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Remodelled Majin! The Delza Army Appears!! (改造魔人!デルザー軍団現わる!! Kaizō Majin! Deruzā Gundan Arawareru!!) is the twenty-seventh episode of Kamen Rider Stronger. Following their appearance at the end of the previous episode, it introduced the new evil organization following the destruction of Black Satan, the Delza Army, led by General Shadow. It also introduced the Delza Army's first majin team consisting Staff Officer Steel, Division Commander Wild Eagle, Doctor Kate, Major Skull, Baron Rock, General Wolf, and Commanding Officer Frank. Unlike Black Satan, these majin are depicted as higher-ups rather than lowly monsters of the week.


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Digital Releases

  • Kamen Rider Stronger DVD Volume 3 features episodes 23-33.[1]
  • Kamen Rider Stronger Blu-ray Volume 2 features episodes 22-39 and All Together! Seven Kamen Riders!!. It'll be released on December 2nd, 2020.[2]


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