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"My strength and justice won't lose to anyone!"
―Kenzan's pre-battle catchphrase[src]

Ren Akamichi (緋道 蓮, Akamichi Ren) is a former member of the Sword of Logos who transforms into Kamen Rider Kenzan (仮面ライダー剣斬, Kamen Raidā Kenzan, lit. "Sword Slash"). Formerly affiliated with the Northern Base, he operated under the orders of Reika Shindai and Master Logos in the Southern Base until he leaves to confront Kento Fukamiya independently, after which he ended up forging an uneasy alliance with Desast.


Meeting Touma Kamiyama

Ren first appeared after finishing his training in the Liberation, greeting Kento and meeting Touma Kamiyama for the first time, developing a rivalry with the new Saber. They cement their rivalry with a game of rock-paper-scissors to determine who uses the Kobuta 3Kyoudai Wonder Ride Book to which Touma wins when both are caught off guard by Tetsuo's remarks. After battling with the Megid and Storious sealing Touma's powers as per Calibur's plan, Touma entrusted the Wonder Ride Book back to Ren and asked him to protect the people to which he told Touma that it would be a race to see who would win: Would Ren beat the Megid or would Touma find a way to Avalon. Kenzan fought against Desast and managed to force him to retreat using his acrobatic skills and the power of wind.

Ren would continue to help fight alongside the Northern Base Swordsmen on their quest to fight against Kamen Rider Calibur and the Megid. However, upon Kento's apparent death at the hands of Calibur, Ren's personality had grown to become erratic and short-tempered following the death of his idol.

The Sword of Logos Conspiracy

Sometime after Daichi Kamijo's defeat, Reika Shindai declared Touma to be a traitor to the Sword of Logos. This forced Ren along with the rest of the Northern Base swordsmen to turn against Touma. Believing he had betrayed Kento for easily trusting the one who killed him, Ren was among the first to attack Touma first. However, Kenzan was pushed aside by the arrival of Yuri, who defends Touma as the Sword of Light, Kamen Rider Saikou.

Due to buying into the claim that Touma betrayed the Sword of Logos, Ren would mostly lash out on the Flame Swordsman and gullibly believing Reika's claims. Ren eventually challenges Touma again as per Reika's orders to retrieve Raimeiken Ikazuchi. As he fights Touma, he unintentionally fights alongside the Megid and Desast, managing to put one over one on Touma before losing to him. After the battle, all Ren could do was yell in frustration, confused as to what he was doing.

Calibur VS Kenzan

After Kento's reemergence as the new Calibur, he was frustrated when Reika labelled Kento as an enemy. Wishing to fight alongside Kento once again, he left the Sword of Logos to confront Kento himself. During the battle, he was unable to separate his image of the Kento he knew with the Kento he was facing, leading to one of the Fusouken Hayate's blades being sealed, losing to Kento.

He later is seen traveling around with Desast, who compares the two to be similar which Ren ultimately denies. When Ryo arrives to check on him, Ren attacks him and eventually walked off.

Joining Desast

As Ren continues to travel the country and training by himself, Desast starts to follow Ren and comments that the two of them are similar, much Ren's disgust. When Reika appears, commenting on the Megid traveling with him being a sin, she demands Ren to hand over his Seiken and Wonder Ride Books. Ren opts to battle her instead as Kenzan to combat Sabela. The battle seems to be going his way until Sabela starts using her smoke abilities to become invulnerable to his attacks. Desast comes in and manages to land a strike on her, leading Kenzan to begrudgingly teams up with Desast. Sabela manages to use a powerful attack that Desast takes to protect Ren. With Desast gone, Ren is helpless until Rintaro arrives to assist him. Ren, however, makes no move to assist him as he battles Reika and leaves. Desast is later revealed to have hidden in Ren's shadow to avoid any significant damage to himself. It is then that Ren decides that he will continue gaining true strength and only then would he challenge Desast.

