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Reika Kine (木根礼香 Kine Reika) is Kota Kine's mother and one of the victims of Faust's experiments who got turned into the Flying Smash (フライングスマッシュ Furaingu Sumasshu). Her Smash essence was used as the basis for the Taka Fullbottle.

Character History

Reika and her husband own a ferry, which they rent out to a man for smuggling people from Touto to Seito. At an unknown point, Reika was kidnapped by Faust and turned into the Flying Smash.

Going on a frenzy, the Smash tried attacking Reika's son Kota before being fought back by Build. The Flying Smash was eventually defeated, returning Reika to her human state, to the joy of her and her son. Later, Reika helped Sawa and Ryuga sneak to Seito out of gratitude for Build's actions.

When Sento was going through the belongings of his father, Shinobu Katsuragi, in his parents' former residence, he discovered a photo of Reika, which was taken after Shinobu's death. He relayed this information to Ryuga, who along with Sawa went to enquire Reika. Reika revealed that she knew Shinobu, and had helped to smuggle him out of Touto, hinting that Sento's father may very well still be alive. The Final Revolution


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Powers and Abilities


  • Air Slash Claws (エアスラッシュクロー Ea Surasshu Kurō)

Behind the Scenes


Her suit actor is Hajime Kanzaki (神前 元 Kanzaki Hajime).


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