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Pre-Stage (プレ・ステージ Pure Sutēji) is the Kamen Rider Amazon Edition of S.I.C. Hero Saga, based on Kamen Rider Amazon. This S.I.C. Hero Saga story for Amazon was published in the May through July 2004 issues of Monthly Hobby Japan magazine. It serves as a prologue/prequel to the Amazon series.

Original Characters

Original Vehicles


Human-Faced Stone (人面岩 Jinmen'iwa)

Following the murder of Bago’s daughter and Amazon’s adoptive mother, Kitty, by Golgos (who apparently was also Kitty’s husband), after which Golgos steals the Gigi Armlet in addition to the Gaga Armlet. Bago makes a desperate bid to save Amazon’s life, turning him into Pre-Amazon, but in his current state Pre-Amazon will soon die.

Meteorite (隕石 Inseki)

By combining the two bracelets Golgos becomes Jumenki Golgos, with the giant head that serves as his base having a full body, Jinmen-Iwa. Fortunately, Pre-Amazon retrieves the Gigi Armlet, and Golgos is reverted to normal, losing his giant body.

Armlet (腕輪 Udewa)

Bago dies using the Gigi Armlet to complete the transformation of Amazon. Amazon then uses Bago’s Jungler prototype to force Golgos out of the Amazon.


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Pre-Amazon in 1986

  • Amazon's origin story was also featured in the 30th Uchusen magazine cover (1986), however, the color of Pre-Amazon is different to this S.I.C. Hero Saga.
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