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"The Master's will is my will. I'm the one who'll turn his ideals into reality!"
―Reika's creed of following Master Logos[src]

Reika Shindai (神代 玲花 Shindai Reika)[1] is a member of the Southern Base-branch of the Sword of Logos, who acts as an assistant and personal enforcer of the organization's leader, Master Logos. Due to the growing threats against the organization, she is put on active duty and transforms into Kamen Rider Sabela (仮面ライダーサーベラ Kamen Raidā Sābera) to fight against Touma Kamiyama and his team.


Reika is introduced as a messenger of the Southern Base, who travels to the Northern Base to observe the new Saber, Touma Kamiyama.Chapter 9: Overlap, the Swordsman's Timbre. When she meets with Kento Fukamiya, Reika gives him the Tri Cerberus Wonder Ride Book to aid him in his fight against Calibur.Chapter 10: Crossing Swords, and Crossing Feelings.

Abducting Sophia

Kidnapping Sophia using the Eneiken Noroshi

After a meeting between Sophia and Daichi, Reika used the power of Eneiken Noroshi to abduct Sophia by the orders of Master Logos.Chapter 11: Disturbed Thunder, Spreading Dark Clouds..

Against Touma Kamiyama

Shortly after Daichi Kamijo's death, Reika tries to swindle Touma to the Southern Base. After he refuses, she uses her position as the messenger of the Southern Base to assume control of the Northern Base and convince its swordsmen that Touma has turned against them, all to force the Kougouken Saikou, the light counterpart of the Ankokuken Kurayami, to appear after being thought lost for a thousand years.Chapter 16: Saving the World, A Ray of Light.

Working within the Smoke

Reika looks at the stolen Wonder Ride Books while holding the Eneiken Noroshi.

After a fight between Saber and Buster, both of them accidentally dropped their own Wonder Ride Books and Reika used the power of Eneiken Noroshi to steal the books.Chapter 24: On My Father's Back, the Future He Carried.

Becoming Sabela

Sabela fighting Slash and Buster.

In the wake of Slash and Buster's defections, Master Logos places her on active duty. She goes to confront them at the Northern Base and defeats them with ease. Just as she is about to take their Wonder Ride Books, Touma and Rintaro arrive on the scene; she orders Rintaro to kill Touma, but he hesitates. She manages to hold her own against Saber Primitive Dragon for some time before being driven off by Kamen Rider Calibur.Chapter 25: Clad in Smoke, the Crimson Assassin.

She later interferes in the fight between Saikou and Calibur, succeeding in stealing the Hanselnuts and Gretel book after Calibur defeats Slash and seals Suzune.Chapter 26: Deep Darkness, With a Sword.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Battle Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Sabela in Kamen Rider Battle Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Sabela Konchuu Daihyakka is a playable character in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.


During her initial appearances, Reika displayed a calm, sensible, and mysterious aura, observing the fights of the Northern Base swordsmen from afar and drawing her own conclusions. However, she is revealed to also be highly calculative, using half-truths to easily swindle even the most experienced swordsmen and and close friends of Touma at the Northern Base against him.

Because of her blind loyalty to Master Logos, she deems his orders absolute and will by all means do whatever it takes to make sure his demands are met without question, and will resort to violence against those who disagree with or defy him. The only time she was seen expressing genuine happiness was when she got praised by him for her loyalty.


Power and Abilities


  • Smoke Control: Using the Eneiken Noroshi, Reika is capable of freely manipulating smoke and her suit is often seen emitting it.
    • Smoke Travel: By transforming into smoke, Reika can move freely, allowing her to dodge attacks or quickly flee from a situation. She is also able to spirit away other people or objects along with her, making it appear as though they had vanished. She has used this ability to kidnap Sophia, take the Ankokuken Kurayami, and steal several Wonder Ride Books from Touma and his team.
    • Intangibility: By transforming either her entire body or certain parts of it into smoke, Reika can avoid attacks, which simply pass through her.


  • Expert Manipulator: Reika is cunning and capable enough to manipulate people to do her bidding. While not exactly lying, she gives half-truth statements that are enough to convince others to believe what she says.
  • Expert Swordswoman: Despite normally working as a messenger for Master Logos, she is also a chosen Rider of the Sword of Logos as well as an adept swordswoman. Along with her complete control over smoke, she is capable of fighting several transformed Riders all on her own.

Kamen Rider Sabela

Konchuu Daihyakka

Konchuu Daihyakka

"Noroshi Kaisen! Flying! Smog! Sting! Steam! Konchuu Chuu Dai~hyakka~! Tayutau Kissaki!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[2]

  • Rider Height: 196.7 cm
  • Rider Weight: 82.9 kg

Ability Parameters[2]

  • Punching Power: 41.5 t
  • Kicking Power: 75.4 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 84.1 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 2.2 seconds

Konchuu Daihyakka (昆虫大百科 Konchū Daihyakka) is Sabela's bug-based primary form accessed by using the Konchuu Daihyakka Wonder Ride Book in the Eneiken Noroshi.

