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Powerd Ixer

Powerd Ixer

The Powerd Ixer (パワードイクサー Pawādo Ikusā) is Ixa's mechanical dragon developed by the Wonderful Blue Sky Organization as a means to combat a Sabbat, and Kiva's Castle Doran in 2008. Piloted by Ixa and controlled using the Ixa Knuckle, the Ixer's mouth functions as a robotic arm to either fling Sabbats and Castle Doran around or like a catapult to launch Ixa Pods at an enemy. Although only half as large as Castle Doran, it has proven to be both a formidable ally and nuisance to it. The arm can also propel Ixa towards a Sabbat, enabling him to perform a high speed Rider Kick.[1]


Powered Fuestle

Powerd Fuestle

The Powerd Fuestle (パワードフエッスル Pawādo Fuessuru) summons Powerd Ixer.


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