Ren would later get involved with the big battle between all the Swordsman and the Sword of Logos. He would battle against anyone who got in his way including Kento. It isn't until when Kento took a hit for him that Ren broke down and attempted to attack Master Logos by blind rage when he loses his sword and Wonder Ride Books. He witnesses Touma going above and beyond his limits to not only save his friend, but also destroy the ritual, and release Master Logos's hold on the Seiken with all the swordsman receiving their respective swords. Afterwards, Ren left, not knowing what his next move should be.

When Touma and Rintaro searches for Kento who is attempting to sacrifice himself to seal Isaac, Ren suddenly appears in front of them both and demands Touma to have a duel with him, in which Touma accepts, but not before telling Rintaro to find Kento first. The two then go through an intense duel, but he was easily beaten by Touma, causing him to yell in frustration and agony on why he cannot grow stronger.

After witnessing Touma once again attaining new power in the form of Haouken Xross Saber, Ren reflected on himself and realized that Touma had a form of strength that he himself lacked. When approached by a reformed Kento who had rejoined Touma's team, Ren declines his offer to return to the Northern Base, instead deciding to set out on his own path to find his own meaning of true strength. He departs and rejoins Desast, but not before expressing relief that the man he once admired was alive and well.

Unknowingly by Ren, Desast has battled Storious and Charybdis Megid as the second Falchion, and in brink of death since Charybdis ate half of his body, which resulting in his Alter Ride Book being damaged. Desast then challenged Ren in a last duel, confusing the Wind Swordsman. The two ended up battling, but Ren refuses to fight at the last second, much to the Megid's fury. Ren finally knows Desast's desperation to duel him after witnessing his wound, which failed to regenerate due to his broken Alter Ride Book. After hearing that the Megid had little time left, Ren finally agreed to duel him as Kenzan.

Initially, Desast's continuous barrage of attacksput Kenzan in disadvantage. But Kenzan, remembering Blades' techniques, employs them at hand, causing Desast to to dismayed by this tactic. Desast releases a powerful blow that knocks Ren out of transformation. Frustrated, Ren is about to run for his life, which angers Desasr even more. Desast then cornered him, and about to land the finishing blow to Ren using Mumeiken Kyomu. However, Ren remember that he still wants to see where'll his power lead him, while staying true as himself and not become like the Megid. Once Ren found the resolve to continue fighting, he transformed into Kenzan again, causing Desast to be more eager than ever to defeat the Wind Swordsman.

In the end, Kenzan was able to land a powerful blow enough to finally defeat Desast. The Megid's body starts to disintegrate since his Alter Ride Book is finally broken, which Ren witnessing this. The Megid commends on Ren's newfound strength and claimed that Ren should be fine now, and he lightly jokes that Ren should add the red pickled ginger in their ramen before he vanished for good. Ren decided to take Desast's red scarf, Mumeiken Kyomu and his broken Alter Ride Book, before he solemnly thanked Desast for everything. He also begun adding pickled gingers into his ramen per Desast last request, something that Desast kept insisting Ren should add to his meal.

Final Battle Against Storious

After being invited by Kento, Ren decides to join Touma's team to aid in the fight against Storious. They then encounter an army of Shimi guarding the tower. With Sophia and Yuri staying to hold them off, all the other swordsman enter the tower. At the enterance, they encounter Lord of Wise Spartan. Both Ren and Tetsuo decide to hold off Spartan, allowing the rest of them to go on.

Although Spartan managed to cancel Slash's transformation, Kenzan passed the now weakened Tetsuo and uses the Mumeiken Kyomu and Desast Alter Ride Book to perform Desast's Calamity Strike, with Desast's spirit aiding him to kill Spartan. With one of the Lords of Wise gone, Ren watches Desast's Alter Ride Book and scarf disintegrate in his hands. Ren then leaves behind Mumeiken Kyomu and runs off to aid Touma and Kento at the near top. Ren would work together with Kento against a Lord of Wise and defeated him, only to pass out from his injuries that were later healed by Yuri. Ren was amoung many lives that were affected by a wave of destruction, only to be restored back to normal.

