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Puzzle and Dragons title screen

Puzzle and Dragons is a puzzle RPG strategy mobile game for iOS and Android developed by GungHo Entertainment. During the game's special events in Japan, one was made for Kamen Rider in collaboration with Ishimori Productions. In this event, characters from the franchise could be unlocked in event dungeons, in the Rider event Rare Egg Machine, gotted in the Monster Exchange Store by exchanging Energy Items or buyed on the regular Store, Momotaros can be buyed at Monster Point Store, as well some could evolve to other form and/or their Drivers. The Drivers are Assist Cards, that give the Rider active Skill and some passive Skills to another card. There also two Event dungeons, one focused one Showa Riders and other focused on Heisei Riders. There is also two sets of orb skins featuring the Riders from the first and second Japanese collab. In January 2020, the Kamen Rider event arrived to international versions of the game and runned until January 19th. 

List of Kamen Rider Collab Cards in the Game



  • As most of the Cards in the game the Kamen Rider Cards have activable Skills and Leader Skills. All Riders, except for Super-1, minus Power Hand, Skill are a catchphrase or memorable phrase those character use in the show and the Leader Skills are one of their Finishers.
  • Kamen Rider Black's Belt is named Vital Charger in this game,
  • Shining Hopper Leader Skill onus is based on the ultra-fast analytic and prossessing abillity of this form, forcing the player to think fast for a huge multiplyer in his attack.
  • Faiz activable Skill of piercing Attack Absorption makes a nod to both the Orphnoch nature of absorbing humans hearts and the piercing visual effect the Faiz Kick Finishers usually have.
  • This Collab is the fisrt time a non-adaptation Kamen Rider content is officially avaliable on the west since the Showa Era Series.
  • The dungeon start, game over and clearing sounds are announced by the Gamer Driver's sounds.

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