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Remodeled Martial Arts Group Z was a group led by King, which ruled the stage in the 1990s, and planned to rule the world. Using a Ridewatch, King transformed into a unique Another Rider. He had captured Kengiro, and so Rin Amamiya fought to save him and others from being remodeled.

According to Tsukuyomi, there were no Heisei Riders in the 1990s and so a Ridewatch could not be taken from that time. At that time, according to Rin, Kamen Riders were an urban legend, which Zi-O did not realize.

King had received his Ridewatch from the Time Jacker Spade, who wished to create a Ridewatch which was not derived from a Kamen Rider. Rin used King's Ridewatch to gather the energy from the Kamen Riders' followers and give it to Zi-O allowing him to defeat King.


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