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Reiko Hirota (広田 玲子 Hirota Reiko) is a first-year student that Gentaro tries to convince to enter the Queen Festival to unseat Miu from her yearly winning streak. However, an attack by the Chameleon Zodiarts scares her enough to back out of the contest. Reiko later becomes Shun's girlfriend after Miu dumps him. Eventually, she dumps Shun after seeing him with Gentaro and the others working as groundskeepers during their detention. She later ends up indirectly involved in the incident with Hiroki Makise as one of the girls involuntarily dragged into a bus about to drive off a bridge by the Pyxis Zodiarts. She and the other girls would later be saved by Shun in the Powerdizer and dealt with Makise personally after the Pyxis Zodiarts is defeated.

Behind the scenes


Reiko Hirota is portrayed by Yurika Tachibana (橘 ゆりか Tachibana Yurika).


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