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Rabbit Hatch

The Rabbit Hatch, located on the Moon.

The Rabbit Hatch (ラビットハッチ Rabitto Hacchi) is a lunar base in Kamen Rider Fourze.


The Rabbit Hatch was once part of an OSTO complex that was destroyed seventeen years before the start of the series. Kengo then found the base through the guidance of a man who knew his father after finding a secret locker and used it as his base of operations.

After serving the Kamen Rider Club for all this time, and being used by the heir of Rokuro Utahoshi, the Rabbit Hutch is ultimately destroyed as the Sagittarius and Leo Horoscopes laid waste to the facility to kill Kengo, and ultimately succeeded.


RH Inside

The Kamen Rider Club gathered inside the base.

The Rabbit Hatch, being on the Moon, has a lower gravity than that of Earth. To get over this, a special switch is used to create artificial gravity. It has a laboratory that houses many items created by OSTO, such as the Powerdizer, Astroswitches, and Fourze Driver. The Hatch also has a remote linkup to the mobile Astroswitch Case.


The Rabbit Hatch is named after the Moon Rabbit of East Asian folklore.

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