One Year Later

One year later, Ren continued to walk on his own path. Upon hearing word that the missing victims that were unaccounted for had suddenly returned, Ren joined up with most of Touma's friends as they reunited with their missing friend once more.

Video Game Appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Kenzan in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Kenzan is a playable character (previously a boss) in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Battle Spirits

Kamen Rider Kenzan Sarutobi Ninjaden in Battle Spirits

Kamen Rider Kenzan Sarutobi Ninjaden is a playable character in Battle spirits with other Kamen Riders


Ren is a childish and hot-headed person, often smiling and laughing during a fight. He is very stubborn and ignores advice from others, even from those he admires or cares about. However underneath that childish personality is an unhealthy obsession with strength, believing that only the strong can bring justice. To this end, he loves to challenge people to duels out of the blue, as well as accepting them. This rashness is often exploited by his opponents. Ren also does not take into account any potential civilian danger during his battles.Chapter 20: To Destroy the Stronghold, the Will of the Sword.. These are traits Kento finds negative and worries that they would prove detrimental to Ren in the long run.

Due to his close relationship with Kento, he is blinded in trusting the Sword of Logos over Touma regarding Kento's death; his actions are guided by what he thinks Kento would have done. When Tetsuo and Ryo ultimately left the Sword of Logos, Ren was left confused on his next course of action. When Kento ultimately returned as Calibur, his extreme belief in his role model caused him to butt heads with him when Kento eventually returned as a completely different person with widely different goals from Ren. His inability to reconcile his past version of Kento and his current version eventually leads to one half of Hayate being sealed, causing Ren to break down emotionally. Even then he still believes that the strong bring justice, so he left the Sword of Logos to be by himself and to grow stronger, so that he can eventually defeat Kento. Chapter 28: Writing the Past, Drawing the Future.

Ren's pursuit for strength stemmed from his mentor, who taught him that justice cannot be served without it. However, this mentality has only worked against him, as each conflict Ren gets involved in against other Riders on par with him results in his defeat. His latest duel with Touma revealed that this "might-makes-right" mentality only weakens him, as he has no other reason to be strong and only wants strength for the sake of it, therefore making his goal an empty one - something Ren vehemently refuses to admit.

However, meeting and battling with Desast had finally opened Ren's mind about the other side of power he desperately seeks. After defeating the Megid, Ren still searches the path for him to get stronger. However, despite choosing a solitary path, he had matured enough to believe in his own potential and take pride in his duty as a swordsman once more. This conviction was ultimately proven as Ren manages to defeat one of the four sages using his own strength and skills.


  • Expert Swordsman: As a former member of the Sword of Logos, Ren is a trained swordsman who demonstrates mastery over Fuusouken Hayate when fighting his enemies. However, Ren is more used to handling two swords simultaneously rather than a single sword, because of which he wasn't able to fight well when Hayate was locked in Ittouryu mode.
  • Skilled Combatant: Similar to Desast, Ren is able to copy attacks from other fellow swordsmen. This was shown when he briefly copied Rintaro's swords-fighting style against his final battle against Desast.
  • Expert Acrobat: In line with being a ninja, Ren has shown to be an expert acrobat in battle. Even when Ren was untransformed, he was able to dodge Kento's attacks when the latter was Calibur.

Kamen Rider Kenzan

These forms are accessed by using Wonder Ride Books that are compatible with the Fuusouken Hayate.

Sarutobi Ninjaden

Sarutobi Ninjaden

"Sarutobi Ninjaden! Sou Tou Bundan! Ichi no te, shuriken! Ni no te, nitouryuu! Fuusouken Hayate! Hayate no maki, Kouga fuuton no souken ga shinsoku no ninjitsu de teki o utsu!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[1]

  • Rider Height: 200.3 cm
  • Rider Weight: 84.7 kg

Ability Parameters[1]

  • Punching Power: 8.8 t
  • Kicking Power: 17.6 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 38.6 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.7 seconds

Sarutobi Ninjaden (猿飛忍者伝 lit. "Sarutobi Ninja Legend") is Kenzan's Sarutobi Sasuke-based primary form accessed by using the Sarutobi Ninjaden Wonder Ride Book in the Fuusouken Hayate.

