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Rena Takeda (武田 玲奈 Takeda Rena) is a Japanese actress and model best known for her roles in live-action drama adaptations of popular anime/manga series' such as Yuzuki Fuwa in Assassination ClassroomIcon-crosswiki.png and Chiyo Kurihara in Prison SchoolIcon-crosswiki.png.

In Tokusatsu, she portrayed Mizuki Mizusawa in Kamen Rider Amazons. In 2021, she portrayed two versions of Misa Kuon in both Rider Time: Kamen Rider Zi-O VS Decade and Decade VS Zi-O.


In December 2013, Takeda had won a beauty contest out of over 2000 additional applicants and debuted as a model for the magazine Popteen. Since 2016, she has been modeling exclusively for the magazine Non-no.



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