This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

During a clean-up campaign in Leawood, Cyclopter's Reanimator Ray revived a fallen robot called Cyclotron. When upgraded to Recyclotron, his head was modified with a cooling helmet that kept the monster from overheating (which was the one flaw that led to his destruction in an earlier fight with Masked Rider). In addition to interchangeable arms, leg cannons, and metallic wrappings emitted from a compartment in his torso, he also had the power to control any electrical appliance. Using two cars, he seemingly killed Masked Rider with a missile launched from his right leg cannon. Recyclotron then attacked Leawood with reanimated appliances. Hal took it upon himself to go after Recyclotron with a Catho-Destabilizer weapon he invented. Unfortunately for Hal, Recyclotron took control of the Catho-Destabilizer until Masked Rider arrived. After a fierce fight, Dex managed to kick off his cooling helmet and knock him down with the Rider Kick. Dex then destroyed Recyclotron with the Electro Saber. He fits the category of Cycloptor's unit.

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