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Red alert WARNING: This special contains scenes of blood, graphic violence, murder, rapism, and physical fights. Viewer discretion is advised!

ROGUE is a special Blu-Ray miniseries Kamen Rider Build, released periodically within the Blu-Ray releases of the series'. The first episode was released alongside the Kamen Rider Build Blu-ray Collection 1 on March 28, 2018, followed by the second episode released in the 2nd Blu-Ray Collection in June 2018, and the third and final episode in the 3rd Blu-Ray Collection on September 12, 2018.


  1. Prologue: NIGHT ROGUE RISES (序章 NIGHT ROGUE RISES Joshō: Naito Rōgu Raizezu)
  2. Second Chapter: DARK NIGHT FALL (第二章 DARK NIGHT FALL Dainishō: Dāku Naito Fōru)
  3. Final Chapter: KAMEN RIDER ROGUE (最終章 KAMEN RIDER ROGUE Saishūshō: Kamen Raidā Rōgu)


Three years ago, Gentoku Himuro, head of the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics, tries to convince his old friend and Touto Prime Minister aide, Koji Hotei that Touto needs to strengthen their military in order to face the threat Hokuto and Seito represent. Hotei however, does not listen. It is then that Gentoku is made aware of a certain researcher.

Takumi Katsuragi was performing tests on human subjects using the Nebula Gas and it was going well, until his chief officer, Himuro, gets knowledge of what he has been doing and suspends his project. Soon after, Katsuragi gets scouted by a man who was interested on his work, and resumes his research for the Nebula Gas under the Namba Heavy Industries. How will this research affect the lives of those who were used as test subjects?

Continuity and Placement

This miniseries act like a prequel and midquel to main series events.

  • Episode 1 takes place 3 years before the events of main series.
  • First scene of episode 1, as well as episodes 2-3 takes place between episodes 20 and 22.


Night Rogue Gentoku Himuro
Kamen Rider Rogue
Blood Stalk Soichi Isurugi/Evolto
Engine Bro's Norio Matsui
Remocon Bro's Yoshikazu Takahashi




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