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"Changing to lethal weapon. Progrise Hopper Blade![1]"
―Activation announcement[src]

―Finisher standby announcement in Blade Mode[src]

"Progrising Strash![2]"
―Finisher announcement in Blade Mode[src]

Zero-One Driver scanning announcement in Blade Mode[src]

"Final Strash!"
―Finisher announcement in Blade Mode when the Zero-One Driver is scanned[src]

―Naginata Mode change announcement[src]

"Gigant Strash!"
―Finisher announcement in Naginata Mode[src]

Zero-One Driver scanning announcement in Naginata Mode[src]

"Ultimate Strash!"
―Finisher announcement in Naginata Mode when the Zero-One Driver is scanned[src]

The Progrise Hopper Blade (プログライズホッパーブレード Puroguraizu Hoppā Burēdo) is the primary weapon of Kamen Rider Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper. Its use causes MetalCluster Hopper to connect to Zea instead of the Ark, allowing Zero-One to be in control of his body. It also has the power to restore a Humagear that has been corrupted by the Ark to its original programming. It was produced by the Hiden Intelligence Three Dimensional Printing System using the data of the Humagear Progrisekeys along with the Rising Hopper Progrisekey. Later, the Progrise Hopper Blade was transferred to HIDEN Manufacturing after the event of the Workplace Competition.

Although this weapon is shown to remove the viral programming and save the body of the Humagear, it will not do the same to MetsubouJinrai.net members, as shown in Episode 35, as they willingly follow the Ark's influence. It uses also by Kamen Rider Zero-Two where he saved some other Humagears during the encounter with Horobi in As Long As There's Malice.


The Progrise Hopper Blade is composed of the following parts:

  • Progrise Combiner (ライズコンバイナー Raizu Konbainā) - A coupling device at the bottom of the hilt. Allows the Attache Calibur to dock and combine with the Progrise Hopper Blade in an operation called Docking Rise (ドッキングライズ Dokkingu Raizu), forming Naginata Mode. When combined, Naginata Mode can perform the Gigant Strash finisher.
  • Liberate Handle (リベレートハンドル Riberēto Handoru) - The hilt. It functions as a data inflow path that releases Metal Cluster Hopper's connection to the Ark and restores Zero-One's connection to Zea. Also, it has a role to transmit information such as parameters and operation manuals visualizing the operation status to the user.
  • Kick-On Trigger (キックオントリガー Kikkuon Torigā) - The trigger. When pulled, energy within the Metal Bleed Reactor's Rider Model is released, allowing Zero-One to execute devastating attacks. When pulled five times in succession, Finish Rise (フィニッシュライズ Finisshu Raizu) is initiated, allowing Zero-One to execute the Progrising Strash finisher.
  • Metal Bleed Reactor (メタルブリードリアクター Metaru Burīdo Riakutā) - The main reactor. A Cluster Cell from Metal Cluster Hopper, dubbed Little Cluster (リトルクラスタ Ritoru Kurasuta), is embedded inside and serves as the Metal Bleed Reactor's equivalent to a Rider Model found within Progrisekeys. By letting Little Cluster's self-replication program react with a special program, large amounts of energy is formed. Additionally, Little Cluster has a mechanism that allows it to perform a jumping action when the Kick-on Trigger is pulled, maximizing the signal sent by the Kick-on Trigger. The signal is maximized, energy density is condensed and then sent to all parts of the Progrise Hopper Blade.
  • Progrestorator (プログレストレーター Puroguresutorētā) - A Humagear restoration device installed within the yellow blade. It releases a large amount of Humagear backup data into a Magia, destroying and rewriting the Magia's data, effectively restoring the Magia to normal. The whole restoration process takes 0.8 seconds. The blade is made of Hiden Alloy (ヒデンアロイ Hiden Aroi) (which has a Knoop hardness of 8200), allowing it to protect the Progrestorator.
  • PHB Riser (PHBライザー PHB Raizā) - Progrise Hopper Blade's authorization device. It is located within the yellow frame's rear armor section. When scanned alone by the Hiden Zero-One Driver, Final Strash can be initiated, and Ultimate Strash when scanned in Naginata Mode.
  • Blade Marker (ブレードマーカー Burēdo Mākā) - The entire blade. The blue Absocryster (アブソクリスタ Abusokurisuta) blade, which was formed by crystallizing data via high irradiation molding, has extremely high transparency and boasts enough sharpness to cleave a high-rise building with a single slash. Furthermore, it has excellent affinity with Hiden Metal, enabling absorption and emission of grasshopper type Cluster Cells. This makes it possible to carry out an attack with a phase change control characteristic, which freely changes the hardness, plasticity and density of Hiden Metal. It also functions as a marker unit for operating the Cluster Cells.


The Progrise Hopper Blade has two Modes, Blade Mode (ブレードモード Burēdo Mōdo) on its own, and Naginata Mode (ナギナタモード Naginata Mōdo) when combined with the Attache Calibur.


