This article is about a/an trio of monsters in Saban's Masked Rider.

Plague Patrol

The Plague Patrol are servants of Count Dregon.


There were three armored, horse-riding Plague Patrol soldiers, all wearing horned helmets but with much smaller horns than the first soldier. With their boss Plague Sentry, they oversee the excavation of the poisonous gases on Edenoi.

They first appear in "A Friend in Need" and fight the Rangers alongside the Cogwarts, but they were equal in strength. After Dex destroyed the Cogwarts, the Plague Patrol were defeated by the Rangers and retreated.

They reappear in "Escape from Edenoi" trying to capture Dex and his friends but they lost them.


  • The Plague Patrol were actually repainted and hybrid versions of various Super Sentai & Power Rangers Villain and monster costumes with horned helmet-engraved heads and furry padding added to them:
    • Plague Patrol #1 has a generic body, the stinger-like ponytail and boots of Scorpina'sIcon-crosswiki Giant Scorpion Form, and the hands of KakurangerIcon-crosswiki cat monster BakenekoIcon-crosswiki (unused in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season Three) with some of it's arm fur refashioned as leg covers.
    • Plague Patrol #2 has the silver-painted boots and armor parts of DairangerIcon-crosswiki monster Master Kaku'sIcon-crosswiki final armored form (unused in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season Two), the right arm of Kakuranger weasel monster Kamaitachi'sIcon-crosswiki giant form (unused in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season Three), and the necklace of Gnarly GnomeIcon-crosswiki.
    • Plague Patrol #3 has the silver-painted boots and armor parts of Dairanger villain Iron Face ChouryouIcon-crosswiki (unused in Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season Two) and the arm-saw of Erik Barbaric'sIcon-crosswiki giant armored form.
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