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Princess Garonia (ガロニア姫 Garonia-hime) was the heir of Emperor Crisis, having been created directly from his own cells and born on October 22th 1982, thus the next in line to rule the Crisis Empire. Over six years later, by which point she had been rapidly matured into an adolescent, she died in a freak accident, leading Intelligence Staff Officer Maribaron to concoct an elaborate plot to replace the princess as if the accident never happened as far as Emperor Crisis knew, involving the kidnapping of several girls from Earth who shared the princess' date of birth as well as a distinctive mole, which included Hitomi Sahara.

Behind the scenes


Princess Garonia was portrayed by Maho Maruyama (丸山 真歩 Maruyama Maho), who also portrayed the teenage Hitomi Sahara.

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