In this form, Sabela outclasses Saber Primitive Dragon in every area, but with the exception of a slightly slower running speed. However, Primitive Dragon's purely ferocious combat style gives it a noticeable edge against Sabela's graceful techniques. Being the swordswoman of smoke, she can teleport by turning into a mass of smoke, and become intangible by turning some parts of her body to smoke itself. Through the use of her Wonder Ride Book, she can sprout butterfly wings or spider legs from her back, and spew spider silk from her hands.

Konchuu Daihyakka consists of the following parts:

  • Sabela Helm Konchuu Daihykka (サーベラヘルム 昆虫大百科 Sābera Herumu Konchū Daihyakka): The helmet.
    • Sword Crown (ソードクラウン Sōdo Kuraun): The blade installed diagonally positioned on the top of the helmet as a proof of being chosen by the Seiken. It has the role of adjusting the state of Kamen Rider Sabela and the Seiken, adjusting the power balance of both and canceling the transformation in an emergency. In addition, it can be used in battle.
    • Soyeux Cocoon (ソワイユコクーン Sowaiyu Kokūn): The head armor. The elliptical shape reminiscent of an insect cocoon has a special structure that allows the impact from the outside to escape, and by stacking multiple layers, it protects the head flexibly.
    • Enfumer Visor (オンフュメルバイザー Onfuyumeru Baizā): The insect eye-style visor. It works like a compound eye of an insect that captures multiple objects at the same time without being obsessed with one thing.
    • Insecte Mask (アンセクトマスク Ansekuto Masuku): The facial mask. It has a strong jaw like an insect, and can add the ability of an insect by blowing a sigh on the smoke produced by the Seiken Eneiken Noroshi.
  • Sword Robe (ソードローブ Sōdo Rōbu): The suit granted by the user of the Seiken Eneiken Noroshi. It is attached at the same time as the awakening of the Seiken, and gives the user the power to fight such as improving sword skills, strengthening physical abilities, and activating special abilities. Based on the form with the power of the Wonder Ride Book "Konchuu Daihyakka", various abilities can be added by additionally scanning the Wonder Ride Book.
  • Fumer Bustier (フュメルビスチェ Fuyumeru Bisuche): The chest armor. It possesses the power of the story "Konchuu Daihyakka" and brings the abilities of the insects of the Hyakuhana Ryoran to the user. In addition, it is possible to make itself smoke by making the whole body finer by receiving the ability of the Seiken Eneiken Noroshi.
  • Fumer Dress (フュメルドレス Fuyumeru Doresu): The dress section. The armor of each part of the whole body has an exoskeleton structure, and it is super lightweight but has excellent defense power, and it repels all attacks.
  • Insecte Cheminée (アンセクトシュミネ Ansekuto Shumine): The diffuser. In addition to diffusing the smoke produced by the Seiken "Eneiken Noroshi", it also sprays pheromones that can be used to convey information such as signposts, warnings, and gatherings. In addition, it provides various combat support such as emitting a pungent odor and destroying the target's sense of smell.
  • Royal Sword of Logos Buckle (ロイヤルソードオブロゴスバックル Roiyaru Sōdo Obu Rogosu Bakkuru): The belt. In addition to deploying the Sword Robe, it receives the power of the Wonder Ride Book from the Seiken to generate energy and control various abilities.
    • Royal Sword of Logos Holder (ソードオブロゴスホルダー Sōdo Obu Rogosu Horudā): Storage for the Seiken, mounted on the left side of the Royal Sword of Logos Buckle.
  • Ride Insecte Arm (ライドアンセクトアーム Raido Ansekuto Āmu): The arms. It possesses the power of the story "Konchuu Daihyakka" and produces powerful strength that cannot be imagined from its delicate limbs.
  • Ride Insecte Glo (ライドアンセクトグロー Raido Ansekuto Gurō): The gloves. The user can increase the attack power of the Seiken by using swift and powerful piercing power. It also functions as an ability transmission road that connects the Seiken and the Sword Robe to convey the power of the Seiken and the abilities of the Wonder Ride Book.
  • Brian Aile (ブリアンエール Burian Ēru): The wing-like armor. Following the behavior of the swordswoman, it enables a splendid sword dance that dances in the air.
  • Ride Insecte Leg (ライドアンセクトレッグ Raido Ansekuto Reggu): The legs. It possesses the power of the story "Konchuu Daihyakka" and produces a great jumping power that cannot be imagined from its delicate limbs.
  • Ride Insecte Heel (ライドアンセクトヒール Raido Ansekuto Hīru): The boots. The sole structure with fine irregularities makes it possible to stand still and walk anywhere, such as on walls and ceilings. In addition, the kicking power can be greatly increased and released by putting smoke together.