In this form, Kenzan has lower kicking and punching power than most of the riders, but makes it up with his highest running speed and jumping height when compared to others. After Desast demise, he would later use Mumeiken Kyomu as a secondary weapon.

Sarutobi Ninjaden consists of the following parts:

  • Kenzan Helm Sarutobi Ninjaden (剣斬ヘルム 猿飛忍者伝, Kenzan Herumu Sarutobi Ninjaden): The helmet.
    • Sword Crown (ソードクラウン, Sōdo Kuraun) - The two swords on the right side of the visor. It is proof that the user has been selected by the Seiken. It has the role of adjusting the states of both Kamen Rider Kenzan and the Seiken, adjusting the power balance for both and canceling transformation in an emergency. Additionally, it is a blade with a sharp edge, and can be used in battle.
    • Vane Visor (ベーンバイザー, Bēn Baizā) - The shuriken-style visor. It allows Kenzan to look at and confront the headwinds of Sarutobi Ninjaden. It has high dynamic visual acuity that can read the wind and catch objects moving at high speed.
    • Sense Reader (センスリーダー, Sensu Rīdā) - A sensory gem on the forehead. It plays the role of a radar by sensitively detecting various data such as temperature change and odor carried by the wind, allowing Kenzan to search for the state of an opponent.
    • Sarutobi Mask (サルトビマスク, Sarutobi Masuku) - The faceplate. It contains the power of the story "Sarutobi Ninjaden", improves athletic ability by adjusting the breathing of the user, and suppresses stamina consumption. Additionally, the time when Kenzan can be active on the ground and underwater is greatly increased.
  • Sword Robe (ソードローブ, Sōdo Rōbu) - The bodysuit. It is an armor worn by those who have been selected as the Seiken Fuusokuen Hayate. Put on at the same time the Seiken is activated, it gives Kenzan the power to fight, such as improved sword skills, strengthened physical abilities, and activating special abilities. As it is based on the form with the power of the "Sarutobi Ninjaden" Wonder Ride Book, various abilities can be added by reading the Wonder Ride Book.
  • Blast Wrapper (ブラストラッパー, Burasuto Rappā) - The scarf. It can manipulate the airflow by using the wind, and add wind to a body technique to increase its power and speed. This sublimates it into a fearsome martial art that can be likened to a storm.
  • Aeria Mail (エアリアメイル, Earia Meiru, play on "Aerial Mail") - The chest armor. It contains the power of the story "Sarutobi Ninjaden", and by filling the inside with ultra-high density air via a wind ninja technique, it demonstrates high strength while being ultra-lightweight. Furthermore, by manipulating internal pressure, it can absorb shocks, generate a heat insulation effect, buoyancy, and protects Kenzan.
  • Ride Blast Arm (ライドブラストアーム, Raido Burasuto Āmu) - The arms. It possesses the power of the story "Sarutobi Ninjaden", and endows Kenzan with the power of god-speed hand coordination and gust-like wind ninjutsu.
  • Ride Blast Glo (ライドブラストグロー, Raido Burasuto Gurō, play on "Ride Blast Gloves") - The hands. Gives Kenzan correct finger coordination to allow him to properly wield the Fuusouken Hayate. It also functions as an ability transmission road that connects the Seiken and the "Sword Robe" to convey the power of the holy sword and the abilities of the read Wonder Ride Book into Kenzan.
  • Ride Blast Legs (ライドブラストレッグ, Raido Burasuto Reggu) - The legs. It contains the power of the story "Sarutobi Ninjaden", and brings a god-speed footstep and a big leap comparable to a gust of wind. Additionally, it has quiet characteristics and suppresses operating noise to the utmost limit, allowing for covert operations.
  • Ride Blast Boots (ライドブラストブーツ, Raido Burasuto Būtsu) - The feet. The kick’s destructive power is greatly increased as a whirlwind is infused.

