letter to Kagami. During the epilogue, Renge continues to work at the Bristo La Salle. 18 years old.


Renge is initially introduced as an innocent girl who follow any harsh order from the upper. But beneath his innocent smile, Renge is a fearsome girl and cold towards anyone until Tendo taught her on enjoying life better despite it was a part of Tendo's plan to have Renge abide with him.

After she becomes Tendo's respected underling, Renge returned to be seen like an innocent girl and no longer an acted. There is a possibility that Renge loves Tendo and got jealous to anyone who gets pretty close to him unless she is told the relationship of Tendo with those who close to him. This feeling even lead her to have rivalry between Shun and Arata with only Arata who is later to be respected by her.


  • Expert Hand-To-Hand Combatant: Renge is trained perfectly even able to surpass most of Zect troopers on moving in the dangerous field, fighting and stealth.
  • Expert house work handling: Renge is seen able to do housework properly when she has officially become Tendo's aide.
  • Twisted Cook: Renge has a weird cooking talent which leads to the food to be seen as disastrous, yet it's edible like normal food.



  • Height:
  • Weight:



  • Renge's wire - a fine wire that is almost invisible from the naked eye. Renge stores it in her ring in her left fore finger, which is shaped like a sakura police badge. The wire is very thin that it can cut through metal.
  • Machinegun Blade: Brightrooper personal weapon

Behind the scenes


Renge Takatori is portrayed by Yuka Teshima (手嶋 ゆか Teshima Yuka).


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