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Kiriko Senyou Boots

Rear Cowl Boots

The Rear Cowl Boots (リアカウルブーツ Ria Kauru Būtsu), alternatively Kiriko Personal Usage Boots (霧子専用ブーツ Kiriko Senyō Būtsu)[1] are a replica of Kamen Rider Drive Type Speed's boots developed by Rinna Sawagami for Kiriko's use to defend herself against the Roidmudes. Made in the shape of Kiriko's own boots with Drive's logo on the sole, the boots contains a heavy pressure generator, maximize Kiriko's kicking power to match that of the Rider.

Testing the boots' power, Kiriko called her kick a Rider Kick (ライダーキック Raidā Kikku) only to be reminded by Shinnosuke and Go that she isn't actually a Kamen Rider, dubbing her kick the Kiriko Kick (キリコキック Kiriko Kikku) instead. Kiriko put these new boots to use when she effectively attacked the Voice Roidmude. Why is Rinna Sawagami Nervous? She later used her kick to stop Deadheat Mach when he entered his Berserk Mode from compromising Drive Type Technic who was busy disarming a bomb which was planted by Voice on the women he hypnotized. Who Will Control Deadheat?

Facing the Sword Roidmude, Kiriko used the Rear Cowl Boots against him. This time, however, her kicks had little effect due to the Roidmude being stronger as a result of its fusion evolution with a human through use of a Neo Viral Core. Where is Chaser Going?

Kiriko put the Rear Cowl Boots to use again when she beat back Roidmude 106, who had been reverted back from his Fusion Evolution State after Drive seperated him from Mitsuhide Nira, rescuing Shizuo Shigeta in the process. Who Claimed the Life of Eisuke Tomari?



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