This form's finisher is the Shippuu Kenbu (疾風剣舞, Shippū Kenbu, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance"):

  • Fuusouken Hayate Ittouryu Mode: Shippuu Kenbu: Ichiren (疾風剣舞 一連, Shippū Kenbu Ichiren, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: One Sequence")
    • Kobuta 3Kyoudai: Kenzan summons the apparitions of 3 Little Pig Brothers that starts building 3 separate brick walls to surround the enemy while Kenzan runs around the wall to confuse the said enemy. Kenzan then delivers a surprise attack to the enemy after hiding behind one of those walls.
    • Sarutobi Ninjaden: Kenzan charges the Fuusouken Hayate with lime green energy, then delivers a green and yellow horizontal slash to the enemy.
    • Tri Cerberus: Kenzan charges the Fuusouken Hayate with electricity, then delivers an electric slash that generates the Tri Cerberus God Beast.
  • Fuusouken Hayate Nitouryu Mode: Shippuu Kenbu: Niren (疾風剣舞 二連, Shippū Kenbu Niren, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: Two Sequence")
    • Sarutobi Ninjaden: Kenzan charges the Fuusouken Hayate with lime green energy, followed by a light-green cyclone surrounds him, he then slashes the enemy multiple times, before delivering a surprise X-shaped slash to the enemy after hiding behind them.
  • Fuusouken Hayate Shuriken Mode: Shippuu Kenbu: Kaiten (疾風剣舞 回転, Shippū Kenbu Kaiten, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: Spinning Sequence")
    • Sarutobi Ninjaden: Has four variations.
      • A green tornado surrounds Kenzan before he throws the Fuusouken Hayate at the enemy. The weapon then multiplies into several green-energy shurikens to attack the said enemy. While the enemy gets distracted by the shuriken projections, Kenzan then perform a spinning downward slash to finish the enemy off, surrounded by a light-green cyclone.
      • Kenzan delivers a light-green cyclone to the enemy.
      • Kenzan throws the Fuusouken Hayate at the enemy, the weapon then transform into a green-energy shurikens to attack the said enemy several times.
      • Green wind flows into the emblem at the center of the Fuusouken Hayate before Kenzan swings it, launching a large green energy shuriken at the enemy.
    • Kobuta 3Kyoudai: Kenzan throws the Fuusouken Hayate at the enemy. Before striking the enemy, the Seiken splits into 3 copies of itself. The copies then repeatedly strike the enemy before returning back to Kenzan.
  • Mumeiken Kyomu: Mugen Ittotsu (無限一突, Lit. "Infinite Single Strike"): Kenzan scans a Wonder Ride Book or Alter Ride Book against the base of Mumeiken Kyomu's blade and performs an attack using its power.
    • Calamity Strike (カラミティ・ストライク, Karamiti Sutoraiku): Kenzan scans Desast Alter Ride Book on the Mumeiken Kyomu, which summons several projections of Grudge Dent, coated in Reddish Aura surrounded the enemy in circular fashion. Kenzan then strikes the enemy in high speed after taking the Grudge Dents, coated with neon green afterimages. At some point, a projection of Desast, with reddish afterimages also assists Kenzan in his barrage of attacks and both dash and finish the enemy using the slashes from the last of the Grudge Dent projections, but scanning the damaged Desast Alter Ride Book resulted the book to vanish.
Appearances: Saber Episodes 6-8, Kamen Rider Saber Spin-off: Swordsmen Chronicles Episode 2, Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin, 11-12, 14-16, 20, 22-23, 28, 33, 35, 37-38, Kamen Rider Saber + Kikai Sentai Zenkaiger: Superhero SenkiIcon-crosswiki.png, 42-43, 45-47, Kamen Rider Saber: Final Stage

