This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A blue monster with long horns and black and white spots. He wields a sword in battle. Following Count Dregon sending the Maggots to kidnap Barbara Stewart and transferring Nefaria's personality into her transforming Barbara into Barbaria, Count Dregon prepared Predavore for when Barbaria brings Dex to him. After Barbaria reveals herself, Dex senses the Predavore attacking a nearby chemical plant. After getting the rest of the family away from Barbaria, Dex transformed and confronted Predavore. During battle, Barbaria appeared and told Predavore to complete his job. After a brief scuffle with Barbaria, Dex confronted Predavore and Double Face at the chemical plant. The fight between Dex and the Predavore continues outside the chemical plant. Dex destroyed Predavore with the Electro Saber after disarming him. Fits the category of Double Face's unit.

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