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―Activation announcement [src]

"Raidrise! (Progrisekey's transformation announcement)!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"(Progrisekey prefix) Bolide!"
―Finisher announcement [src]

The Transformation Belt ​​​​​Raidriser (変身ベルト レイドライザー Henshin Beruto Reidoraizā) is a transformation device used with Progrisekeys by humans to transform into Raiders. It was created by ZAIA Japan for use by A.I.M.S. soldiers against However with the ZAIASpec not guaranteed safe, they were sold to the general populace for self-defense.


The Raidriser is composed of the following parts:

  • CON Band (CONバンド Kon Bando): The Raidriser's belt strap. It is extremely durable and flexible, being made out of a soft alloy reinforced with a tough film laminate.
  • Raidrise Slot (レイドライズスロット Reidoraizu Surotto): A slot for loading a Progrisekey. By fixing the loaded Progrisekey and sending a special frequency, it has the role of executing a pseudo-authorization to activate the Key's abilities.
  • Raid Regulator (レイドライズスロット Reido Regyuredā): The Raidriser's control device mounted on top. By controlling each device to cause the wearer's negative emotions to go out of control, fear and pain can be reduced, and a force and destructive urge beyond human limits can be drawn out.
  • Raid Loader (レイドローダー Reido Rōdā): The Raidriser's start switch. By pressing down on it, it becomes possible to transform into a “Raider”, in which a part of the ability of the Rider Model data graphic of the species imprinted in the Progrisekey is given to a human.
  • Riser Body (ライザーボディ Raizā Bodi): The Raidriser's main body. It has a built-in high-speed molding machine called Raid Factory (レイドファクトリー Reido Fakutorī) that generates various equipment based on the data sent from the NC Riser and mounts it onto the wearer.
  • NC Riser (NCライザー NC Raizā): A Progrisekey reading device located in the small gray section. The Rider Model of the species embedded in the Progrisekey is read by non-contact reading.


To transform into a Raider, the user activates a Progrisekey and inserts it unopened into the Raidriser before pressing the Raid Loader. Dozens of tubes are then produced from the Progrisekey and its data fuses with the user, completing the transformation. Raiders deployed by ZAIA Japan use the transformation phrase Jissō (実装 lit. "Implement").


After transformation, the Raid Loader can be pressed again to initiate a finishing attack.

  • Splashing Bolide (スプラッシングボライド Supurasshingu Boraido): The Splashing Whale Raider enlarges the end of the Ougigant with a water construct before crushing the enemy with it.

  • Dynamaiting Bolide (ダイナマイティングボライド Dainamaitingu Boraido): The Dynamaiting Lion Raider summons magenta energy constructs of mechanical parts that assemble into a Gatling gun, which he then fires at the enemy.

  • Scouting Bolide (スカウティングボライド Sukautingu Boraido): The Scouting Panda Raider generates a powerful energy beam from the Dead Monochrome.

  • Fighting Bolide (ファイティングボライド Faitingu Boraido): The Fighting Jackal Raider dashes past the enemy while delivering a horizontal slash with the Territory Scythe, sending them a short distance into the air. She then strikes the falling enemy with a one-handed downward slash, smashing them into the ground.


  • The Raidriser's belt is re-used from the A.I.M.S. Shotriser.
    • The Raidriser is also angled diagonally like the Shotriser due to being attached to the same buckle.
  • The Raidriser's design is also similar to the Zetsumeriser:
    • The main body of both the Raidriser and the Zetsumeriser is named the Riser Body.
    • Both transformation devices have their activation button on the left-hand side.
    • The Raidriser and Zetsumeriser trigger the same transformation sounds for Progrisekeys, along with the Forceriser and Cycloneriser.
  • The transformation call used by the Fighting Jackal Raider and the Battle Raiders, Jissō (実装 lit. "Implement"), is also used by the heroesIcon-crosswiki of Tokusou ExceedraftIcon-crosswiki.


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