Ninja Butasan

Ninja Butasan (Brick house)

Ninja Butasan (Straw house)

Ninja Butasan (Wooden house)

"Kobuta 3Kyoudai! Sou Tou Bundan! Ichi no te, shuriken! Ni no te, nitouryuu! Fuusouken Hayate! Hayate no maki, Kouga fuuton no souken ga shinsoku no ninjitsu de teki o utsu!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[2]

  • Rider Height: 200.3 cm
  • Rider Weight: 91.2 kg

Ability Parameters[2]

  • Punching Power: 10.1 t
  • Kicking Power: 21.4 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 40.7 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.4 seconds

Ninja Butasan (忍者ぶた3) is Kenzan's 3 Little Pigs-based form accessed by using the Kobuta 3Kyoudai Wonder Ride Book in the Fuusouken Hayate.

In this form, Kenzan’s stats are raised higher than his base form.

Ninja Butasan adds on the following parts:

  • Kenzan Helm Ninja Butasan (剣斬ヘルム 忍者ぶた3, Kenzan Herumu Ninja Butasan): The helmet.
    • Triple Sense Reader (トリプルセンスリーダー, Toripuru Sensu Rīdā) - A sensory gem on the forehead. By sensitively detecting various information such as odors and temperature changes carried by the wind, it plays the role of a radar that searches for surrounding information and the state of the enemy. In addition, with the power of the Kobuta 3Kyoudai Wonder Ride Book, it will be possible to create an alter ego, and coordinate attacks.
  • Bros Arm (ブロスアーム, Burosu Āmu): The left arm. It possesses the "Steppig Wise" (ステッピッグワイズ, Suteppiggu Waizu) shield on the forearm can be enlarged to the size of a house. Furthermore, by changing to the three different properties of straw, wood and brick, it functions as a shield to protect multiple people at once.

This form's finisher is the Shippuu Kenbu (疾風剣舞, Shippū Kenbu, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance"):

  • Fuusouken Hayate Ittouryu Mode: Shippuu Kenbu: Itton (疾風剣舞 一豚, Shippū Kenbu Itton, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: One Pig")
    • Kobuta 3Kyoudai: Kenzan splits into 3 clones with 3 different shields before unleashing a barrage of slashes and kicks on enemy.
  • Fuusouken Hayate Nitouryu Mode: Shippuu Kenbu: Niton (疾風剣舞 二豚, Shippū Kenbu Niton)[2]
  • All Modes: Shippuu Kenbu: Santon (疾風剣舞 三豚, Shippū Kenbu Santon, Lit. "Hurricane Sword Dance: Three Pig"):
    • Kobuta 3Kyoudai: Kenzan splits into three clones, with one wielding the Fuusouken in its Ittouryu Mode, another wielding it in its Nitouryu Mode, and the third wielding it in its Shuriken Mode. The three clones charge their weapons with green energy. The clone wielding the Shuriken Mode jumps into the air and spins while surrounded by green wind, launching energy shurikens in all directions. At the same time, the other two clones run through a crowd while slashing before jumping up and launching green energy slashes.
  • Unkown Mode: Shippuu Kenbu: Kuruton (疾風剣舞 来豚, Shippū Kenbu Kuruton)[2]
Appearances: Saber Episodes 8, Kamen Rider Saber: The Phoenix Swordsman and the Book of Ruin, 13, 20

These forms are accessed by using Wonder Ride Books that are not compatible with the Fuusouken Hayate.