  • Progrising Strash (プログリシングストラッシュ Puroguraizingu Sutorasshu): Activated by pulling the trigger five consecutive times. This finisher has three variations:
    • Zero-One forms a jagged blade of Cluster Cells covered in blue electricity and launches it toward the enemy.
    • Zero-One delivers a horizontal slash to the enemy at close range, creating a jagged construct of Cluster Cells.
    • Zero-One swings the Progrise Hopper Blade, generating a swarm of Cluster Cells that destroys the enemy's weapon. He then moves towards the opponent and charges the Progrise Hopper Blade with blue energy before delivering a slash at close range, creating a jagged construct of Cluster Cells.

  • Final Strash (ファイナルストラッシュ Fainaru Sutorasshu): Activated by scanning the Progrise Hopper Blade on the Zero-One Driver. This finisher has eight variations:
    • Zero-One generates a swarm of Cluster Cells that forms into metal spikes before swinging the Attache Calibur, sending them raining down on opponents.
    • Zero-One swings the Progrise Hopper Blade, sending a barrage of Cluster Cell projectiles at opponents.
    • Zero-One forms several walls of Cluster Cells to protect bystanders from the enemy's attacks.
    • Zero-One swings the Progrise Hopper Blade, forming two spiked tendrils from Cluster Cells that attack the opponents.
    • Zero-One is surrounded by Cluster Cells before delivering an upward slash to the opponent, creating a jagged construct from the Cluster Cells that shatters upon impact.
    • Zero-One leaps into the air and delivers a downward slash that creates a jagged construct of Cluster Cells
    • Zero-One slashes the opponent, creating a rotating chain of Cluster Cell spikes that further damage the enemy.
    • Zerp-One swings the Progrise Hopper Blade, creating a swarm of Cluster Cells that flies through the opponent, leaving behind large holes. Unknown to the target, some Cluster Cells stay behind in their body as they regenerate. After the enemy has completely regenerated, the Cluster Cells inside the body burrow through and burst out once again. The Cluster cells continually tear apart the opponent's body to prevent them from regenerating.

  • Final Strash (ファイナルストラッシュ Fainaru Sutorasshu): Ark-One swings the Progrise Hopper Blade, launching a jagged construct of Cluster Cells at the enemy.

  • Gigant Strash (ギガントストラッシュ Giganto Sutorasshu): Zero-One forms a jagged blade of Cluster Cells and slashes the opponent, scattering the Cluster Cells upon impact, which proceed to tear apart the enemy. He then delivers a second slash with a much larger Cluster Cell blade that leaves behind a giant trail of flying Cluster Cells.

  • Ultimate Strash (アルティメートストラッシュ Arutimeto Sutorasshu): Activated by scanning the Progrise Hopper Blade Naginata Mode on the Zero-One Driver. Zero-One forms a jagged blade of Cluster Cells covered in blue electricity on the Progrise Hopper Blade and launches it toward the enemy, then uses the Attache Calibur to perform a long-range green energy slash. Finally, he performs a spinning slash that creates a swirling metallic slash.

Behind The Scenes 

to be added


  • The design of the blade also has a slightly similar design to the blade of both the WolJavelin the signature weapon of WolKaiserIcon-crosswiki.png and the Horn Lancer the signature weapon of SaintKaiserIcon-crosswiki.png from Mahou Sentai MagirangerIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • It is the first weapon of the Reiwa Era to be able to combine with another weapon.
  • Its ability to combine with another bladed weapon into a double-bladed spear is similar to the Musou Saber and Daidaimaru's Naginata Mode from Kamen Rider Gaim. They also have the same combined mode (a naginata).
    • The placement of the Naginata Mode's blades also makes it look similar to the Naginata Mode of the Gan Gun Saber.
  • Strangely, the design of the Naginata Mode closely resembles the weapon mode of the Attache Arrow.
  • The Progrise Hopper Blade DX toy can be attached to the other Attache Weapons besides the Attache Calibur.
  • When the DX version is scanned over the Authorise Buster, it does the "Zero-One" finishers.
  • Its nature of providing stability to a form that adversely affects its user is similar to the Trailer-Hou from Kamen Rider Drive.
    • Coincidentally, the weapon's ability to remove the viral programming and save the body of the Humagear is roughly similar to how the weapons and transformation gear in Kamen Rider Drive received modifications to prevent harm to humans who had fused with Roidmudes.
    • It shares the design concept with the Trailer-Hou of being similar to the transformation trinkets, but used as a weapon wielded by the Super Form and Final Form.
  • Being a bladed weapon, it runs inverted to the Armed Saber from Kamen Rider Hibiki, as its use removes the dangers of a Super form, rather than being potentially dangerous to the user's base form.
  • The mold of the entire weapon resembles an opened Progrisekey, hence the name. The distal portion of the blade even includes the name of the weapon and its "ability", as well as the Little Cluster being designed like a Rider Model, mirroring actual Progrisekeys.
  • The Blade and Naginata Modes have a slightly similar design to the SaiBladeIcon-crosswiki.png from Juken Sentai GekirangerIcon-crosswiki.png.
  • The Progrise Hopper Blade used by Ark-Zero utilities red and black Cluster Cell-like slashes, which represents malice instead of the usual benevolent minds. However, when used by Ark-One, it remains normal, even it's created by Horobi Ark Scorpion's puddle of malice.



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