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"Prism Maximum Drive!"
―Finisher announcement for Prism Sword[src]

"Cyclone Maximum Drive! Heat Maximum Drive! Luna Maximum Drive! Joker Maximum Drive!"
―Finisher announcement for Bicker Shield[src]

"Cyclone Maximum Drive! Joker Maximum Drive! Metal Maximum Drive! Trigger Maximum Drive!"
―Alternative Finisher announcement for Bicker Shield[src]

The Super Multicolor Light-Emitting Sword and Shield Prism Bicker (超多色発光剣 プリズムビッカー Chōtashoku Hakkōken Purizumu Bikkā) is a special weapon that Kamen Rider Double uses while in CycloneJokerXtreme. It first appears in episode 32.


The Prism Bicker can separate into two weapons; the Prism Sword (プリズムソード Purizumu Sōdo) and Bicker Shield (ビッカーシールド Bikkā Shīrudo). The Prism Sword has the ability to neutralize the regenerative abilities of Dopants, though Claydoll is an exception after using the Gaia Progressor on herself.

Finishing attacks

After inserting the Prism Memory into the Prism Sword and by pressing the Maximum Starter (マキシマムスターター Makishimamu Sutātā) button on its hilt, the Prism Break (プリズムブレイク Purizumu Bureiku) Maximum Drive is initiated, either through an energized slash or a wave of energy.

Through the Prism Memory's ability to link Philip's three elemental Gaia Memories with the Joker Memory, the Prism Bicker allows CycloneJokerXtreme to perform two quadruple power Maximum Drives.

  • Bicker Charge Break (ビッカーチャージブレイク Bikkā Chāji Bureiku): A powerful version of Prism Break, with the Prism Sword enhanced by the Gaia Memories and by pressing the Maximum Starter. A variation of the Bicker Charge Break turns the Bicker Shield into a whirling disc of energy which Double can ride like a surfboard, allowing him to perform the Maximum Drive against an airborne foe.
  • Bicker Finallusion (ビッカーファイナリュージョン Bikkā Fainaryūjon): A laser blast made from the energies of the Gaia Memories. A variation of the Bicker Finallusion using the Metal Memory in place of the Joker Memory creates a strong energy shield. Another variant was shown in Chapter 73 of Futo Detective, where Double uses the Heat, Luna, Cyclone and Accel Memories to fire a more powerful laser blast that is enveloped in a spiral of fire.

The Prism Memory's ability can also link Shotaro's three elemental Gaia Memories with the Cyclone Memory that was shown in Chapter 26 of Futo Detective, where Double use the Cyclone, Joker, Metal, and Trigger Memories.


Covering the escape of Kamen Riders OOO and Fourze from the Zodiarts of Foundation X, Double assumed CycloneJokerXtreme to engage the Unicorn Zodiarts Solaris, defeating her with the Bicker Charge Break. Movie War Mega Max: Gather! Warriors of Glory

Sengoku Battle Royale

The Prism Bicker was also wielded by Double Army's Kamen Rider Bujin Double in the World of the Warring Period. As CycloneJokerXtreme, Bujin Double swiftly destroyed four attacking Dopants (Death Dopant, Bat Dopant, Spider Dopant, and Eyes Dopant) before engaging Bujin Gaim himself, having the upper hand until Armored Rider Zangetsu, thinking that he was attacking "Gaim", intervened against Bujin Double, leaving an opening for him to be defeated by Bujin Gaim. Kamen Rider Gaim: Sengoku Battle Royale


  • Most of the Bicker Shield's Gaia Memories are Philip's Memories, but the only memory from Shotaro is the Joker Memory. This is because the Prism Bicker has an external link with Philip and because CycloneJokerXtreme should have the Joker Memory.
    • However, in the Futo Detective Chapter 26, it was shown that Shotaro's main three Gaia Memories can be used along with Philip's Cyclone Memory, while in the Chapter 73, they use Accel Memory rather than Joker Memory.
  • In Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes OOO, Double CycloneAccelXtreme holds the Engine Blade instead of the Prism Sword and the Prism Sword is put inside the Bicker Shield.


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