Ninja Jackun

Ninja Jackun

"Jackun to Domamenoki! Sou Tou Bundan! Ichi no te, shuriken! Ni no te, nitouryuu! Fuusouken Hayate! Hayate no maki, Kouga fuuton no souken ga shinsoku no ninjitsu de teki o utsu!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[3]

  • Rider Height: 200.3 cm
  • Rider Weight: 89.5 kg

Ability Parameters[3]

  • Punching Power: 9.6 t
  • Kicking Power: 19.9 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 38.8 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.6 seconds

Ninja Jackun (忍者ジャッ君, Ninja Jakkun) is Kenzan's Jack and the Beanstalk-based form, accessed by using the Jackun to Domamenoki Wonder Ride Book in the Fuusouken Hayate.[4]

Ninja Jackun adds on the following parts:

  • Kenzan Helm Ninja Jackun (剣斬ヘルム 忍者ぶた3, Kenzan Herumu Ninja Jakkun): The helmet.
    • Botanical Sense Reader (ボタニカルセンスリーダー, Botanikaru Sensu Rīdā) - A sensory gem on the forehead.By sensitively detecting various information such as odors and temperature changes carried by the wind, it plays the role of a radar that searches for surrounding information and the state of the enemy. In addition, by gaining the power of Jackun to Domamenoki Wonder Ride Book, it is possible to manipulate the vitality of the Domamenoki tree and activate Wood Release Ninjutsu.
  • Domamenoki Arm (ドマメノキアーム, Domamenoki Āmu): The left arm. It has the power of the story "Jackun to Domamenoki" and brings a mysterious power to manipulate the vitality of the Domamenoki tree.
  • Entangle Gaunt (インタングルガント, Intanguru Ganto, short for "Entangle Gauntlet"): The gauntlet. It has the ability to eject Domame (ドマメ Earthen Beans) beans, which have outer skins harder than steel, at high speeds like bullets. In addition, by expanding and contracting the entwined vines and deploying them like a whip or rope, it can be used for various purposes such as catching distant objects and changing direction in the air.

This form's finisher is an unnamed Rider Slash: Kenzan charges the Fuusouken Hayate with lime green energy, then delivers a green vine-like tornado to the enemy.

Appearances: Saber Episodes 14-15

Ninja Bremen

Ninja Bremen

"Bremen no Rock Band! Sou Tou Bundan! Ichi no te, shuriken! Ni no te, nitouryuu! Fuusouken Hayate! Hayate no maki, Kouga fuuton no souken ga shinsoku no ninjitsu de teki o utsu!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Ninja Bremen (忍者ブレーメン, Ninja Burēmen) is Kenzan's Town Musicians of Bremen-based form, accessed by using the Bremen no Rock Band Wonder Ride Book in the Fuusouken Hayate.[5]

This form is exclusive to the Rider Kick's Figure toyline.






