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Raum (ラウム Raumu) is a Phantom born from a man called Kaga (加賀) when he gave up in despair.

His Gate target is Nemoto Kazuyoshi, who is the suspect for an arson case. Raum has an ability to become a myna bird that can speak, which he uses to get himself close to a Gate. Raum also can move fast enough to overpower his opponents. He also armed with a spear for attacking enemies.

When Nemoto is being chased by Haruto, Shunpei and Rinko, Raum appears to block their way. Battling Wizard in Water Dragon, the Phantom quickly escapes. He later turn to his bird form and guided the trio to Nemoto, only for the bird to reveal himself as Raum. While battling Wizard and Beast, Gremlin appears and joins the fray. Sending Ghouls to even the battle, Wizard tries to use Drago Timer, only for the magician to revert back to civilian form, due to his mana being drained at the hands of Wiseman. Though Beast destroyed all Ghouls, Nemoto was taken by Shunpei with Rinko in tow to a safe place.

Raum, as his bird form, guides the police to Nemoto's location. While Rinko, Shunpei, and Nemoto still escape, Raum encounters the combined Garuda and Griffon PlaMonster, who hold him for enough time until Wizard and Beast arrive. Due to disadvantage, Raum soon flees. When Nemoto got the CCTV of the arson case, it was revealed that Raum is the actual culprit. Raum then transforms from his bird form, much to Nemoto and the others' shock. However, both Wizard and Beast battle Raum and his Ghouls. Raum was soon overpowered by Wizard Infinity Style, before defeated by Dragon Shining. Though, Nemoto wasn't the culprit, he soon fell to despair, due to the loss of his lovely bird.



  • Gate: Kaga
  • Episodes: 36-37
  • Destroyed by: Kamen Rider Wizard Infinity Style's Dragon Shining
  • Mythological Basis: Raum
  • Height: 222 cm
  • Weight: 150 kg

Behind the scenes


Concept art of Raum from Uchusen Yearbook 2014.

Raum was designed by Hiroshi Maruyama, who designed all of the Phantoms in Kamen Rider Wizard.


  • Raum is the third Phantom to be based on an actual demon.
  • Raum's costume is modified from Beelzebub's costume, which already was a modified version of Phoenix's suit.

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