This form has three finishers:

  • Shot Insect (ショットインセクト Shotto Insekuto)[2]: Sabela distracts the enemy by creating a smokescreen in front of them, before appearing behind them and delivering a spinning roundhouse kick that leaves behind a spider's web-shaped energy.
  • Eien no Hitosashi (永煙の一刺し Lit. "Eternal Smoke Single Stab"): Has two variations.
    • Sabela teleports into the air by turning into a mass of smoke, before manifesting butterfly wings from her back and delivering two powerful slashes covered in magenta energy.
    • Sabela teleports into the air by turning into a mass of smoke, before manifesting butterfly wings from her back and flying up to an enemy on the ground; she then delivers a powerful slash covered in magenta energy.
  • Konchuu Mokumoku Giri (昆虫黙々斬り Lit. "Bug Mute Slash"): Sabela binds her enemy with spider silk and shocks them with electricity, before striking them with her gigantic spider legs on her back and exploding the enemy in the process.

Appearances: Saber Episodes 25-26, 32





  • Master Logos: Reika reports directly to Master Logos and acts as his messenger and later, his personal enforcer.
  • Ren Akamichi/Kamen Rider Kenzan: She manipulates him by telling him that Touma still has Kento's sword and that he must recover it as well as the sword of light (Yuri). After Kento returns he doubts what to do because the Sword of Logos considers him an enemy.
  • Ryoga Shindai/Kamen Rider Durendal: Her older brother and fellow member of the Sword of Logos' southern branch. She seems to have immense respect for him, and showed visible delight at his arrival.


  • Daichi Kamijo/Kamen Rider Saber (I)/Kamen Rider Calibur (II): Reika suspected who the new Calibur might be, not being surprised when his identity was revealed.
  • Touma Kamiyama/Kamen Rider Saber (II): Reika appears at the Northern base to see the new Saber, Touma, in action. After failing to recruit Touma to the Southern Base, she made the other swordsmen of the Northern Base turn against him.
  • Yuri/Kamen Rider Saikou: Like Touma, Reika also failed to recruit Yuri despite their opposing senses of direction. Yuri also stated that Touma can achieve the "power" that bestowed to save the world, resulting Reika being foiled in disgust.
  • Tetsuo Daishinji/Kamen Rider Slash: Reika originally convinced him that Touma would betray the Sword of Logos. However, after his battle against the Flame Swordsman, he turned against her and sided with Touma.
  • Ryo Ogami/Kamen Rider Buster: Reika originally convinced him that Touma would betray the Sword of Logos. However, after Tetsuo's battle against the Flame Swordsman, Ryo secretly helps Tetsuo in aiding Touma. Ryo also despises Reika for mocking Tetsuo when she made a blind statement that he has been tempted by Touma. After Reika had threatened Ryo by using Sora, Ryo ultimately shifted loyalties to Touma.
  • Sophia: She kidnapped Sophia by the orders of Master Logos. She slapped Sophia's face for asking if everyone from the Northern Base is alright.
  • Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada/Kamen Rider Calibur (III): Upon meeting him, she wanted to recruit him to the Southern Base of the Sword of Logos but he refused. Nonetheless, she decided to help him in his fight against Daichi. Upon discovering that Kento was alive, she now considers him an enemy due to his plans to seal all the Seiken.
  • Rintaro Shindo/Kamen Rider Blades: Reika is very much aware of Rintaro's loyalty to the Sword of Logos, and uses his indoctrinated past to manipulate him into staying.

Behind the Scenes


Reika Shindai is portrayed by Angela Mei (アンジェラ 芽衣 Anjera Mei). As Kamen Rider Sabela, her suit actress is Yuki Miyazawa (宮澤雪 Miyazawa Yuki).


  • As with the naming scheme of all the Saber Riders, Sabela is most likely derived from "szablya", the Hungarian word for "saber", and the scientific name of the white-fringed swift butterfly, which fits her bug motif.
  • As with the naming scheme of other members of Sword of Logos, Reika's surname Shindai () includes the Kanji character "Shin" meaning "god" or "deity".


Smokescreen effect

  • Sabela is the second Saber Rider to use an Animal Wonder Ride Book to to transform into her main form, the first being Kamen Rider Blades.
  • Sabela's transformation sequence, which involves her clothes unraveling and then being replaced with her suit, is based on insect metamorphosis, where the insect emerges from the chrysalis as an adult.
  • Sabela is the only Saber Rider whose main form is based on an arthropod, which is the most common motif used by many Kamen Riders in the franchise.
  • Sabela's Sword Crown points diagonally downward in front of her forehead, unlike the other Saber Riders' Sword Crowns pointing upward.
  • She and Ryoga Shindai are the only riders to have the Royal Sword of Logos Buckle on their suits.

Kamen Rider Sabela and Kamen Rider Durandal confirmed as the first sister and brother sibling Riders in the Uchusen Vol. 172



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