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Foundation Quarks

Elite Quarks of Foundation X.

Quark prisoners

Doctor Prospect's captive Quarks.

Quarks (クオークス Kuōkusu) are psychic-powered soldiers created by Doctor Prospect, a scientist working for Foundation X, as his own personal army. To enforce his will upon the Quarks, Prospect assumed the form of the Eyes Dopant (アイズ・ドーパント Aizu Dōpanto), branding the Quarks with an eye marking on their foreheads that would kill them painfully should they try to escape. He also utilized barrier known as Heaven's Horn to weed out weaker Quarks within the complex and ensure they die a peaceful death. The strongest of Quarks would survive to continue training, while the weaker ones would be terminated. One of their tasks was to eliminate NEVER when Katsumi Daido and his forces invade to try and free them. With Mina, Katsumi managed to inspire the Quarks to rise up, leading them to a rebellion in which Prospect's elite loyal Quarks are killed attempting to stop the prisoners as they all escape. Unfortunately, the Quarks are all terminated by Doctor Prospect, leaving only Mina, who survived the termination unbeknownst to Katsumi. Kamen Rider W Returns: Kamen Rider Eternal

Individual Quarks


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