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Prologue to Destruction (滅びへの序章 Horobi e no Joshō) is the forty-eighth episode of Kamen Rider Blade.


With Garren out of the game and Hajime declared the winner, Blade and Leangle are the world's last hope, to seal the Joker. However, they have to deal with the endless army of Dark Roaches that are systematically destroying the human race.


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DVD releases

Kamen Rider Blade Volume 12

Kamen Rider Blade Volume 12, DVD cover

Kamen Rider Blade Volume 12 features episodes 45-49: The New Card, The Ruler's Seal, Garren Eliminated, Prologue to Destruction and The Eternal Trump. It was released on DVD on July 21st 2004, with a total run time of 116 minutes.

81-DEObmrmL SL1188

Kamen Rider Blade Box 3, Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray Box 3 comes with 17 episodes.

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