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"Loading! (deep pitched rock music)"
―Transformation announcement with a Gamma Parka Eyecon[src]

"Loading! Necrom! (deep pitched rock music)"
―Transformation announcement with a Dark Necrom Ghost Eyecon[src]

The Proto Mega Ulorder (プロトメガウルオウダー Puroto Mega Uruoudā) is a black-colored prototype of the Mega Ulorder used by Igor, allowing him to utilize specially created Gamma Eyecons, summoning Parka Ghosts to enhance his Gamma Superior form. It is also the transformation device of Kamen Rider Dark Necrom.


In a similar concept to Ghost Driver, both the Mega Ulorder and its prototype harnesses the power of the selected Eyecons.

As its name suggests, this gadget is the forerunner of the original device, thus lacking the Liquid Dropper function. The user can use Ganma Eyecons or Ghost Eyecons to channel their Parka Ghost-like armaments, and thus, the lack of Liquid Dropper also prevented the user to summon the Eyecon's full power in a manner of an Omega Drive finisher. However, the Dark Necroms can use the Destloading Starter button on the left side to activate a finishing move in addition to releasing the Parka Ghost to trigger the transformation.


Unused Sounds

Several Gamma transformation sounds have been programmed into DX Gamma Eyecons but no confirmation regarding their presence in the show, and exist here for completion's sake.

Behind the Scenes


The voice of Proto Mega Ulorder was provided by Tomokazu Seki[1].


  • The deep pitched rock music emitted by the Proto Mega Ulorder is the same one emitted by its finalized model's toy product when scanning Eyecons other than Necrom, Grimm, or Sanzo.



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