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Professor Blink (ブリンク博士 Burinku Hakase) is the mysterious scientist of the Alicia Federation who created the Space Ironmen and the father of Inga Blink.


Professor Blink had come to the Alicia Federation's satellite to analyze the Space Ironmen when Groundain and Skydain went rogue. They attacked the professor, who proceeded to siphon their powers and leave them in weaker human forms. In order to prevent them from getting their powers back, the professor uploaded his consciousness to the computers of the satellite. When the Ironmen tricked the Kamen Rider Club into destroying the computers, they regained their powers and original forms. The Kamen Riders then found the Space Core which had contained the professor's consciousness and informed them of their true plan to use the satellite laser cannon of XVII. Fourze manages to disable the satellite and makes friends with the Professor's new form as XVII.

Behind the scenes


Professor Blink is portrayed by Ken Nishida (西田 健 Nishida Ken).

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