  • Ren Akamichi's Master: Ren's mentor. He's the one responsible for Ren "Strength is Justice" view.
  • Sophia: Sophia is Ren's mentor in Sword of Logos. Ren himself casually calls Sophia as "Sophia-chan", in which the latter doesn't mind.
  • Hayato Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Calibur (I): Former comrade of the Sword of Logos. Hayato was initially thought to have betrayed the Sword of Logos as the current Calibur, until it was revealed that Daichi was the Calibur at the time all along.
  • Desast/Kamen Rider Falchion (II): During their initial meeting, Ren asks Desast whether he's strong or not, in which Desast taunts him to find out himself. Ren exclaimed that Desast is pretty strong and entertaining to him, much to his dismay as Ren managed to defeat the Megid. After Desast gained his freedom Desast showed interest in Ren, touting him as being similar to him Chapter 20: To Destroy the Stronghold, the Will of the Sword.. After losing to Sabela and by saving his life, Ren decided to accept his offer by joining him and afterwards, made a promise that if he became strong, he will fight Desast as he pleased. Thus starting a rivalry between the two. Chapter 33: Still, the Future Can Change. Although initially Ren refuses in dueling the megid, during Desast last battle with Touma, Ren notices that Desast is no longer immortal, as his wounds failed to regenerate. As the result, Ren finally agreed to duel Desast one last time. Ultimately, Ren defeat Desast after founding new resolve to keep on living. After Desast demise, Ren solemnly thanked him for everything, and took his red scarf, Mumeiken Kyomu, and his broken Alter Ride Book in his honor. Ren also ended up performing Desast signature move, Calamity Strike to defeat one of the Four Wise Lords, signifying his bond with the late Megid.
  • Touma Kamiyama/Kamen Rider Saber: Ren sees Touma as a rival because he was Kento's childhood friend. Due to Reika telling him that Touma will betray the Sword of Logos, Ren turned against him. Even when Touma reaches out to him, Ren's extreme stubbornness turns down all of his advances with hostility. It is possible that Ren hates Touma since due to his arrival, everything he once knew has changed so much and that he's the cause of it. However, as Touma gets stronger by each battle, Ren starts to evaluate his view about strength.
  • Rintaro Shindo/Kamen Rider Blades (II): Former comrade of the Sword of Logos. After joining Touma's team, they have become allies once again.
  • Yuri/Kamen Rider Saikou: Ren's relationship is simply that he views him as an enemy. When Ren tries to kill Touma along with Mei, Yuri defends them from his wrath, causing Ren to want to defeat him as well. After joining Touma's team, they have become allies.
  • Tetsuo Daishinji/Kamen Rider Slash: Former comrades and friends of the Sword of Logos. Their relationship becomes strained after Tetsuo defects from the Sword of Logos and aligns with Touma. However, after joining Touma's alliance, they have become allies once again.
  • Ryo Ogami/Kamen Rider Buster (II): After Ryo leaves the Sword of Logos as well, Ren does not know what to do, being confused by what is happening. When Ryo went to find him and joins Touma's team against Isaac, Ren lashed out at him refusing to and wanted to be left alone. After joining Touma's team, they have become allies.
  • Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada (II)/Kamen Rider Calibur (III): They both belong to the Sword of Logos. Ren admires Kento deeply, to the point of obsession. After his death, almost all of Ren's actions revolved on what he thought Kento would do, and to bring justice to him. Upon learning that Kento returned, Ren does not know what to do because he must face him. When he hoped that he and Kento could fight together again like the old days, Kento turns him down coldly, sealing half of Hayate but not without begging for forgiveness, leaving Ren crushed emotionally. This would eventually set Ren down his path to become stronger than anyone. After Kento joins Touma's team, Ren expresses his relief on Kento's condition, despite the former still treading on his solitary path. Before the final battle, Ren expresses that despite him still searching for his reason to become stronger, he found the reason for why the world can't be destroyed by Storious, much to Kento's joy.
  • Reika Shindai/Kamen Rider Sabela: She manipulates him by telling him that Touma still has Kento's Seiken and that he must retrieve it as well as the Sword of Light (Yuri). Ren later leaves the Sword of Logos on his own path for strength. After joining Touma's team, they have become allies.
  • Ryoga Shindai/Kamen Rider Durendal: One of his enemies. After joining Touma's team, they have become allies.


Behind the Scenes


Ren Akamichi is portrayed by Eiji Togashi (富樫慧士, Togashi Eiji). As Kamen Rider Kenzan, his suit actor is Satoshi Fujita (藤田慧, Fujita Satoshi).


  • As with the naming scheme of all the Saber Riders, Kenzan's name is a combination of the Japanese words for Sword (, Ken) and Slash (, Zan), the striking motion of a sword. It is also a pun on the word 見参 (Kenzan), a phrase used to announce someone's arrival.
  • As with the surname scheme of other members of Sword of Logos, Ren's surname, Akamichi, contains a homophone of the kanji Kami () meaning "god" or "deity".

Concept Art

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  • Kenzan is the first Rider in the series whose first onscreen transformation does not use the typical CGI background or effects of the series, instead going straight to its shortened version.
    • His CGI background transformation is first shown in the Kamen Rider Saber: 7 Riders Transform! Finisher! special video on YouTube.[6]
  • Kenzan is the first rider to use an Alter Ride Book, although for an attack rather than a form.




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