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Rat (ラット Ratto) is a member of Team Gaim.


He was attacked by a now Inves Ryoji Hase to save Rica however, he is perfectly fine and only sustained an injury to due the Category H-Inves not carrying a virus that sprouts Helheim plants on the victim's body. The Secret of Helheim's Fruits

Later, he, along with Rica and eventually Akira Kazuraba are kidnapped by the Over Lord for some unknown sacrifices. However, he and Rica was saved by Mitsuzane. When they tried to rescue Kouta's sister, they were spotted by Redyue and recaptured. Mitchy's Ark

Rat, along with other captured civilians are saved by Kaito and Minato. Awakening the Over Lord


He prefers flashy performances and often manages to bring up the team's mood after losses, but sometimes he pushes his luck too far. Rat also cares for others, as shown when he and Rica abandoned their safe place and went to rescue Kouta's sister despite knowing the dangerous situation.

Behind the scenes


Rat is portrayed by Ren Ozawa (小澤 廉 Ozawa Ren).


  • Rat is the only male member of Team Gaim with a name who has not undergone a transformation of some sort, as Kouta and Mitchy became Armored Riders Gaim and Ryugen respectively (though Mitsuzane would later become New Generation Rider Zangetsu Shin), while Yuya became the Byakko Inves.
    • Rat is also the only male Beat Rider with a name that has not received the opportunity to become a rider.


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